LOOP by Isit Madarász

Wanting to bypass your employer when you’re in the business of controlled substances, is already a bad idea. When Adam discovers that Anna, his girlfriend and partner in crime, is expecting a child, our gallant knight doesn’t postpone his suicide mission for another nine months. He decides to finish the job on his own. Even… Continue reading LOOP by Isit Madarász


When you are twelve years old, you like to play games, go on a pick nick with your parents and enjoy those precious times without hesitation. But when you’re living in a dystopian future that resembles a lot like a version of capitalist communism, you know that those moments will not last long. Djata gets… Continue reading THE WHITE KING


1960ties Hungary was not really a fun place to live. The country was recovering from the 1956 uprising and the communist government cracked down heavily on any form of dissent. When a particularly violent murder is committed in the small provincial town of Martfü, people are reluctant to talk and the police have every interest… Continue reading STRANGLED

Hungarian Focus

After the Golden Bear in Berlin for On Body and Soul, we just had to do a little something for our friends from the country of György Konrád. Hungarian cinema has always produced great directors (we often forget, but Michael Curtiz and Emeric Pressburger also came from there) and excells in many genres. We mostly… Continue reading Hungarian Focus