Seoul by night in the hookers’ district. Jung-ho used to be a cop but is now a pimp. He’s facing a big problem. Some of his “employees” are missing. Where did they go ? A client makes a call. Jung-ho wants to send Mi-jin, but she has the flu and doesn’t want to go. He… Continue reading THE CHASER


Eun-yi works as a maid for a rich family. She does everything; cooking, cleaning, changing the bedsheets… especially because she frolicks in them with the master of the house. But not itillating deed goes unpunished, as our housemaid will soon find out.


Memories of Murder, based on a police investigation that rocked the Korean peninsula, is the second long feature of Bong Joon-ho, a director that quickly made an international break through with films such as The Host and Snowpiercer.

I am a Seoul Man

Few people knew about Korean cinema until the eighties, when it soon caught up and made its mark on the international stage thanks to a new wave of talented directors, led by the golden trio Chan-wook Park, Ki-duk Kim and Joon-ho Bong. This made Korea one of the few countries in the world where local… Continue reading I am a Seoul Man