Seoul by night in the hookers’ district. Jung-ho used to be a cop but is now a pimp. He’s facing a big problem. Some of his “employees” are missing. Where did they go ? A client makes a call. Jung-ho wants to send Mi-jin, but she has the flu and doesn’t want to go. He… Continue reading THE CHASER


Memories of Murder, based on a police investigation that rocked the Korean peninsula, is the second long feature of Bong Joon-ho, a director that quickly made an international break through with films such as The Host and Snowpiercer.


Eun-yi works as a maid for a rich family. She does everything; cooking, cleaning, changing the bedsheets… especially because she frolicks in them with the master of the house. But not itillating deed goes unpunished, as our housemaid will soon find out.

I am a Seoul Man

Few people knew about Korean cinema until the eighties, when it soon caught up and made its mark on the international stage thanks to a new wave of talented directors, led by the golden trio Chan-wook Park, Ki-duk Kim and Joon-ho Bong. This made Korea one of the few countries in the world where local… Continue reading I am a Seoul Man