Shy young Rosalia works as a supermarket cashier in Buenos Aires. She lives alone and spends her time reading fairy tales. In her spare time she volunteers as a companion for the blind. Rosalia copes with the real world by seeking refuge in her own magic kingdom. She imagines herself a fairy who has come… Continue reading LITTLE MIRACLES


Johnny Scardino is a crime scene photographer who’s seen it all. Detached and cynical, Johnny does his job dispassionately, without any outward sign of emotion. The cops who work traffic accident scenes have a nickname for Johnny. They call him “Skidmarks”, a reference to the tire track marks left by smashed up cars at crash… Continue reading JOHNNY SKIDMARKS


Grace Kelly Cuthbertson is an eighteen year old streetkid with a chip on her shoulder. Unable to forget the suicide of her mother, unable to deal with the resultant trauma and guilt, Grace has become homeless, and deeply self hating, locked into a hopeless self destructive spiral. Until she meets Gerald. Gerald Hutchinson is twice… Continue reading SAVING GRACE


Bologna 1750. Giacomo, a novice in charge of the Archbishop’s archives, seduces a young girl and is forced to flee to escape harsh punishment by the Church authorities. To obtain a safe-conduct out of the city, he agrees to enter the service of a mysterious nobleman who lives in exile in a fortress in the… Continue reading THE ARCANE ENCHANTER


Twenty-one-year-old Trent Burns mows lawns in the affluent Louisville suburb of Camelot Gardens. Each day he faces customers who “forget” how much they owe him, kids who taunt him as if it were their birth-right, and a security guard who treats him like trouble. But Trent needs the money, so he grits his teeth and… Continue reading LAWN DOGS


Perdita Durango is a dangerous young woman. Each night she dreams about a jaguar that licks her naked body and sleeps by her side. Dark, sexy and totally shameless, she loves taking people for a ride and living life to the limit. She hauls behind her a past bathed in blood and weird passions. Romeo… Continue reading PERDITA DURANGO


When the brutally murdered body of a prostitute is found, police detective Takabe arrives quickly at the scene and notices a strange similarity to other recent murders. Although a different murderer has been arrested in each case, all the murders have one thing in common, each victim has been slashed with a large “X” across… Continue reading CURE


An eternity has passed since God created the heavens and the earth. But evil lives forever in an entity known as the Djinn… An embodiment of pure evil, the Djinn is an evil genie with the power to grant any human wish. But ask just one wish, and he owns your soul forever. Present day.… Continue reading WISHMASTER


Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

Switzerland, 1913. A young English photographer, Charles Castle, marries Anne-Marie. The next day, she is killed by an avalanche. Castle enters an emotional void. He fights in the trenches during World War One, where he photographs the dead. The war over, Castle and his wartime batman Roy set up a photographic studio in London. The… Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHING FAIRIES


Career mobster Tommy has been given what for him is a routine task. He must take the evidence of 8 successful hits back to his boss, Big Sep, on the West Coast. Easy! It’s just a matter of Tommy taking a flight to California, carrying the bag of heads with him. Or so he thinks…… Continue reading 8 HEADS IN A DUFFEL BAG


A nuclear war has broken out between Pakistan and India and a planeload of orphans arrives from Islamabad headed for Idaho. Welcoming the wretched of the earth has always been a cornerstone of American policy: the United States is a country built on successive waves of immigration. But not anymore: the golden door has slammed… Continue reading THE SECOND CIVIL WAR


In the lost jungle of Sumatra, a zoologist captures a strange animal, a hybrid creature between a monkey and a rat. This sacrilegious act focuses the fury of an indigenous tribe on him. A wild pursuit then begins and ends tragically for our reckless explorer. Meanwhile, in a small town in New Zealand, the poor… Continue reading BRAINDEAD


This film is based on a true story that happened in Chili after a plane crash in the Andes. The events that took place, where survivors resorted to cannibalism, give a vivid example of human nature. When you know that the survivors were only 15 kilometres from a city center…. . This film is not… Continue reading THE TERRITORY


César doesn’t only look good enough to eat, he also knows how to treat a woman and he is the heir to a considerable fortune. This young man has clearly been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. One night, his best friend Pelayo introduces him to Sofia. To César it’s love at first… Continue reading ABRE LOS OJOS


The last thing Henry needs at the end of a gruelling day driving his Manhattan yellow cab is to be held up by a sinister, well-dressed, smooth-talking mugger. But such is life. After that, he really could do without setting off on a wild goose chase with three crazy old Frenchmen who reveal they used… Continue reading ANIMALS


Six ordinary strangers awaken from their daily lives to find themselves trapped in a surreal prison, a seemingly endless maze of interlocking cubical chambers armed with lethal booby traps. There’s Quentin, a cop, Rennes, a professional thief, Leaven, a student math wiz, Holloway, a psychologist, Kazan, an autistic adult and Worth, who claims to be… Continue reading CUBE


Seattle reporter Ali Caine goes undercover to expose the shady world of tabloid journalism. Teamed with Morley Allen, a cynical veteran, the two investigate exaggerated truths and fictuous claims. But then everything changes when a series of events starts to alter her life. A patient in a psychiatric hospital accurately predicts several deaths, including Ali’s… Continue reading CONVERGENCE


Through some strange events, David and Jennifer, a twin from a broken home, end up in Pleasantville, a mysterious suburban town that seems to be trapped in a black & white utopia from the fifties. The weather’s always nice. The local team never looses a game, bathrooms have no toilets and sex doesn’t seem to… Continue reading PLEASANTVILLE


Like so many schools in America, Herrington High is just a shadow of its former self. The walls are dirty, the study books are outdated and the burnt-out teachers drag themselves through their courses. There’s no money for excursions, new computers or the yearly drama class musical. Yet the crumbling hallways are filled with America’s… Continue reading THE FACULTY


With disturbing synchronicity a couple of boys and girls die within the same hour. Tv reporter Reiko Asakawa smells a scoop. During her investigation, she finds a videotape that was seen by all the victims. The video contains an ominous message that anyone who will see the tape, will die within a week. Together with… Continue reading RING


It was her dark illustration of childhood fables that lured him. It was her dreams of deadly premonitions he would come to own. As Claire Cooper (Annette Bening) frantically tries to convince a cynical world of her mind link with a madman – bent on avenging his childhood lost – she realizes she has but… Continue reading IN DREAMS


Copenhagen, 2011 A.D. Legendary hacker JB is kidnapped and coerced into an espionage operation that is threatening to his life. A time bomb in the shape of a device in his chest gives him 35 hours to reveal whether a woman is unfaithful to her powerful husband. But the woman entangles JB in a web… Continue reading WEBMASTER


Steven Grlscz is a man who seems to have everything – handsome, successful, witty and generous – he effortlessly seduces women and wins their trust. But this is a very lonely and desperate pursuit. He literally can not live without a woman’s love. When the body of his latest conquest, Maria Vaughn, is found at… Continue reading THE WISDOM OF CROCODILES


Martial arts king Lord Conqueror (Japanese vet Sonny Chiba) is informed by cringing acolytes that he can remain invincible for the first half of his life by adopting two young disciples, Wind (Ekin Cheng) and Cloud (Aaoron Kwok), currently young kids. They will help him, 10 years hence, in a duel with his only remaining… Continue reading THE STORMRIDERS


Nishida and Yamazaki, two less than confident would-be bank robbers, are heading for the bank they plan to rob. It’s a fateful day for them. When they get to the spot, they find out that another robber has beaten them to it and is fleeing with the loot. As ill luck would have it, both… Continue reading UNLUCKY MONKEY


Darkness is soaked in pouring rain. A gas bomb is dropped through the window of an eerie building. An armed task force takes the building by surprise, only to find the remnants of a gruesome ritual. The scent of death fills the room and suddenly a drop of blood falls on the gas mask of… Continue reading THE SOUL GUARDIANS


In 1943, during the Second World War, the American navy holds a series of tests around the shipyards of Philadelphia. The goal of these tests is to fine-tune electronic camouflage, which would make army vessels invisible on the radar. The experiment succeeds and the engineers wish each other good luck. Shortly after a radio message… Continue reading THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT


The Eye is a lonely, isolated British intelligence agent who has lost his wife and daughter, for which he blames himself. Yet detachment is part of the job. The Eye’s current mission is to track Joanna Eris, a woman suspected of blackmailing the son of a senior British official. But Eris is more than a… Continue reading EYE OF THE BEHOLDER


Unhappy with the poor living conditions they must endure from their negligent, drunken owner; Mr. Jones, the animals of Manor Farm gather for a secret meeting to plan a revolt. Major, the wise old pig tells them that humans are the source of their misery and teaches them an anthem that celebrates rebellion against human… Continue reading ANIMAL FARM


Being a teenager is hard, especially for Christina. Having just moved to a sleepy town in the Pacific Northwest to be near her institutionalised mother, she has to put up with her annoying brother, jealous classmates and her overprotective father. Christina, on the verge of becoming 17, is struggling with her blossoming sexuality while resisting… Continue reading CHRISTINA’S HOUSE


Dr. Yukio Daitokuji is a successful doctor in a good Tokyo neighbourhood. He lives there with his father, mother and Rin, his beautiful new wife. The couple is happy, even if Rin is plagued by amnesia, denying her access to any information about her past. The mystery is compounded by their sense of being watched…… Continue reading GEMINI


Five years ago, Claudia’s daughter was murdered. Just when she seemed to have started to recover, a telephone call shatters her existence : “Mummy, it’s me… come and get me”. Helped by Massera, an ex-policeman, and Quiroga, a journalist and expert in the supernatural, Claudia sets out on a desperate search for the terrifying truth… Continue reading THE NAMELESS


Vann Siegert, a placid drifter, rolls into a quaint coastal town. Vann is so kind, so thoughtful and so downright likeable, that his presence almost seems negligible. Upon arriving in town, Vann takes up residence in the house of a fragile couple; Doug, an alcoholic still grieving over the mysterious disappearance of his daughter and… Continue reading THE MINUS MAN


A mysterious stranger is admitted to a Copenhagen hospital. He dies from what appears to be symptoms of the Ebola virus. Soren, an ambitious junior doctor, has suspicions about what could be a world-wide epidemic. Senior staff ignores them. Determined to follow his instinct, he traces the man’s origin to Romania, where a boy was… Continue reading POSSESSED


For four seasons, from 1979 to 1982, the crew of the NSEA Protector donned their uniforms and set out on thrilling and often dangerous missions in space. Then their television series was cancelled. Nearly twenty years later, the five stars of the classic sci-fi series Galaxy Quest are still in costume, making appearances at science… Continue reading GALAXY QUEST


Elsa and Vera are both in love with the man with whom they’ve robbed an armoured money transport. It goes without saying that there’s little friendship between these two attractive vixens. Then they find the object of their passion floating lifeless in Elsa’s swimming pool. There’s not much of him now to hold on to.… Continue reading SEE YOU IN HELL, MY DARLING


The year is 2010. In Buenos Aires, authorities secretly experiment with a new psychic weapon. When something goes wrong, hundreds of thousands of people loose their memory. To reinsert those affected into society, the state imposes a recovery program : they establish for everyone a family, a home, a profession… But someone calls for resistance… Continue reading LA SONAMBULA


Tuvalu is the name of an island where Anton dreams of escaping to; a dream which seems unlikely to be true, given that he’s marooned in a dilapidated and largely deserted swimming pool. Anton is the downtrodden younger son of Karl, the blind proprietor of the pool. He is at pains to preserve the illusion… Continue reading TUVALU


Life in a working class Chicago neighbourhood is relatively quiet and simple for Tom Witzky, his wife Maggie and their young son Jake. Their ordinary existence, however, takes a frightening turn when a sceptical Tom agrees to let his sister-in-law Lisa hypnotise him during a neighbourhood party. While “under”, he sees brief flashes of brutal… Continue reading A STIR OF ECHOES


A man and a woman are trapped in what seems to be a dream that unfolds in the maze-like corridors and mysterious rooms of a large seafront hotel from the thirties. In various ways, they will try to emerge from the dream. This is the reason for their investigations. They assume that someone among the… Continue reading THE ADVENTURES OF GOD


Four years ago Nacho, a young promising avantgarde artist, went missing. Neither his family nor his best friends could provide any clue as to his whereabouts or to the circumstances of his disappearance, but everything pointed to him being dead. Nacho was enormously talented. He had his own painting style, deeply influenced by the universe… Continue reading THE ART OF DYING


Ellen and Martin Shaw are moving into a run down estate, which has been uninhabited for almost a quarter century. They are hoping to find a new beginning after the tragic loss of their young son. Enchanted by the beautiful countryside, the young couple immediately feel that they could finally leave the past behind. Ellen… Continue reading 7 DAYS TO LIVE


Ed Saxon is an English professor with some books of poetry and short stories to his name. One day his wife Eve fails to return home. After a sleepless night of worrying, he phones the police, still expecting to see her walk through the door. Eventually Sadie, a young, attractive student, drops by, wondering why… Continue reading CHASING SLEEP


Somewhere in the universe, every baby’s soul is waiting to be born. One by one, they walk through the “Big Door” to enter the world. But just before the moment of his birth, one mischievous boy named Milo gets frightened and decides he doesn’t want to be born. In New York City, anxious parents-to-be Elizabeth… Continue reading DELIVERING MILO


For the life of him, real estate agent Bob Carter can’t figure out why three of his listings are such a tough sell. Sure, the homes have blood-soaked histories and its owners are all dead or insane. But these are all top-notch houses, in turnkey condition and ready to move in ! However, today Bob… Continue reading HOUSE ON TERROR TRACT


Annie Wilson has always had the special gift of predicting the future. Her telepathic talents are both a blessing and a curse. In her small Arkansan town, ignorance and fear lead some people to call her a witch. Yet Annie’s psychic readings for her appreciative neighbours provide much needed financial support for a single mother… Continue reading THE GIFT


An apartment building in Madrid. Ten years ago the old man on the top floor won the lottery jackpot. But his neighbours didn’t get one peseta, no matter how helpful they were. Instead, he locked himself into his flat, afraid even to come out. Ten long years the neighbours waited for one thing : for… Continue reading COMMON WEALTH


lost soul. When he tries to kill himself, Hee-jin swims under Hyun-shik’s hut and stabs him in the leg, dislodging the gun from his mouth. The incident marks the beginning of their strange love affair. Fish hooks play an important role, literally and figuratively, in their paranoid games and increasing sense of attachment; as do… Continue reading THE ISLE


In 1999, a voice actor moves from Il Mare, a seaside house, and she leaves a Xmas card in its (magical) mailbox. He, an architect student, receives it in 1997, and so begins a friendship separated by 2 years.


Min-ah discovers a scarlet-covered diary as she is hurrying to school. It’s the shared journal of two classmates of hers, Hyo-shin and Shi-eun. She has a brief hallucinatory experience when she opens it, initiating a series of strange occurrences, which eventually draw Min-ah into the eerie world of the diary. In her desire to find… Continue reading MEMENTO MORI


Tex, a kosher butcher from New York under the witness protection program in Arizona, has a problem. He’s just killed his wife, Candy, in a jealous rage, after discovering she’s having an affair with the local Sheriff. He’s cut her body into pieces and has taken them to the Mexican border, but he’s lost one… Continue reading PICKING UP THE PIECES


One Snowy Night : A plane crashes on a rugged, snow-capped mountain. There are only five survivors, but they’ll freeze to death unless they can make a break to the safety of a nearby mountain hut. But this means that they’ll have to abandon one of them, who’s trapped within the wreckage. Samurai Cellular :… Continue reading TALES OF THE UNUSUAL


The distant future. After the final war, vampires reigned over the human race. But now, due to an unknown cause, their numbers are dwindling. However, in some remote regions, vampires still rule the night. This has led to the emergence of a special class of bounty hunters. One of them is unlike all the others.… Continue reading VAMPIRE HUNTER D


Paul and his lovely girlfriend Barbara are celebrating the success of their new company with Howard, their wealthy investor and Vicki, his glamorous jet-set wife. The four are enjoying a vacation on Howard’s two-mast yacht off the Galician coast of Spain. Their idyll is shattered when their sailboat crashes on a reef, trapping Vicki… Continue reading DAGON


In an imaginary central European city, the highly addictive computer game Avalon offers lavish financial rewards as well as a dangerous and seductive escape from the bleak realities of everyday life. Ash is a professional, a highly skilled player moving back and forth between actual and virtual realities with ease. A loner, estranged from her… Continue reading AVALON


Suburbia is not a place of mundane normality for all-A merican teenager Donnie Darko. It’s rather a world of macabre secrets set to challenge his sharp intellect, vivid imagination and world-weary wisdom. Donnie’s a very unusual boy, given to regular nightmarish visitations from Frank, a six-foot horrific deformity. Frank informs Donnie that as the world… Continue reading DONNIE DARKO


A squad of British soldiers is sent out on manoeuvres into the wilds of Scotland. But what should have been a routine military exercise turns into a waking nightmare for Sergeant Harry Wells and his squad of 5 riflemen. Stumbling into the encampment of Captain Richard Ryan, on a top secret mission for the Special… Continue reading DOG SOLDIERS


With the aim of starting a new life, recently divorced Yoshimi Matsubara gets a new job at a publicity firm and moves to an apartment with her 5-year old daughter Ikuko. Initially the living conditions and location seem ideal, but before long the chilly, humid atmosphere of the apartment brings on an extremely uncomfortable and… Continue reading DARK WATER


1936, Spain is being torn apart by the civil War. The grim orphanage of Santa Lucia stands alone on a desolate plain, its courtyard disfigured by a vast unexploded bomb. A place of decay and desperation, Santa Lucia is run by crippled headmistress Carmen and the mysterious Professor Casares. Twelve-year old newcomer Carlos is met… Continue reading THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE


In a remote village tucked high away amongst lush green mountains, 40-something Miki Bonomiya leads a selfless existence as a traditional paper maker. Loyal to the age-old craft of her fa-mily, she has been sentenced to a spinster’s lonely life under the strict regime of her dictatorial older brother Takanao. The people of the region… Continue reading INUGAMI


Michi, a typical Japanese woman in her late twenties, works for a small computer company in Tokyo. One day, Michi and others in her office try in vain to contact their co-worker Taguchi. When Michi goes to his house to check on him, she finds Taguchi hanging from the ceiling. His suicide is a mystery… Continue reading PULSE


Doctor Faust, a well-known doctor specialising in terminal medicine, is immersed in a deep depression. Wrapped up in routine and soulless work, he’s turning into a living corpse. The only contact with reality is his assistant Julia, the only person who perceives the changes that Faust experiences. In a city that is diseased and exhausted,… Continue reading FAUSTO 5.0


When Maria’s girlfriend tells her that her boyfriend Henrik has been cheating her, she goes into decline. She refuses to look at the evidence presented to her. Instead, Maria becomes absorbed by a series of bestial killings that are always committed close to a place where she has just been. She embarks on her own… Continue reading KAT


To celebrate their first marriage anniversary, Yoon-hee and Jung-hyun depart on a road trip to the countryside. They unexpectedly meet a stranger named M after Jung-hyun runs him over by accident. Luckily, the strange man doesn’t get hurt, but to their surprise he later shows up at every destination the couple arrives at. He conti-nues… Continue reading SAY YES


A group of asbestos cleaners get a job cleaning an old insane asylum. Gordon Fleming is desperately in need of cash after the birth of his first baby. His crew chief, Phil, is a straight shooter, with an air of scheming and menace. His animosity is directed mainly at mouthy co-worker Hank who stole his… Continue reading SESSION 9


Morgan Sullivan is an out of work accountant who is stuck in an unhappy life in the suburbs and a miserable marriage. Seeking an escape from this lacklustre existence, he joins the multinational corporation Digicorp to become a company spy. Adopting a new identity, he is sent to spy on various trade conventions where he… Continue reading CYPHER


Ancient Japan. Fleeing from enemies, two wounded samurai arrive at a strange old temple in a remote location in the mountains. The doors to the place are opened by a beautiful and exotic woman, who beckons them inside. Unable to walk any further, they collapse from exhaustion. One of the samurai awakens to find himself… Continue reading ARAGAMI


Journalism student Carmilla meets a group of kids that play a role game called “Eternal Blood”. Her interest in this unusual pass time is stirred by “M”, a young man she met in a philosophy seminar. M seduces Carmilla to take part in the role game. During a strange party at an abandoned house, the… Continue reading ETERNAL BLOOD


Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters

The British front line is preparing for a night assault on German trenches. Charlie Shakespeare, a young and clearly terrified soldier, staggers into the nightmarish battlefield. Fog creeps across the battlefield towards the men. They drop like flies. The survivors of Shakespeare’s Y-Company are now lost and surrounded. They come across a German trench and… Continue reading DEATHWATCH


There’s something in the house, something ancient and dark that remains hidden and silent. It has lived in the house ever since someone tried to call it, more than forty years ago. It required children, a circle that had to be completed and blood, lots of blood. But something went wrong and now it waits,… Continue reading DARKNESS


When volunteer home-care worker, Nishina Rika, comes to call at a house occupied only by a bed-ridden old lady, Tokunaga Sachie, she has no idea of the horrors that lie in wait for her. The house looks normal, but the atmosphere inside is anything but normal. Something terrible happened here once. A terror was born… Continue reading THE GRUDGE


Travelling from his home in Poland to a teaching job in Canada, John makes a stopover in New York to obtain the signature of his wife Elena for their divorce papers. Married as childhood sweethearts, their lives have taken different directions. John has pursued an academic career. Elena has become an international skating megastar. As… Continue reading IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE


Maléfique, Affiche

A prison cell with four detainees. The young manager Carrere is accused of swindling. 35 year old Marcus is a transsexual being rebuilt as a woman. Paquerette, 20 years old, is mentally retarded and the sexagenarian Lassalle is an intellectual who murdered his wife. Behind a mysteriously loose stone in their cell, they discover a… Continue reading MALEFIQUE


A police inspector is faced with the most disturbing case in his whole career. Behind the disappearance of an important businessman, lurks a much greater mystery. He discovers that all those people who vanished without trace, are hiding a dreadful secret, linked with terrors and problems from their own past. Once more, the police inspector… Continue reading THEY’RE WATCHING US


A mobile phone rings. Those who answer it are forced to suffer horrifying deaths. There are no clues. The number is untraceable. Ji-won, a magazine writer, changes her number when she begins to receive threatening crank calls after writing an expose piece for the magazine. But to her astonishment, she continues to receive frightening, incomprehensible… Continue reading PHONE


Two social outcast in 19th century Eastern Europe, Alexandre and Ulysse, become friends and settle down to live alone on the edge of a marsh that is reputedly haunted by demons, monsters and goblins. These two men have been outsiders all their lives. Alexandre was raised in a nomad family that travelled from town to… Continue reading THE MARSH


As the subject of constant ridicule from her peers and parents as a young girl, May is forced into a life of unwanted seclusion. Publicly outcast, she believes that her only true friend is the homemade doll given to her by her mother, which she regularly consults for advice. Now that she’s an adult, her… Continue reading MAY


Going Home (Hong Kong). Eric Tsang and his small son come to live in a large rundown and almost deserted apartment complex. Tsang has to leave his son to fend for himself and the boy takes to playing with the neighbour’s daughter. One day, he doesn’t come home. Memories (Korea). A man is overwrought with… Continue reading THREE


The wife of security guard Harry Cain was gunned down in the parking lot of the shopping mall where he worked. Unable to cope with his feelings of guilt and with the apparent disinterest of the police in solving the case, he decides to take the investigation into his own hands. Harry start studying the… Continue reading FEAR X


The near future. William is sent to the sprawling metropolis of Shanghai for 24 hours to investigate a fraud at the Sphinx Insurance Company. Having taken an empathy virus, he’s able to read suspects’ minds. Maria in an employee of Sphinx where she creates “papelles”, a form of insurance cover, passport and visa rolled into… Continue reading CODE 46


Tero is returning home on the bullet train from an excursion with his classmates and teachers. While the train is passing through a tunnel, it runs of the tracks and crashes. Everyone aboard seems to have died in the accident. However, when Teru stumbles around through the darkness and rubble, one of his female classmates,… Continue reading DRAGON HEAD


Jaded hospital psychiatrist Paul Lacasse is called to treat a patient far more fascinating than his usual workday roster of crazies and compulsives. The famous horror novelist Thomas Roy has attempted to commit suicide by throwing himself out of the window after cutting off all of his fingers. The same day, a dozen schoolchildren are… Continue reading EVIL WORDS


Yakuza member Ozaki seems to be on the brink of madness when he kills a Chihuahua after accusing it of being a rival gang’s attack dog. The Boss orders Minami, a young novice, to kill the troublesome Ozaki, a bitter task, given that Minami views his target as an elder brother. When a car accident… Continue reading GOZU


The beginning of the twenty-third century. Somewhere on one of the three levels of New York City, there’s a woman with blue hair crying blue tears. Her name is Jill Bioskop. She doesn’t know it yet, but Horus, the falcon-headed god of ancient Egypt, has cruised half the universe to meet her. Horus has been… Continue reading IMMORTAL


Twentysomethings Dave and Andrew are roommates and buddies. That is, until the day that Dave announces he’s moving out. He’s had enough with the agoraphobic Andrew who never leaves their house. Then Dave gets fired, having to take the fall for his girlfriend who embezzled from Dave’s company. Andrew himself is falsely accused by a… Continue reading NOTHING


Melanie, an independent, emotionally empty thirtysomething, serves fish and chips in a small coastal town. After work, she goes looking for booze and men. In a hotel bar, the well-oiled Melanie meets her “perfect stranger”, a charming and attentive sailor. When she falls asleep on his boat, he sails her away to his run-down, candle-lit… Continue reading PERFECT STRANGERS


Byung-gu looks like an ordinary young man. But what he thinks is another matter. He believes that all of Earth’s social ills are the result of alien interference from the Andromeda Galaxy. Unless he can meet the prince of Andromeda before a total lunar eclipse, planet Earth will be doomed. In order to get to… Continue reading SAVE THE GREEN PLANET!


Berkeley is a quaint little Australian town, where you can find good fishing and homemade pies. Life here is like living in a holiday postcard… until a meteorite shower rips through a lazy summer day. The onslaught of space rocks brings a deadly plague that twists the happy citizens into zombies with insatiable appetites for… Continue reading UNDEAD


A battle between a group of Western vampires and master vampire hunter Reeve, ends in tragedy when his partner Lila is killed in the line of duty. Reeve’s adversary, Duke Dekotes, is killing the European royal vampire family to collect their blood. He needs this to open the sacred tome Night to Day, which will… Continue reading THE TWINS EFFECT


Two sisters, Su-mi and Su-yeon, come back home after having been treated for a long illness. They are welcomed by Mu-hyun, their strangely distant father and by their high-strung stepmother Eun-joo. On their first night, Su-yeon dreams of her death mother hanging herself. And Su-mi wakes up breathless, seeing the ghost of their mother creeping… Continue reading A TALE OF TWO SISTERS


Jiney, clever, sexy and rich, is a photography student at the university. Her work has won her the acclaim of both her peers and her professors but it leaves her cold and indifferent. Then, one day, she witnesses a fatal car crash and, torn between revulsion and fascination, snaps a shot of a slain pedestrian.… Continue reading AB-NORMAL BEAUTY


The Boogeyman is the stuff of age-old stories. His name has been passed down from generation to generation in the hushed, fearful whispers of kids at bedtime. Existing in a thousand different forms in children’s imaginations, the Boogeyman is that horrible creature who consumes human beings whole. He lurks in the shadows of closets that… Continue reading BOOGEYMAN


After a ravaging 50-year war, the Greater Eastern Federation has wrestled control of the Eurasian continent. The survivors have rebuilt using Machine Age technology, but the long struggle has left them physically and spiritually spent. Then a genetic scientist, Dr. Azuma, develops a revolutionary neo-cell treatment for the afflicted, including his wife Midori, who has… Continue reading CASSHERN


Ji-won is a bright young student with a promising future ahead of her. Her past is a different story. Something happened to her a while ago and left her with a blank memory. Ji-won has no recollection of who she is, who her friends were or what her life was before the incident. When Eun-seo,… Continue reading THE GHOST


A stormy night. Acting on a disturbing piece of information, the police are led to a gruesome scene : the bloody corpse of a woman and, by its side, a little girl in a state of shock. Young psychiatrist Beatriz Varga starts to work at a remote but prestigious sanatorium that specialises in hypnosis. There… Continue reading HYPNOS