Rahtree, a shy university student, attracts the attention of Ake, a rich, handsome young playboy. To win a bet, he manages to seduce her, after which she is quickly dumped. Buppah is horrified to discover she is pregnant. The guilt-ridden Ake begs her forgiveness, but when he finds out she’s expecting, he abandons her and… Continue reading RAHTREE: FLOWER OF THE NIGHT


Masuoka is a cameraman possessed by the craving to understand fear. When he films a man committing suicide in the metro, he returns to the scene to understand the dead man’s motives. Following his final gaze leads Masuoka to a door, an entry into a bizarre, cavernous underworld. He finds a beautiful woman chained to… Continue reading MAREBITO


When night falls, the domain of evil knows no bounds. Dark wizards, vampires and other monsters come alive. Their strength is great. Ordinary weapons are insufficient in the struggle against them. Yet there are individuals who pursue these nocturnal hunters, who battle and overcome nightfall‘s progeny. They do so in strict observance of the Treaty… Continue reading NIGHTWATCH


The Vietnam war. R-Point is a strategically important region on an island 150 km south of Saigon. Six months ago, nine Korean soldiers went missing at R-Point. Now, the Korean High Command starts receiving inexplicable radio transmissions sent by the group asking for help. They decide to send another platoon to investigate. The unit under… Continue reading R-POINT


October, 1969. Alan Parker is a struggling young artist studying at the University of Maine whose work is haunted by images of death. Believing he is loosing his girlfriend, Jessica, Alan’s obsession with the dark side pushes him to try to take his own life on his birthday. Some friends thwart his desperate act, yet… Continue reading RIDING THE BULLET


A remote police station in the woods of rural America is closing down. On the last day, as all the remaining files and equipment are being moved away, a naked teenage boy shows up. He’s drenched head to toe in blood and refuses to speak a word. His face seems familiar to everybody. As he… Continue reading SHALLOW GROUND


Thirty-year old Matyas is a photographer. He leads a happy life with his pregnant wife Claire and his little son Pierre. Orphaned at the age of six, Matyas has no memories of his childhood. Then a notary contacts him with the news that his mother, who he thought to have died a long time ago,… Continue reading TROUBLE


Hiroshi is a medical student plagued with amnesia after a road accident that took the life of his girlfriend Ryoko. Settling back in his parents’ apartment with his mind a blank sheet, he sleepwalks through the days like a ghost. The discovery of an anatomy textbook rekindles memories of his devotion to his studies and… Continue reading VITAL


A prisoner of a space colony is sent on a mission to a distant new planet. His surprise is huge when after his landing the planet’s citizens treat him like a hero.


Adam, a neo-Nazi, gets off the bus one day in an idyllic Danish farming community. Among the rolling fields of corn, there’s a neat, white church. This house of God is the terrain of Ivan, the priest to whom the ex-con has been assigned for a spot of rehabilitation and re-education. Taciturn, sullen and aggressive,… Continue reading ADAM’S APPLES


Do-hyung Choi is the charismatic team leader of a six-men expedition team that tries to reach the most remote part of the Antarctic without any outside assistance. Marching through the endless snow, Min-jae, the youngest of the team, finds a journal written by a member of a British expedition 80 years ago. From then on,… Continue reading ANTARCTIC JOURNAL


On the anniversary of a fatal whitewater rafting trip, sex independently spirited women reconvene in the Appalachian mountains, determined to pit their wits against the area‘s labyrinthine caves. The group dynamics are strained from the outset, with Sarah still heavyladen with loss from the previous year’s accident and Juno harbouring a guilty secret that Beth… Continue reading THE DESCENT


The story takes place in flashback, covering 18 nocturnal hours of bloodshed in New Jersey and New York. A police undercover team is blown away by a band of minor Mafiosi. An incriminating revolver that will tie its owner to the massacre, is stolen by a 10-year-old boy. The kid uses it on his abusive… Continue reading RUNNING SCARED


Since their brief love story in high school, Nishi never forgot Myon. Now that they are together again, nothing will separate them. Not even death itself. A ferocious, crazy and visually stunning effort from one of Japan’s most creative studios:


On a somber winter’s night, five people find themselves caught up in a terrifying experiment that goes horrifically wrong. Out of financial necessity, farmer Dan Reilly has agreed to partake in what he thought were simple fertility tests on his cattle; not knowing that the private bio-tech laboratory he‘s working for was secretly conducting illegal… Continue reading ISOLATION


In the small Quebec village of Saints- Martyrs-des-Damnés, people are mysteriously disappearing. Raoul Bosh, editor of a tabloid newspaper that chronicles bizarre and supernatural events, decides to send one of his reporters, Flavien Juste, and his photographer, Armand Despas, to the village to investigate and write some articles about the strange occurrences. Upon their arrival… Continue reading SAINTS-MARTYRS-DES-DAMNES


Donny, just under thirty and single, works as a columnist and reviewer in Stockholm. Cold and cynical, he doesn’t need anybody. Donny is always in control, or so he thinks. As a powerful storm approaches Stockholm, a remarkable young woman comes into his life. The beautiful Lova is being chased by violent men who want… Continue reading STORM


Henry Oldsworth is coming back to the family farm, unaware that something bad is going on; his brother’s reckless genetic engineering program. Angus is buying his younger brother out, just hours ahead of the unveiling of his “ultimate” sheep. Terrified of the animals and dosed up on therapy, Henry doesn’t want to hang around. But… Continue reading BLACK SHEEP


Out on a dead calm ocean, in a thick fog, a group of tourists on a pleasure craft cross paths with an ancient and terrible evil. Sharing the same ocean, a sick, dying old Greek man drifts alone on a stricken yacht. The Greek has been cheating death for countless years, trading broken bodies for… Continue reading THE FERRYMAN


Gang-du is a dim-witted man working at his father’s tiny snack bar near the Han River in Seoul. One day, his only daughter Hyun-seo comes back from school irritated. She’s angry at her uncle, Nam-il, her guardian, for showing up at her school shamelessly drunk. Ignoring his father’s excuses for Nam-il, she’s soon engrossed in… Continue reading THE HOST


The 14th century. Mongol conqueror Tamerlan acquires the Chalk of Fate. Anyone possessing the chalk is able to rewrite his own history and change events. Present day Moscow. Paranormally gifted Anton Gorodensky is training Svetlana, the latest recruit to Night Watch. Anton is a Light Other and Night Watch is dedicated to regulating the activities… Continue reading DAYWATCH


It‘s graduation day for Nina and her friends. They have passed their final high school exams and head off to celebrate. That night, they all receive an identical text message : “ In 3 days… you’re dead ! ” At first, they think it’s a sick practical joke. But no one is laughing anymore when… Continue reading DEAD IN 3 DAYS


The Solomon family has left the fast paced life of Chicago for the secluded world of a North Dakota farm. Amidst the tranquil sway of the farm’s field of sunflowers, 16-year old Jess soon realises how terrifying seclusion can be when she and her 3-year old brother Ben begin to see ominous apparitions invisible to… Continue reading THE MESSENGERS


In a big city, a wave of suicides catches fire. The modus operandi is always the same: the victims wildly stab themselves to death, cut their own throats and butcher themselves beyond recognition, without any apparent reason. The only thing the dead have in common is the phone number they call just before they perish… Continue reading NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE


The love between So-hwa and Yi-kwak comes to a tragic end when So-hwa is killed by villagers after being falsely accused of witchcraft. Yi-kwak believes her death is the result of his power to see ghosts and his talent leads him to join the royal guard of ghost hunters in the Kingdom of Silla. When… Continue reading RESTLESS


Armed with a newly invented material called the Menger Sponge, a team of Taiwanese scientists led by the Japanese Hashimoto captures the energy of a ghost child. In an effort to learn about the ghost’s past, they enlist the help of special agent Ye, a member of the Joint Crime Crackdown Unit with an extraordinarily… Continue reading SILK


The near future. Writer Victor Banev travels to a remote Siberian town to see his daughter, who’s a pupil in a boarding school for gifted children. Her teachers are called “aquatters”. They could be mutants or aliens or something else altogether. The climate has mysteriously changed in the town, flooded by endless rainfall. An eerie… Continue reading UGLY SWANS


On the same day his boss informs him that he has just joined the legion of the jobless, Phuchit’s cell phone rings and a voice asks, “Do you want to win 100 million baht ?” Phuchit has been chosen by a reality game show ! All he has to do is complete 13 tasks that… Continue reading 13 BELOVED


A cottage in the countryside serves as a hideout for two bungling kidnappers ; David, both the brains and brawn of the operation, and Peter, his wet blanket brother. Tied and gagged in the trunk outside is Tracey, a spunky youngster with a rich and worried father back home. Things go the wrong way pretty… Continue reading THE COTTAGE


Seoul, 1979. Doctor Jung-nam receives an album of old photographs which takes him back to 1942 and a hospital during the Japanese occupation. He’s one of the interns working there. Jung-nam is still a terribly clumsy and insecure doctor, whose incompetence is penalized by a couple of weeks in the morgue. Terrified by the dead… Continue reading EPITAPH


Custom agents stumble across a giant crate of human hair, destined to be used as extensions for trendy Japanese civilians. They are disgusted and horrified when they discover in the centre of the mountain of hair a dead girl whose eyes and organs have been removed, presumably for black market sale. A girl whose broken… Continue reading EXTE – HAIR EXTENSIONS


Back in the 50’s, when Rock ‘n Roll was king, shy and stuttering Teddy Boy Johnny Taylor wanted just one thing; to dance with Sally Andrews, the girl of his dreams. But Johnny’s dream turns into a nightmare, when he’s bullied and beaten by Sally’s boyfriend and finds himself at the centre of a murder… Continue reading FLICK


As the suburbs of Paris burn again due to the election triumph of an extreme right-wing party, a group of youths use the chaos as a cover for smash-and-grab robberies. For Yasmina, the money is an escape from the slums she has known all her life. With the police on their tail, her gang splits… Continue reading FRONTIERE(S)


Tom, a sad-eyed loser, has hit rock bottom. In one day, he lost his job, got kicked out of his apartment and got brushed off by social services. Now he has to spend the night in the park. But the police chases him away. Brandi, a dedicated retirement-home caregiver who devotes far too much of… Continue reading STUCK


Kar-pi, the wife of hard-boiled cop Cheung, suffers from nightmares and screaming fits. Cheung thinks his wife is exaggerating, but his boss, Sum, suspects Gong Tau, a potent kind of black magic used in cases involving either love or money. The suspected villain is Malaysian criminal Lam Chiu. Twelve years ago, during a chase, Cheung… Continue reading GONG TAU


Romeo and Juliet are a pair of psychopathic young lovers. Romeo is an extremely violent sadist and Juliet is a sexual masochist. They are looking to establish their own love nest, a quest that leads them to a rundown warehouse for sale in a desolate industrial region. Juliet falls in love with it immediately. Romeo… Continue reading ON EVIL GROUNDS


Ambitious young TV reporter Angela and her cameraman Pablo are following a squad of firemen on their night shift. Their task is to stay as close as possible to these professionals, registering everything they‘ll have to face. On the first job of the night, the fire squad must rescue an old lady who is trapped… Continue reading [REC]


The Danish country side at night. A farmer’s wife wakes up, only to be confronted by a glowing entity from another world. The next day, at the local school, the kids are not really impressed to learn that they’ll get a new substitute teacher. But Ulla Harms is more than they bargained for. She’s a… Continue reading THE SUBSTITUTE


Elaine and Jonah are on their way to the country mansion of Elaine’s sister Chloe and her husband Robbie to celebrate the New Year. Besides there being a lot of friction between the two couples, they also have four kids among them and one rebellious adolescent, Casey, who constantly tries to see how far she… Continue reading THE CHILDREN


On a Saturday, 170 days before the university’s entry exam, 20 top students get some special tutoring at school. They might be smart, but they’re certainly not perfect. We get to know the docile Inah, the rebellious heartthrob Kang-hyun, Ina’s best friend Myung-ho, the paranoid Hyeyoung, the hallucinating schizophrenic Jo-beom, the insomniac Dong-hyuk, the shy… Continue reading DEATH BELL


Everybody knows that the Tasmanian devil eats everything it sees. At least he does in cartoons. Now, what about the Tasmanian tiger ? Is it extinct ? No one can actually prove they have ever seen one. But now Nina, a rather lively zoology student, has gotten hold of a footprint found by her sister… Continue reading DYING BREED


Shortly after arriving at her family’s secluded lake house, Mari Collingwood and her best friend are abducted by a sadistic prison escapee and his violent crew. Left for dead and nearly in shock after suffering unspeakable abuse at the hands of her captors, Mari realizes that her only hope for survival is to find her… Continue reading THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT


The youngest among us might not realize that there was a time, not so long ago, when being nerdy and asocial was considered to be uncool Of course in those days – the 70ies – there were other imperfections, which little 12 year old Oskar manages to epitomize : wide ribbed corduroys, Emil Zatopek’s shorts,… Continue reading LET THE RIGHT ONE IN


It’s the year 2707 and yes, people are still fighting each other. When an errant shell destroys an ancient stone seal, they find themselves facing a new enemy : a machine that transforms humans into hideous necromutants with bone blades growing from their arms. They evidently want to snuff out as many non-mutants as they… Continue reading MUTANT CHRONICLES


Ten years ago, the town of Harmony was struck by tragedy. Tom Hanniger, an inexperienced miner, caused an accident in the tunnels which led to the dead of five people and left the only survivor, Harry Warden, in a coma. Exactly one year later, on Valentines Day, Harry awoke and slaughtered twenty-two people with a… Continue reading MY BLOODY VALENTINE


A title like this is supposed to make us sweat, but as we are somewhere up North, we may assume that we’re talking about… cold sweat. The sauna is situated in a remote village somewhere between Russia and Finland. The year is 1595, just after a war between the two countries. The Finnish brothers Knut… Continue reading SAUNA


Barbara’s one and only ambition is to completely resemble her favourite childhood toy Cindy Superstar. Up to now, she has fairly succeeded and that’s where the problems start. She now looks like a plasticized tart who has single-handedly raised China’s GDP with her extensive wardrobe. Yet she lacks one tiny little detail, she needs Glenn,… Continue reading SEXY KILLER


Young Keiichi moves from Tokyo to a remote village in the mountains. He immediately finds himself the only boy in an all-girl class. Two of them, the very cute Mion and Rena, take a fancy to him. Before he knows it, Keeichi is playing with his new friends at a deserted construction site. Here’s the… Continue reading SHRILL CRIES OF SUMMER


Sam has recently graduated from engineering school and is not very enthusiastic about her first serious job as a demolition expert. She has to supervise the razing of a mysterious isolated building in the middle of nowhere. Guided by the son of the caretaker, she gradually discovers the horrifying secrets of the building. The walls… Continue reading WALLED IN


Film student Yannick is making a documentary about his new surroundings. While avoiding a cat on the road, he crashes his bicycle. Bruised and battered, he rings at number 5150, Elms Way and end up in the home of taxi driver Jacques Beaulieu and his deeply religious family. Yannick soon discovers that Jacques has some… Continue reading 5150 RUE DES ORMES


To say that Christopher Roth is a successful writer, would be an understatement. Every time a new book comes out, sales go through the roof, while the critics drip their pencils in acid. You see, Roth writes about serial killers and the like and that is not something that is very much appreciated in those… Continue reading CHRISTOPHER ROTH


1989. Young Kai is being abused by his mother. He runs through the woods to the nearby road and involuntary causes an accident that costs the life of a couple. Their surviving son Peter sees it all happening before his own eyes. 19 years later Kai returns to his native village after he’s informed of… Continue reading HIDDEN


When night falls and everybody goes to sleep, two completely opposite forces appear. They are invisible to us, but the power they have over our dreams is real. Every night a battle takes place for our soul. One force gives us hope and strength through our dreams. The other side infuses us with desperation and… Continue reading INK


Actor Paul Giamatti (played by Paul Giamatti) has difficulties with his part in Chekhov’s Uncle Vania on Broadway. He just can’t seem to connect with his character. Desperate, he visits an alternative clinic that can extract souls and give you some rest from the existential anxieties of life. At first, Paul is satisfied with his… Continue reading COLD SOULS


One day, a simple fisherman finds a beautiful and mysterious woman in his nets off the Irish coast. She seems to be death, but comes miraculously back to life before his eyes. The fisherman, Syracuse, is an irresponsible loner. He’s divorced from his wife and estranged from his wheelchair-bound daughter Annie. The arrival of Ondine… Continue reading ONDINE


Kate Coleman can not stop thinking about her third child, the one that came to the world stillborn. She decides to adopt a girl. This is not an easy undertaking, as Kate has a history with alcohol. While being drunk, she caused an accident in which her daughter Max lost her hearing. Her husband John… Continue reading ORPHAN

POSSESSED by Yong-joo Lee

He-jin returns home when her younger sister Soo-jin disappears. He-jin is sick with worry. Soo-jin never fully recovered mentally from the car crash that killed their father. But their fanatically religious mother doesn’t even call the police. All she does is pray to God. When He-jin seeks help from a police inspector, the man flatly… Continue reading POSSESSED by Yong-joo Lee


Welcome to the world of Oz : the ultimate internet community platform. Connecting through computers, television or cell phones, millions of avatars feed this biggest online social network, where people can lead a life free from the limits of reality. Kenji, a shy high school student, who’s very gifted in mathematics, has a summer job… Continue reading SUMMER WARS


A man without a name and only wearing a brightly coloured pyjama, wakes up in a white, empty room. He doesn’t know where he is, he doesn’t know how he got there neither how he can get out of the room. But the man will soon realize that the place functions according to its own… Continue reading SYMBOL


Sang Hyeon, a deeply religious catholic priest, has devoted his life to curing people. Frustrated by the slaughter caused by a deadly virus among his flock, he travels to Africa to participate in a highly controversial and dangerous medical experiment to find a remedy. All the participants die, with the exception of Sang. It’s nothing… Continue reading THIRST


The fourth book of bestselling author Heesoo is once again an instant success. The media’s requests come thick and fast, to the great pleasure of her publisher. Suddenly a writer’s worst nightmare rears its ugly head : the accusation of plagiarism. Two years later, Hee-soo is still recovering and hasn’t written a single word since… Continue reading BESTSELLER


Six friends from Hong Kong are on holiday in Thailand. Unfortunately, the country is going through a turbulent period of political unrest. They pack their bags in a hurry, only to find the airport being occupied by protesters. The friends are forced to seek refuge in a run down hotel. They soon sense that something… Continue reading THE CHILD’S EYE


Kyung-chul is a dangerous psychopath who kills for pleasure. He has committed several heinous serial murders in ways you cannot even begin to imagine, with his victims ranging from young women to even children. The police have been chasing him for a long time, but are unable to catch him. One day, Ju-yeon, daughter of… Continue reading I SAW THE DEVIL


A strange skin disease forces Jacob to avoid every exposition to sunlight. He spends his life at night, while the rest of the world is asleep. Luckily there are still a few bars open to break his lonely routine. In one of these taverns, he falls head over heels in love with bartender Mary. Their… Continue reading MIDNIGHT SON


Being part of a notorious band of assassins does not do wonders with one’s social life. Especially not when you betray them and run away with the mystical mummified remains of an Indian monk. After another bloody job, Drizzle – a lethal and very attractive hired killer – decides to turn her back on the… Continue reading REIGN OF ASSASSINS


Seth and Jonah are murderous twins who share an evil kinship. Damned from the moment of their births, the brothers possess a gruesome talent for telekinesis – a power they use in the most horrific ways imaginable. As their fellow students meet gory fates, the local law enforcement officers begin to suspect the twins’ connection… Continue reading SECONDS APART


Goddammit! The Bifff’s been warning you for 29 years now : avoid shortcuts when you’re in the middle of nowhere ! Otherwise, you’ll end up in the same shit as our friend here, who gets lost with his family in the Kazakh steppe. First he has to deal with numerous “I warned you !”’s from… Continue reading STRAYED


Do you feel as if the grim reaper might put its bony hand on your shoulder at any time ? Do you have a well-stuffed bank account and a tremendous will to live ? Welcome to Menzana, a corporation that has turned death into an illness and sells the remedy at a very high price.… Continue reading TRANSFER


After a virus has ravaged humanity, the world is forever changed. The night belongs to bloodsucking zombies. During the day, those few who have survived, hurry from one hiding place to the next. In this post-apocalyptic wasteland, young Martin is about to get bitten by the same monster that just slaughtered his family. A well… Continue reading STAKE LAND


Three students have dug up a juicy one-of-akind subject for their final research project: the unexplained death of several bears in the Scandinavian Forests. To be honest, it beats a cheap documentary about the procreation of jellyfish in Iceland’s cold deep-sea. They quickly realize that poaching is not the answer, unless you use a silent… Continue reading TROLL HUNTER

THE AWAKENING by Nick Murphy

1921. Florence Cathcart is Engeland’s most notorious ghostbuster. No spiritist séance or fairy sighting is safe from her skeptic mind. Having lost her beloved in the trenches of World War One, Florence is driven by the desire to unmask those who try to exploit the sorrow of those who are grieving for their dead. She’s… Continue reading THE AWAKENING by Nick Murphy


College students and best buddies Greg and Rob decide to gain some extra pocket money during the Christmas Holidays by playing lab rabbits for a new drug. Rob is a bit hesitant, but Greg manages to convince him. What could go wrong? It’s just a new anti-allergic from pharmaceutical giant Ravexin. But if that were… Continue reading BLOODWORK


When night falls over New Orleans, its supernatural inhabitants start to emerge. The meat industry is run by werewolves. Vampires manage the nightclubs and zombies go looking for fresh limbs in the “body shop”. The balance between these creatures is extremely fragile, especially since paranormal investigator Dylan Dog stopped mediating between them after the love… Continue reading DYLAN DOG : DEAD OF NIGHT


After a night of partying, Julio awakes in a flat without knowing where he is or how he got there. Its beautiful inhabitant is called Julia and hasn’t a clue either about what happened last night. After a few uncomfortable moments, Julia wants to leave but then something unexpected catches their attention. There seems to… Continue reading EXTRATERRESTRE


After the critical success of his first novel, 500 pages of hectic dialogue on a bottle of Jägermeister, Tomas Marino is invited to his childhood village for a ceremony in his honor. Well, the village is not nearly as classy as the Prado in Madrid, the girls are all toothless and there is a manor… Continue reading GAME OF WEREWOLVES


Washington, 1989. George, Max and Ricky are musicians in a rock band, hoping for the big breakthrough. As their guitar riffs are not going to pay the rent, they are forced to take on an additional job as cooks in the kitchen of a high-security psychiatric asylum. It doesn’t matter that the place looks like… Continue reading THE INCIDENT


Those who thought that everything ended in 1945 with a shot in a bunker under the ruins of Berlin, are in for a nasty surprise. The secret space program of the Nazi’s really existed ! The evil bastards fled to the dark city of the moon, where they quickly started to multiply and come up… Continue reading IRON SKY


Juan has always succeeded in getting through life without making any waves. When Cuba is hit by a zombie plague, he considers it as just another tough time to get through. Together with some friends, he starts a zombie extermination business. At Juan of the Dead, you pay by the head and business is booming.… Continue reading JUAN OF THE DEAD


Overpopulation, pandemics, chain disasters, murders and molestations at every street corner; the future looks as bright as Darth Veder’s boxer shorts. In this crime ridden world, the government has created the Fort Knox of high security prisons: an impregnable fortress for the worst villains of humanity. A riot later, the high security standards are quickly… Continue reading LOCKOUT


The Gazer Warrior belongs to those lonesome superheroes fighting evil instead of getting a real life. But, when he meets Aroma Woman during a superhero standoff, they immediately fall in love. Getting tired of their busy lifestyle, they decide to retreat to a small village, under the false identity of Huan and Red. Five peaceful… Continue reading MR , MRS INCREDIBLE


A little boy brutally beats a rabbit to death on the playing ground of a primary school, with his older sister as a horrified witness. Daigo, the boy, and Kiriko, the sister, have the same father, an acclaimed writer of youth literature, but were born from different mothers. Their parents are dead now and both… Continue reading TORMENTED

THE ECHO “2008”

Bobby has spent some time behind bars for involuntary manslaughter. Now that he has regained his freedom, he moves into his mother’s flat. She passed away while he was in jail. His neighbour is a cop and a real bastard. He regularly beats up his wife and daughter. Their screams can be heard through the… Continue reading THE ECHO “2008”


Atsushi Chiba, aged 50, wakes up one day halfdead. He’s tied up in a container being shifted somewhere… To make things worse, he’s also a world class loser. Inside the container is a mysterious stone but that doesn’t give him even the slightest clue as to who the perpetrator might be, nor any idea of… Continue reading ABDUCTEE


On her way back to her hometown, Ana – a young Jessica Biel-lookalike nurse – thought that her bus journey would be quiet and nice. There’s only one other passenger, a comic book artist named Freddy, but the dude keeps on chatting her up. And just before Ana gives him the brush off, their bus… Continue reading AFTER


Mary Mason’s dream in life is to become a surgeon, but medical studies aren’t cheap and no matter how intelligent, talented and ambitious she is, at the moment she doesn’t have one cent to continue her education. She even auditions with a strip club to earn a little extra. But the owner makes her a… Continue reading AMERICAN MARY


Nick and his twin sister Michelle have to find their way back home after their father Nick died during a camping trip. Their Jeep has sunk in the mud and there’s no cell phone connection. They decide to walk towards the direction from which they came. What seems to be a journey home for two… Continue reading THE BETWEEN


On an ordinary Saturday like so many others, eight-year-old Tim and his mother Sarah spend the afternoon together at the movies. Sarah hails a taxi after the show, she laughs. It will be the last time Tim ever hears that sound. Within hours she will be dead, and Tim will begin a terrifying descent into… Continue reading CHAINED


Modesto is a teacher with paranormal abilities. He sometimes sees dead people. This is a huge issue in his life. Not only does this cost him a fortune at the shrink’s, but it’s also gotten him fired from every school he’s ever worked at. His luck changes when he lands a job at Monforte. Five… Continue reading GHOST GRADUATION


Chan-young, a young journalist fallen in disgrace, has to lie low for a moment. She’s sent to cover a minor story in the countryside about a gathering of shamans. According to the beliefs of the local hillbillies, the village where the meeting is held is supposedly possessed by a bunch of grizzly demons. Yeah, right…… Continue reading GHOST SWEEPERS


The Augustine Interfaith Order of Hellbound Saints is the last line of defense against Hell’s champion demons. They implement the “nuclear approach” to exorcism by inviting possession and then committing suicide in order to drag the demon back to Hell. However, to be a candidate for possession, a person needs to be as far from… Continue reading HELLBENDERS


One moment some 80 people are walking on a big city street. Suddenly a blinding light appears that transports them to a very peculiar racing course. A voice sounds in everybody’s head : “The school, the house and the prison are safe. Follow the arrows or you will die. Stay on the path or you… Continue reading THE HUMAN RACE


Unemployed 35 year old Sakurai aspired to become an actor, but has failed miserably. He decides to end it all by killing himself, but first he goes to purify himself at a public bathhouse. At the bathhouse, he meets the very prosperous Kondo who suffers a fall and wakes up with amnesia. On a whim,… Continue reading KEY OF LIFE


Vampire Djuana leads the life of a recluse. She lives in a huge, remote mansion, where she translates poetry and watches classic Hollywood movies on videotape. She feeds herself with the blood of animals. Her life changes when, one night, she meets screenwriter Paulo at a video store. The two feel an irresistible attraction. Paulo… Continue reading KISS OF THE DAMNED


In the sleepy coastal town of Wicklow, a rusty caravan is parked dangerously close to the cliffs. It’s rocking left and right because its inhabitant, Stitches the Clown, is doing the nasty with a voluminous lady, while he’s shouting obscenities with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. But the fun does not last, as Stitches… Continue reading STITCHES


Adam is a seemingly ordinary guy in a very extraordinary universe. He lives trying to make ends meet, but his romantic spirit holds on to the memory of a girl he met once upon a time from another world, an inverted affluent world with its own gravity, directly above but beyond reach… a girl named… Continue reading UPSIDE DOWN


Craig is suffering. His wife is out of work, taking care of their infant son, and they’re months behind on rent. To make matters worse, he’s just been laid off. Not wanting to face his wife, Craig hits up a dive bar where he runs into Vince, an old friend from High School who now… Continue reading CHEAP THRILLS