Four young people (2 boys, 2 girls), who want to become members of the Alpha Sigma Rho fraternity, must spend an entire night in Manoir Garth, an isolated castle with a sinister reputation, for their initiation. A long time ago, the old owner Virgil Garth murdered his entire family, his wife and his four deformed… Continue reading HELLNIGHT


Infinity, a giant spacecraft, is on its way to planet Alva 1. On board is Galaxina, a beautiful robot who navigates the ship. The crew is very diverse; Thor is a pilot and playboy who is hopelessly in love with Galaxina; Buzz is the youngest and not the sharpest tool in the shed; captain Butt… Continue reading GALAXINA


Andrei Beloutski, an etnographer from the university of Saint Petersburg, studies the folklore of the nordwest of the Russian Empire. In search of legends, he accidentally finds a ruined castle where strange events take place. The landlady visits the ruins every evening to hold a wake for the dead. She is the last of the… Continue reading THE SAVAGE HUNT OF KING STAKH


In a future where countries go bankrupt and governments fall, there is a new age of lawlessness. Jacob Straker is a man who thinks that some are born to command and that he is the chosen one. With the help of an armored truck and a band of thugs, he is the law. Strakers path… Continue reading BATTLETRUCK


When passengers are preparing themselves for a grand gala evening, an echo suddenly appears on the radar. The main deck warns the captain that they are about to collide with an non identified object. The crew is desperately trying to make contact when suddenly the vessel changes direction. There is no escape. The vessel chases… Continue reading DEATH SHIP


The movie tells the fable of CHRONOPOLIS, a giant city located at the outer rim of space. The inhabitants occupy themselves with the making of time. That’s also their only pleasure in life. They create and manipulate timeframes. Despite the monotony of immortality, they live in anticipation of a great event that’s going to occur… Continue reading CHRONOPOLIS


Memoirs of a survivor, based on a book by Doris Lessing, takes place in the suburbs of a big city that could be London in the near future. The population is marginalizing fast. In the chaos that surrounds her, a woman searches for a way of dealing with her anxieties amidst the decadence of daily… Continue reading MEMOIRS OF A SURVIVOR


Intrigued by the repetitive sound of a phone in the metro, a young girl takes the horn of the hook, listens and immediately drops dead. The police think it’s a cardiac arrest, an explanation where Nat Bridger, her teacher, can’t live with. Bridger, convinced that he can solve the mysterious death of his pupil, starts… Continue reading MURDER BY PHONE


With the alignment of the planets in 1982, the cycle of destruction has begun. Our planet is on the verge of undergoing vast and major changes. The film calculates with the aid of the knowledge of ancient civilizations and computer models the chance that earth will go under in the year 2000: apocalyptic visions of… Continue reading JUPITER MENACE


Our planet in the distant future. During a voyage through space, cosmonauts take the creature Nia, who originates from the planet Dessa where she experienced a trauma, back to earth. The earthlings decide to go back with Nia on a rescue mission to Dessa where they want to save the threatened civilization.


Little Philip inherited the passion for fauna from his grandfather (Anderson). In the menagerie of the mansion of his parents, Philip has created a safe place for his animals. An international criminal, the governess and the driver however want to kidnap Philip. They want to strike when his grandfather is absent. In the meantime, Philip… Continue reading VENOM


A group of scientists, sent by ‘the Federation’ to the planet Xarbia, have found a new type of nutrition that can solve the greatest problem in het Milky Way: food shortage. The new type of nutrition ‘Subject 20’ is actually a genetically modified lifeform that rapidly causes problems. A researcher, together with the robot SAM-104,… Continue reading MUTANT


The world lies in ruin. Everything is destroyed or nearly destroyed. The wind and the storm torment the fragments of life that are left. A loner survives on the last floor of a high rise that’s almost consumed by sand. There, patiently and seated at a gigantic desk he prepares his departure. Behind the horizon,… Continue reading THE LAST BATTLE


Linda Stevens, 24 years old, returns to Montclare, an old and impressive family property, arranged to be a home for the elderly by her mother. Not at ease, she feels lonely in a closed circle where she has no connection. The day they find an elder drowned in his bathtub, strange memories start resurfacing. «The… Continue reading NEXT OF KIN


Kelly, a health-department investigator in an extremely modern city, can’t hide her anxiety. A food shipment for animals, injected with «steroids» is about to be boarded. The shipment is partially devoured by abnormally sized rodents. Harris, trainer of a high school basketball team, has to come to the hospital. One of his players is bitten… Continue reading NIGHT EYES

TRAUMA by Gabi Kubach

What happened to Maria, a young woman controlled by a depression since her daughter disappeared? A young detective, Anna, starts the investigation in Maria’s house. Even during the day, the ocean fascinates Maria. At the end of the day Anna undergoes a strange and disturbing transformation. The sea seems to hold a strange power over… Continue reading TRAUMA by Gabi Kubach


Despite most intergalactic missions are crowned to be successful, an international safety commission organises an inspection to find an explanation for the mysterious «black marks» shown on 4 astronauts. This unwanted phenomena changes the biological characteristics of the people who are infected by it, and makes extraordinary creatures out of them. They can mutate and… Continue reading LUNNAYA RADUGA


The future, large private companies divide the cosmos and start investigating the eternal. Even though there are no survivors of the last expeditions, the rumour is spreading that something magnificent has been discovered on planet Titan, the biggest moon of Saturn. Two companies, and American and a German, send out an exploratory team to Titan.… Continue reading TITAN FIND


The action takes place in a vague future, on a desert-like planet, Lemuria. Jack Dogan’s task is to end the war between the nomads and the cyclops. The conflict was evoked by Jared-Sin, a dangerous criminal and his son Baal, an idiot figure, half human, half machine. A film full of action, special effects, magnificent… Continue reading METALSTORM


A beautiful city, destroyed by a nuclear explosion. A man survives and wakes up, full of fear. It was just a dream, a nightmare, because this anxious man is no one other than the President of the U.S. To avoid this threatening dream become reality, he calls in the help of a young man who… Continue reading DREAMSCAPE


The protagonist, Victoria Vera, delivers yet again (after «Monster Dog») a great performance in a frightening film. She plays a young woman who, after she killed her husband, is being chased by his phantom in a cruel manner.


Two male virgins, who are in no way notable or extraordinary, try to get out of social isolation by programming a dream creation… and execute it on their home computer. All the sizes, limps and curves from their dreams are combined into one single model who steps out of the computer. Kelly Le Brock, a… Continue reading WEIRD SCIENCE


A judicial error… what if that happened to you, you’d think. And nevertheless… pulled along in a whirlpool of unbelievable events Vic sees his death by the electric chair coming closer and closer. With his first film ‘Evil Dead’ Sam Raimi (then 23) was immediately considered a Grandmaster of gruesome. Ever since he wants to… Continue reading CRIMEWAVE


After a traumatic experience in his childhood, a man suffers from a severe form of schizophrenia. His older brother, a married professor guilty of this existing trauma removes his brother from medical care, convinced that the chemotherapy is completely useless in his case. He leaves his family and decides to live together with this lunatic.… Continue reading AFTER DARKNESS


When Dr Frank Holt loses his second patient as a result of a wrong treatment, he is at a loss for words. Nonetheless he is confident that he hasn’t made a professional error. Incidentally, that would just be impossible: the hospital is equipped with a super sophisticated central computer that infallibly surveys each move of… Continue reading TERMINAL CHOICE


Covered in blood and with a look that reveals rage, a man stumbles into a hospital to die in the arms of doctor Eileen Flax. An insignificant original fact. It only becomes mysterious when Eileen is tormented with hallucinations in which she is silently and hostile approached by a gang of Teddy Boys who seem… Continue reading NOMADS


We find ourselves in the heart of the dark Middle Ages. An eccentric man mixes all sorts of potions and handles strange objects. The health of the count of Ruk is steadily deteriorating and, to turn the tide, the court alchemist is fathoming the secret of the philosopher’s stone. On an ominous night he recites… Continue reading STAR KNIGHT

UNDERWORLD by George Pavlou

Dr Savaryis is one of those mad scientists who conduct somewhat bizarre experiments. The scientist in question used human guinea pigs in his lab who displayed the most hideous boils, bulges and deformations after the experiment. The victims of the cruel doctor escape from his lab and settle themselves in the catacombs of the city.… Continue reading UNDERWORLD by George Pavlou


Nomura Shuhei is a young, charismatic, and charming Japanese executive based in Tokyo who has a dark side nobody knows. He kills people and has been recording his actions. Nomura uploads the clips on the Internet so that everybody can see his murders. On the other side of the earth is Bayu Aditya, an ambitious… Continue reading KILLERS


Welcome to Tyler Cornack’s Tiny Cinema, in which he basically presents his whole cinematic universe on a miniature platter: a midget narrator – Michael J. Anderson (!) straight out of TWIN PEAKS’ Black Lodge, though this time not speaking backwards -, “That’s what she said” jokes gone horribly and demonically wrong, a single lady finally… Continue reading TINY CINEMA


Despite endless warnings by scientists and BIFFF-ers alike, all pathetic attempts to save our planet have failed. Our ecosystem has collapsed and along with it, society’s structures. Many people perished, the powerful fled to walled-in, high-tech Citadels that artificially hold up an illusion of civilization. The rest of humanity linger like wild animals in a… Continue reading VESPER


Iris is a night guard at a big sports club in Montevideo Bay and the cliché of the single mother struggling to make ends meet. Sure, she likes to drink and smoke some weed from time to time, but who are we to judge? Once a week she also takes her daughter Renata to work… Continue reading VIRUS-32


After repeated attempts in between the sheets, Valeria and Raúl have finally succeeded: there’s a baby on the way! The beginning of her pregnancy is a walk in the park, with the choice of the crib, the color of the walls and all those little lovely touches. But one night Valeria sees her neighbor across… Continue reading HUESERA


With elections approaching, an overzealous American governor plays the infamous zero tolerance card by deciding to arrest all the children of illegal immigrants. It doesn’t matter if they are fully integrated, destined for a bright future or even proud to consider themselves Americans. They have the misfortune of being Latino. Once they’re caged and dressed… Continue reading AMERICAN CARNAGE


The first scene of SUMMER SCARS feels like a vague childhood memory slowly bubbling up again. A memory of a bright, red-hot summer day you spent romping around with your brother. Except these two brothers, Tony and Noé, did not grow up in a suburb with white picket fences but in the rough, savage landscape… Continue reading SUMMER SCARS


Damn! It’s been almost 30 years since the Foo Fighters first unleashed their fiendish riffs on stadiums all over the world! Fifteen Grammy Awards on their mantelpiece and 9 albums that have sold millions of copies… Pretty cool, huh? Except the band has a cruel case of writer’s block. And the bigshots from their record… Continue reading STUDIO 666