In the 8th century, Christianity swept over the hills and valleys of the Basque Country, replacing age-old pagan beliefs. The newly christened Lord Eneko rules over the land, but when an army of fiery Franks stands at his gates, he does not turn to the Christian God – who tends not to answer – but… Continue reading IRATI


Two years ago, to the day, Mia’s mother passed away. A horrible date for the teenager, who desperately needs to clear her head. For example, by doing something crazy. And hey, whaddayaknow, there’s an epic party coming up featuring not only enough booze to sedate a herd of buffaloes, but also a rather extraordinary object… Continue reading TALK TO ME


What better way to open the 41st BIFFF than with a teenage girl jumping from one dimension to the next, trying to save the world from impending doom alongside a magical cat and a talking three-legged chair? That teenager is Suzume, a seemingly ordinary high-schooler who on her way to class meets a strange fellow,… Continue reading SUZUME