As a mysterious cloud of ashes si ready to come upon their city, Capucine breaks the security guidance and hits the road with her mom and Eugénie, a shy classmate, in the hope to cross the Pyrenees.


Jennifer Saint finally receives validation that she’s not delusional when her late father reaches out from beyond the grave to confirm that their dark family secret is in fact the disturbing & sinister truth.


When a family man tears down the remains of his burned-out childhood home in attempt to bury his family’s tragic past, he finds himself tormented by something sinister uncovered in the demolition.

The Painted

An aristocratic man and his wife living in the 1960s must contend with a strange demonic force. When his wife suddenly and inexplicably falls into a coma, the man undertakes a dangerous ritual in an attempt to summon the dark entity that is oppressing them and drive it away.

Last Dream Before Sunrise

A grieving woman travels to an isolated cabin with a strange power. Filmed entirely using natural light, this meditative film explores themes of loss and grief through a fantastical lens.

Wake Up

In the middle of the night, a young child calls his father to be reassured. But will his father be up to it?

Mr James is Dead

Tom attends his estranged father’s funeral only to find out that his father had been a spy all along, and his funeral is filled with spy villains from all shapes and sizes from his past.


An ordinary schoolgirl’s life unravels after an evil creature takes over her body.

They’re Here

Unable to cope with the death of her grandmother, Sam becomes convinced that her body is harboring an alien being that must be removed. There is just one problem, nobody believes her, and instead suspect Sam of trying to murder her grandma.

Night Bus

On a commuter bus, a necklace is stolen. This is followed by a tragic and fatal road accident, which reveals love, hatred, and vengeance. The film climaxes as the bus went ablaze, burning and glittering against the pitch-dark coastal sky.

Couple Rings

A couple is kidnapped by a serial killer on their first anniversary. The killer forces the couple to play rock paper scissors until one is dead. As the game goes on, the couple criticizes and ridicules each other to survive out of the game.

The Water Will Regret You

A badly wounded man lies on a drifting boat. He is alone in the wild nature of the river, stalked by an aquatic creature that threatens to take his life. The man keeps a secret that will soon emerge from the water.


Joey’s life is a constant switch between a child’s vivid imagination and the harsh reality of the Irish suburbs. After building himself a Robot head to protect himself Joey is soon forced to face up to adulthood.

The Recycling Man

In suburban neighborhood, Jacob, a boy immobilized in a wheelchair, fights boredom by spying on his neighbors. Sarah, a girl of the same age, spots him out and says hello with a piece of paper.


Mac, a grief stricken miner, wakes to find himself injured on the desolate planet Carmentis. At odds with his own emotions and EVE, the AI that controls his space suit, he struggles to reach both physical and mental safety. Exacerbating the situation is an oncoming eclipse that threatens Mac’s life with freezing temperatures. Mac’s journey… Continue reading Carmentis


In a post-apocalyptic world where survival means never stepping off a thin narrow path, a lone woman must evade a creature who stalks her every move.

Ad Lib

Max and Julie are very much in love. Julie is rather jealous but Max knows nobody’s perfect. Certainly not himself. ‘Ad Lib’ is a romantic drama in the world of karaoke. A story of appearances.

Red Light

An obnoxious social media influencer and a group of friends on their way to a Halloween party find themselves in a grim world of hell when they run into two twisted brothers. Not even one of their 1 million followers can help them now.

We Came From the Sea

Einar, an addict recently abandoned by his wife and five year-old daughter. As he fights to go clean in their ocean side home, Einar is haunted by an uninvited stranger.


Aurelio (72) is the lifesaver in a parallel world where people in coma go. Esther (67) arrives at the pool and joins a group of people who train for a competition, the winner will return to life with their families.

Pickup Artist

A short horror comedy about the art of “how to pick up girls”.

A Tale Best Forgotten

In a house by a river that lamented as it ran, lived a father, and his daughter, and the dog-headed man… A murder ballad.


Today is November 19th, 1969, and this young successful couple find themselves in a vicious cycle, trapped within an impenetrable void. How can they distinguish one day from another? How will they survive?

The Archivists

In a dystopian future, a travelling trio of musicians discover an abandoned house – a relic from the old world. As the bandmates explore the ruin, they stumble upon a hidden room full of precious artifacts of a bygone era. It’s a cultural windfall – journals, books, pictures and of course, music. Amongst the trove,… Continue reading The Archivists


During an extreme heat wave, a shy girl seeks refuge in an ice cream shop. But when she looks into the eyes of the charming vendor, she is on thin ice.

A Strange Calm

When 12-year-old Rosie and Miles encounter a strange man on the 4th of July, their journey to watch the fireworks on the outskirts of town becomes an unexpected fight for survival.

Beyond the skin

Eric is a butcher. Recently divorced, his wife has filed a restraining order for alleged domestic violence, forbidding him to see his son. Since then, a strange wound has appeared on his arm and is beginning to spread through the rest of his body.

One Left

Several patients are waiting in a doctor’s office to hear test results regarding their remaining lifetimes. In most cases, the allotted time is not as long as they had hoped for.

Plants, monsters and rock & roll

When Leo, a guy full of insecurities, turns the love of his life into a fearsome monster, he must do everything in his power to return her to normal.

CDD : Corpus Crisis

As they couldn’t find any summer jobs, two students are hired by a local kingpin as ‘cleaners’. Their task? Make corpses disappear before law enforcement arrives on the scene! However, there will be trouble on the last day on the job, when one of their corpses is not completely dead…

STRAY by Dean Law

After three long years away, a crippled World War II soldier excitedly returns home to his wife, only to discover her life now revolves around a sinister stray cat.