Stripper Clara and her “sister” Eleanor are forced to leave town in a hurry when they get noticed by a mysterious man. They end up in a small coastal town where Clary starts selling tricks at the local fancy fair. One of her clients is the shy and lonely Noel, who own a rundown hotel… Continue reading BYZANTIUM


In the sleepy coastal town of Wicklow, a rusty caravan is parked dangerously close to the cliffs. It’s rocking left and right because its inhabitant, Stitches the Clown, is doing the nasty with a voluminous lady, while he’s shouting obscenities with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. But the fun does not last, as Stitches… Continue reading STITCHES


At eleven years old, Joe Norman is told by his dying father that he is the last survivor of a rebel group from the planet Zalaxon and he has to hide from the alien dictator Xalador. Joe believes his father and grows up to become a die-hard nerd working in a comic shop. He’s constantly… Continue reading EARTHBOUND


Parents, you’d better not let your kids out of sight ! The suffocating fear that something terrible might happen to your offspring is all too real in Citadel, the impressive feature film debut from young Irish director Ciaran Foy. The combination of primal fears, urban paranoia and agoraphobia all crystallize in the interpretation of Aneurin… Continue reading CITADEL


At night, the Man in the Moon longingly looks to the world. He so much would like to visit it. One day, he grabs the tail of a comet and lands on Earth, in a forest of a thousand colors. He can’t believe his eyes; such a wondrously beautiful planet ! On Earth, there lives… Continue reading MOON MAN


With his second feature after Tormented, Irish director Jon Wright successfully scratches the horror-comedy sweat spot. Presented in world premiere at Sundance, Grabbers has been touring in loads of festivals across the world, gaining fame and fans, and its Tremors meets Gremlins reputation makes it one of the most exciting features of our new “Bifff… Continue reading GRABBERS

Irish Focus

A country of smoky taverns where Guinness is always on tap, a country of green rain soaked rolling hills, a country of sad ballads about its eventful past, a country where Samuel Beckett is waiting for Godot, while James Joyce tries to hit on Molly Bloom and Roddy Doyle plays saxophone with the Commitments. Ireland,… Continue reading Irish Focus