1st Japanimation Day

On Wednesday 17th March, the program of the passage 44 will entirely be devoted to comic strip in all various forms with 2 animes and 2 live adaptations of a spanish cimic and a japanese manga with the first Manga Market MORTADELO & FILEMON : THE BIG ADVENTURE In the headquarters of the Total Intelligence… Continue reading 1st Japanimation Day

2nd Japanimation Day

RAHXEPHONOne of the most popular series of the last yearsin Japan. It’s considered as a new reference inthe Mecha genre. THE SOULTAKERThis gothic series is esthetically ambitious.Kyosuke fi nds himself in a world with weirdcreatures who constantly hunt him. BecauseKyosuke has the power to take souls. FULLMETAL ALCHEMISTFull Metal Alchemist is created by BONES studio(Cowboy… Continue reading 2nd Japanimation Day

3rd Japanimation Day

••• 14:00GILGAMESH – Masahito MurataChar. Design : Masahiro Sato. D’après l’oeuvre originale de : Shotaro Ishinomori.2 x 26 min / 2003 / v.o. st.fr. • Dist: Kaze. © Ishimori-Pro / Gilgamesh CommitteeA few years have passed since Twin X, an outrage that plunged civilization into chaos. Two young orphans, Tetsuya and Kiyoko, flee from creditors… Continue reading 3rd Japanimation Day

4th Japanimation Day

SCI-FI FANTASY & MANGAMARKETFilm collectibles, comic strip, dvd09/0415:00 Cosplay Contestinscription / inschrijving : www.cosplaybelgique.be Screenings PALE COCOON(OAV, BETA, VO BIL ST, 25 min)© 2005 Yasuhiro YOSHIURA / Directions, IncAn OAV full of poetry and nostalgia. Well designed characters, a carefully crafted production that smartly combines 2D and 3D, and a screenplay which is perfectly adapted… Continue reading 4th Japanimation Day

5th Japanimation Day

Film collectibles, comic strips & dvds for saleall day from 10 am – 8 pm • free entranceAfter last year’s success, we open our market again for all fantasy, sci fi and manga fans, for every collector and curious passers-by. A wide range of stands with posters, accessories, action figures, dvd’s, comic strips, in short:… Continue reading 5th Japanimation Day

6th Japanimation Day

11:00 – 22:30 SCI-FI, FANTASY & MANGA MARKETfilm collectibles, comic strips & dvd’s for sale3rd market for fans of fantasy, science-fiction and mangas. You’ll be able to pass a few hours among several stands with books, posters, merchandising, accessories, gadgets, figurines, dvd’s and comics… 12:00 – 18:00 ANIME SCREENINGSa selection of 3 series and a… Continue reading 6th Japanimation Day

7th Japanimation Day

JAPANIMATION DAY FANTASY & MANGA MARKET For the 3rd time, there’ll be a market at the BIFFF for lovers of fantasy, sci-fi and manga. Whether, you’re a fan, a collector or just curious, come and browse through a dozen stands with accessories, merchandising, figurines, DVD’s, comic books… in short everything that is part of our… Continue reading 7th Japanimation Day

8th Japanimation Day

On the morning of April 17th, the site of Tour & Taxis will still bear the traces of one crazy night ; the Vampire Ball. But another huge event will start at the BIFFF : the 8th JAPANIMATION DAY. Free entry for fans and curious passersby who want to attend the COSPLAY or browse among… Continue reading 8th Japanimation Day

9th Japanimation Day

If you’re browsing at the different stands of the BIFFF and your eyes would happen to fall upon an Akira drinking a Troll beer or a Princess Peach adjusting her corset, in other words life size manga and video game characters, then do not panic. You just spotted a cosplayer. This practice, coming from Japan,… Continue reading 9th Japanimation Day