In the future the Empire of Mortemonde has enslaved almost all nations on Earth. Each month everyone is forced to play the virtual reality computer game Battledream. Only those who reach a score of 1000 points are allowed to live one more month. And on top of that you can also really die in the… Continue reading BATTLEDREAM CHRONICLE


You could almost take Sasha, the heroine of Long Way North for a Disney Princess, but don’t be fooled. She’s much more complex. Sasha is fifteen years old and doesn’t like the world she lives in with her parents, all aristocrats at the Russian court. She’s independent, a bit stubborn and doesn’t know how to… Continue reading REIS NAAR HET NOORDEN

Jekino Kids Day 2016

The French-Danish animation movie Reis naar het Noorden (Long Way North) by Rémi Chayé (The Book of Kells) is the focal point of this year’s Children’s Matinee. Together with youth film distributor Jekino, we have concocted an enchanting morning where children starting from the age of 4 can enjoy a multitude of entertaining activities. They’ll… Continue reading Jekino Kids Day 2016