For centuries a castle in Brittany has been haunted by the ghost of Aliénor de Canterville, who’s cursed to chase everyone away who dares to set foot in her ancestral home. And she’s really good at this. With the assistance of her faithful servant Gwilherm, nobody is able to last more than a few days… Continue reading LE FANTÔME DE CANTERVILLE


The year is 1521 and the Spanish Inquisition terrorizes the port city of Antwerp. Storm is the 12-year old son of printer Klaas Voeten, who secretly also prints forbidden texts. Storm’s life is turned upside down when his father is caught in the act. He manages to escape just in time with the original letters… Continue reading STORM: LETTERS VAN VUUR

Jekino Kids Day 2017

To marvellously end the Easter holidays, be our guest for a double bill that the whole family will enjoy. The Fantasti’Kids is an event entirely dedicated to our little cherubs. This year, we suggest you the film The Canterville Ghost in French. It tells the story of a funny ghost, adapted from Oscar Wilde’s famous… Continue reading Jekino Kids Day 2017