Nosferatu (eine symphonie des Grauens) with live concert, Stefan Prins piano, Thomas Olbrechts sax, Nicolas Rombouts double bass, Uti Engels clarinet, Tor Lown voice (Nosferatu, a symphonie of horror)/1922-D) ZW-63 mm, R F.W. Murnau, Max Schreck, Alexander Granach, Gustav von wangenheim, Greta Schroeder, G.H. Schnell, Ruth Landshoff This classic horror film still possesses a lugubrious… Continue reading NOSFERATU, EINE SYMPHONIE DES GRAUENS


When a group of aliens visit Earth, one of them is lost and left behind. The alien is found by a 10-year-old boy, Elliot. Soon the two begin to communicate. This is the start of a special relationship between the lonely boy and the stranded alien, in which E.T. learns about life on earth and… Continue reading E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL


In a land before time there were the devilish Skeksis. They are lord and master since a shard from The Dark Crystal broke off. The Skeksis fear nothing and nobody, except for one thing: the prophecy that the Gelfings, a race of elves, will end their reign. They believed that they had destroyed all the… Continue reading THE DARK CRYSTAL


A beautiful unicorn sets out to learn if she truly is the last of her kind in this sparkling animated musical.


Christmas eve. Rand gives his son Billy a small chubby animal with a colourful fur and sad eyes as a present. The animal, called Gizmo, which he bought in one of the most cluttered shops in stereotype china town, comes with an unusual manual. The Gizmo isn’t allowed to come into contact with water as… Continue reading GREMLINS


Sixteen-year-old Sarah is given thirteen hours to solve a labyrinth and rescue her baby brother Toby when her wish for him to be taken away is granted by the Goblin King Jareth.

Fantastikids 2005

Fantastikids Every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon during the Festival, the small theatre on the Petite Rue des Bouchers will screen movies for the little ones. Before the show : theatre attractions, make-up and gifts. Adults allowed. Program 13/03 – 14:30 Studio 1 : Legend (vf) 13/03 – 14:30 Studio 2 : The Dark Crystal (ov… Continue reading Fantastikids 2005

Babifff Sitting

You’re no longer able to come to the BIFFF as often as you’d like ? But it’s so much fun there ! Yeah well, it’s not that simple anymore when you got kids. You need them to be taken care of, you have to pay the babysitter, you can’t come home too late… Sometimes it’s… Continue reading Babifff Sitting


This is the story of Johan, a young rabbit who had the perfect life: his parents loved each other and they had a beautiful house full of carrots, surrounded by nature. But everything turned upside down one evening, when the King of Feathers, a boogeyman for rabbits, abducted his mother. Since this tragic event, young… Continue reading BEYOND BEYOND


Mini is a small beetle who’s always up for a crazy adventure. Together with Egon and Dagmar, he works in a flea-circus. Then one day everything goes wrong. Miranda the flea-girl sabotages the rope dancing and everything points to Mini for the blame. Our hero is forced to run away and encounters a horrible gang.… Continue reading MINI EN DE MUGGEN

Jekino Kids Day 2015

Mini is a small beetle who’s always up for a crazy adventure. Together with Egon and Dagmar, he works in a flea-circus. Then one day everything goes wrong. Miranda the flea-girl sabotages the rope dancing and everything points to Mini for the blame. Our hero is forced to run away and encounters a horrible gang.… Continue reading Jekino Kids Day 2015

Jekino Kids Day 2016

The French-Danish animation movie Reis naar het Noorden (Long Way North) by Rémi Chayé (The Book of Kells) is the focal point of this year’s Children’s Matinee. Together with youth film distributor Jekino, we have concocted an enchanting morning where children starting from the age of 4 can enjoy a multitude of entertaining activities. They’ll… Continue reading Jekino Kids Day 2016

Jekino Kids Day 2017

To marvellously end the Easter holidays, be our guest for a double bill that the whole family will enjoy. The Fantasti’Kids is an event entirely dedicated to our little cherubs. This year, we suggest you the film The Canterville Ghost in French. It tells the story of a funny ghost, adapted from Oscar Wilde’s famous… Continue reading Jekino Kids Day 2017

Fantastic Kids 2018

Sunday 15/04/2018 => 14u – Cine 2NL.V. (from 6 years old)16:30 – Cine 2FR.V. For a marvelous end to the Easter holidays, we invite you to a double bill that the whole family will enjoy. Fantasti’Kids is an event entirely dedicated to our little cherubs. This year, The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear will… Continue reading Fantastic Kids 2018

Fantastic Kids 2019

Film and activities for children on Wednesday 17.04.19 Ciné 1 – 14:00 – KUNG FU MONSTER – Original Version – St FR & NLCiné 2 – 14:00 – MONSIEUR LINK – Version FRCiné 3 – 14:00 – MISSING LINK – Version NL Who hasn’t dreamed of a magical world? That’s why we invite you to… Continue reading Fantastic Kids 2019

Fantastic Kids 2020

Enfantastiques French event – Friday the 10th April – 10 AM  Hi there, little adventurers! Are you courageous, brave and fearless? Do you dare enter the Festival for Fantastic Film in Brussels to fulfill your destiny? Join us then for our two special events for kids: ENFANTASTIQUES on Thursday the 10th April at 10 AM,  to discover our fantastic films… Continue reading Fantastic Kids 2020


BRAZIL takes place in a vague but yet slightly familiar future. We are located in the heart of a metropolis that is being terrorized by a omnipresent, pompous and outdated mechanism. A ministry of information regulates the daily life of each citizen down to the last detail. In this Kafkaian imperium lives a modest, somewhat… Continue reading BRAZIL


Marie is a beautiful and sensual female vampire confronted with a terrible dilemma: her deep respect to life is in conflict with her survival, which forces her to continuously kill. To preserve her conscience, she only drinks criminals’ blood. While chasing Sal Macelli, a Mafia’s godfather, she meets Joe Gennaro, an undercover cop in Sal’s… Continue reading INNOCENT BLOOD


Who doesn’t know this cult movie? This unique and morbidly funny family that have pledged an alliance to the dark forces? Morticia, Gomez and their offspring, Wednesday and Puglsey, are quietly living in their macabre mansion when Ully Aldford and Abigael Craven send her adopted son to their home, posing as Uncle Fester, Gomez’s older… Continue reading THE ADDAMS FAMILY


A popular legend in many amusing episodes, this film with excellent special effects succeeds in bringing the fairy tale context alive, while also demonstrating the extraordinary talents of ALEXANDER PTOUCHKO, who has created many works where dream and poetry collide. Sadko tells the tale of a gusliplayer who searches for the bird of happiness. The… Continue reading SADKO


This story is set in a galaxy, far far away. Humanity has succeeded in colonizing twelve planets who form a confederation under the leadership of president Abar. For one millennium, humans have fought the Cyclons, a race of fierce intelligent robots. Thanks to many diplomatic efforts, peace is in sight….. .


Max Fleischer made his debut in 1921 with KOKO, The Clown. After that his brother Dave joined him and together they made Popeye, the Sailorman for the small screen. On top of that, they were the creators of Betty Boop, the animation pin up that was inspired by singer Helen Kane. Gulliver’s Travels came out… Continue reading GULLIVER’S TRAVEL


This film is from a man we can call without any doubt the second Méliès because of his amazing fantasy and poetry, which is clearly taken from the French filmmaker who, at the beginning of the twentieth century, made lots of short films with trickery. Based on the work of Jules Verne, K. Zeman succeeds… Continue reading THE DEADLY INVENTION


the BIFFF the Actor’s Studio organizes Fantastikids, a selection of fantastic films especially for children. On the menu: two films a day, animation and make up. Sun. 12/0314:00 : Pirates of the Caribbeanby Gore Verbinski, with JohnnyDepp, Orlando BloomDist : Buena Vista / VF – DVDIn 17th Century, Jack Sparrow has to stop a gang… Continue reading FANTASTIKIDS 2006

Fantastic Kids 2022

A day full of wonders for your little monsters, though the older ones will probably have a lot of fun as well. Discover a fantastic universe of films and animations with your whole family!