At the end of the Yuan dynasty, China was conquered by Mongolia. For the Han Chinese, the Mongolians and the Korean migrants, living together caused a lot of tension and conflict. The story begins in the spring of 1343. Jin-ha is the only son of a Korean nobleman. Sul-ri is the daughter of the Mongolian… Continue reading BICHUNMOO


A Few Good Men is a circle of college friends, all admired for their beauty and ambitions. It consists of the intelligent Hye-jin, self-confident Sunae, law student Jung-wook, campus beauty queen Mi-ryung, wannabe film director Se-hoon and sports jock Hyun-joon. One day Hye-jin introduces a new member, attractive first year student Eun-ju, with whom Hyun-joon… Continue reading NIGHTMARE


After her ambitious boyfriend Han-su dumped her for his boss’ sexy daughter, Chae-byul is considering her future when she falls under a metro train. She was in fact pushed by a couple of recruiters for the Suicide Ghost Club who were looking to increase their membership. Now able to walk invisible among the living, Chae-byul… Continue reading GHOST IN LOVE


On a rainy morning, Ku-ho, a life insurance agent who has grown weary of everyday life, is returning home with his colleagues when they accidentally hit a teenage girl, Mi-jo. She has no clue of her identity or where she came from. Ku-ho ends up taking care of the girl who has no voice, nor… Continue reading SECRET TEARS


A Korean port city on a rainy day. In broad daylight, a drug lord is viciously stabbed to death by a rival. Detective Woo is the cunning police detective assigned to the case. Addicted to his job and with no personal life, Woo works by instinct and couldn’t care less about police regulations. His partner,… Continue reading NOWHERE TO HIDE


In 1999, a voice actor moves from Il Mare, a seaside house, and she leaves a Xmas card in its (magical) mailbox. He, an architect student, receives it in 1997, and so begins a friendship separated by 2 years.


Min-ah discovers a scarlet-covered diary as she is hurrying to school. It’s the shared journal of two classmates of hers, Hyo-shin and Shi-eun. She has a brief hallucinatory experience when she opens it, initiating a series of strange occurrences, which eventually draw Min-ah into the eerie world of the diary. In her desire to find… Continue reading MEMENTO MORI


lost soul. When he tries to kill himself, Hee-jin swims under Hyun-shik’s hut and stabs him in the leg, dislodging the gun from his mouth. The incident marks the beginning of their strange love affair. Fish hooks play an important role, literally and figuratively, in their paranoid games and increasing sense of attachment; as do… Continue reading THE ISLE