Sang Hyeon, a deeply religious catholic priest, has devoted his life to curing people. Frustrated by the slaughter caused by a deadly virus among his flock, he travels to Africa to participate in a highly controversial and dangerous medical experiment to find a remedy. All the participants die, with the exception of Sang. It’s nothing… Continue reading THIRST


With his scripts that are as complicated as they are traumatizing, we’re used that Park Chan-wook makes us question everything. And that’s a constant in all his productions, except maybe for this curious gem with the intriguing title I’m a Cyborg, but that’s Ok (2006). In this poetic and light-footed movie the Korean master takes… Continue reading I’M A CYBORG BUT THAT’S OKAY


Lady Vengeance (2006) was the final piece of Park Chan-wook’s legendary revenge trilogy. After opening this sadistic ball with the terrific Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance in 2003 and punching us in the gut, the brain, the heart and anything else that could hurt us with the unsurpassed Old Boy (2005), he had perfected his revenge… Continue reading LADY VENGEANCE