Roaring Currents is the spectacular adaptation of the most important sea battle in Korean history, led by Admiral Yi Sun-shin. Despite his impressive state of service, Yi is suspected of treason and gets imprisoned and tortured. After it becomes clear that he’s the victim of a conspiracy, Yi gets released immediately to command what’s left… Continue reading ROARING CURRENTS

The Age of shadows

Sick of Jason Bourne and his likes? Glad the new James Bond – who got infected by Covid-19 – got moved to November? But what do you think of good old-fashioned cloak-and-dagger espionage in 20’s occupied Korea? Kang-ho Son (PARASITE, SNOWPIERCER) and Yoo Gong (TRAIN TO BUSAN) are simply acting through the roof and director… Continue reading The Age of shadows

The Spy gone North

The Spy Gone North is based on the incredible but true story of Black Venus, a South-Korean spy who, during the regime of Kim Jong-il in the 90ties, pretended to be a businessman and managed to infiltrate the highest circles of the North Korean regime, drinking sessions with the supreme leader included. But that was… Continue reading The Spy gone North