A post-apocalyptic dystopia. Re-animated corpses of former friends and enemies dance on stage at the Doom Room for the entertainment of the few that survived the nuclear holocaust. Too naïve and wholesome for her own good, Peggy embarks on a date from hell with the rebellious Jak. Intelligent, haunting and just as politically relevant as… Continue reading DANCE OF THE DEAD


Jamie, a newly divorced man who creates artificial flavours for the food industry, suddenly and inexplicably starts to experience brief and random flashes from someone and somewhere unknown : sight, sound, touch and smell. Learning that he’s experiencing life through the senses of an enigmatic woman, he begins to fall in love with her. Mick… Continue reading CHOCOLATE


Kirby Sweetman knows how to find rare film prints. However, nothing could prepare him for the daunting search for “Le Fin Absolue du Monde”, a film allegedly only shown once and rumoured to have driven its audience into a murderous frenzy before the theatre mysteriously erupted into flames. Working for a shadowy patron, Kirby’s increasingly… Continue reading CIGARETTE BURNS


The city is rocked by a series of bizarre and gruesome murders. Cynical detective Dwight Faraday has been degraded so many times that he’s reduced to deal with missing pets. But when he sees the first maimed victim, he keeps insisting until he’s assigned to the case. His credibility with his colleagues and superiors doesn’t… Continue reading DEER WOMAN


The year is 2008 and the US media discovers that the soldiers that fell in the still ongoing war in Iraq, return from the dead as zombies. It’s no surprise that politicians try to take advantage of this and use the zombies for their own selfish purposes. But the living dead don’t really agree and… Continue reading HOMECOMING


Jenifer is the shocking tale of a modern-day Lolita who, through her siren-like powers, ultimately destroys the bodies and souls of all men unfortunate enough to cross her path. After police officer Frank saves her life, he takes her in to care for her, only to learn that no good deed goes unpunished. With this… Continue reading JENIFER