As long as we can remember, time travel and parallel dimensions have been staples of classical science fiction. But what would happen if you were to apply them to our contemporary world of advanced technology, social media, and start-ups? The result would probably look something like this. A group of young app entrepreneurs discovers a… Continue reading PARALLEL


You’d rather not be a street child in Mexico City. You can’t count on your parents anymore because they’ve been kidnapped/killed/disappeared (delete where not applicable). You also need to put some considerable distance between yourself and the drug cartels that kill orphans for fun. Ten-year-old Estrella seeks shelter with tough-looking Shine and his gang of… Continue reading TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID


An antiquarian accidentally discovers a golden scarab in the base of a wooden statue. The legendary actor Federico Luppi gave one of his best performances, while young director Guillermo del Toro became the golden boy of genre cinema. With a budget of 2 million dollars (the largest at the time for a Mexican film, a… Continue reading CRONOS


While he was dying on the cross, Jesus promised to return to Earth. A thousand years later, he gives it a first try. But Evil succeeds in blackening the Pope’s soul, who decides to launch the first crusade, killing the risen Messiah in the process. JC decides to wait another millennium before making a new… Continue reading BELZEBUTH


When three sisters decide to go out for the evening, it’s not because they want to party. They’ve decided to break into a corrupt senator’s house to stuff their pockets. Getting in was so easy that they joked about it on the way to the safe. But prying it open isn’t as simple as they… Continue reading EL HABITANTE


Víctor is what they call a “friki,” in Spain, that is a nerd who compares everything in his uneventful life with the movies he’s seen. Since his girlfriend left him for a more “mature” man he’s just going through the motions. His colleagues try to set him up with a new significant other, but to… Continue reading THE YEAR OF THE PLAGUE

Mexican Focus

Some people want to build a wall, we’d rather build bridges. Some only see cocaine and tacos, Mexico’s worst export clichés; we see a rich culture that craves exposure on the silver screen. Because, no, Mexico is not just El Chapo, drug cartels, and Selena Gomez’s stolen pictures from Puerto Vallarta! When it comes to… Continue reading Mexican Focus