As a boy, Vincent Freeman discovers he is different from his younger brother Anton, a petri dish baby who possesses the perfect genes for success. Where Anton is strong and tall and has perfect eyesight, Vincent is weak and sickly and wears glasses that give away his genetic inferiority. Where Anton earns his parents constant… Continue reading GATTACA


Life in a working class Chicago neighbourhood is relatively quiet and simple for Tom Witzky, his wife Maggie and their young son Jake. Their ordinary existence, however, takes a frightening turn when a sceptical Tom agrees to let his sister-in-law Lisa hypnotise him during a neighbourhood party. While “under”, he sees brief flashes of brutal… Continue reading A STIR OF ECHOES


Annie Wilson has always had the special gift of predicting the future. Her telepathic talents are both a blessing and a curse. In her small Arkansan town, ignorance and fear lead some people to call her a witch. Yet Annie’s psychic readings for her appreciative neighbours provide much needed financial support for a single mother… Continue reading THE GIFT


John Klein is a successful journalist and is happily married to the beautiful Mary. While driving back from looking at the dream house they want to buy, Mary sees something fly at the windshield and she crashes the car. John didn’t see anything, but the thing continues to haunt Mary. Soon after the incident, she… Continue reading THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES


Great-Britain, a group of activists break into a Primate Research Center and liberate the caged monkeys. But the animals are infected with a rage-inducing virus that is passed on in blood and saliva and is devastating within seconds. 28 days later, accident victim Jim awakens in a completely deserted hospital. When he ventures outside, he… Continue reading 28 DAYS LATER


Edward Bloom is a robust looking old man who loves to tell stories. In fact, he has been telling tall tales all his life, inflating events in his own life to mythic proportions. Some of the subjects of his stories involve a haggard old witch, a misunderstood giant, a ghost town called Specter, a circus… Continue reading BIG FISH


Jonathan Rivers, a successful architect, is married to Anna, a bestselling author. Tragedy sets in when Anna goes missing and is eventually found dead. Jonathan’s world collapses. A while later, he’s contacted by a man named Raymond Price, who claims that he has been receiving Anna’s messages from the afterlife. Jonathan gets drawn into the… Continue reading WHITE NOISE


Tennessee, 1818. Landowner John Bell incurs the wrath of a neighbouring woman over a property deal. The church elders in their rural village declare that Bell is guilty of loan-sharking and the loss of his good name. To add insult to injury, it’s been whispered that the woman is in league with the devil, and… Continue reading AN AMERICAN HAUNTING


Halfway through the 21st century, the Sun starts to die and mankind is dying with it. The spaceship Icarus is launched to revive the star, but the mission fails and ship and crew perish without a trace. Seven years later, humanity’s last hope leaves Earth. The Icarus II carries a crew of eight men and… Continue reading SUNSHINE


Blinded in an accident at age 5, Sydney Wells is a concert violinist nervously awaiting an operation to replace her corneas. Afterward, she almost immediately begins seeing strange things, which her sister Helen, conductor Simon McCullough and specialist Dr. Faulkner assume at first is simply a result of disorientation in adjusting to her new, sensory-overload… Continue reading THE EYE


Coraline’s parents are so happy since they’ve moved into this beautiful old house, far away from the city and its problems. They can finally do what they want: dad is writing again, while mom spends her time in the kitchen. As for Coraline, well, she so bored she’s actually counting raindrops on her windowpane. However,… Continue reading CORALINE


Nome, a small village in the Alaskan wilderness. Since the 60ties, the community has been struck by an unusually high number of disappearances. Psychologist Abigail Tyler becomes intrigued by the similar testimonies of inhabitants with sleeping problems. They all claim to dream about a white owl on their window ledge. When Abigail hypnotises one of… Continue reading THE FOURTH KIND


1937, the Spanish Republic is starting to loose the battle against Franco’s troops. The Republican army forces the artists of a touring circus to help them fend off an attack. In the ensuing fight, one of the clowns distinguishes himself by cutting down dozens of fascists with a machete. After the war, he ends up… Continue reading A SAD TRUMPET BALLAD


When a mother and daughter are found brutally murdered in 19th century Baltimore, Detective Emmett Fields makes a startling discovery: the crime resembles a fictional murder described in gory detail in the local newspaper; part of a collection of stories penned by struggling writer and social pariah Edgar Allan Poe. But even as Poe is… Continue reading THE RAVEN


Stripper Clara and her “sister” Eleanor are forced to leave town in a hurry when they get noticed by a mysterious man. They end up in a small coastal town where Clary starts selling tricks at the local fancy fair. One of her clients is the shy and lonely Noel, who own a rundown hotel… Continue reading BYZANTIUM


The twisting, turning tale begins with an unsettling disappearance – that of Nicholas Barclay, a 13 year-old Texas boy who vanishes without a trace. Three and a half years later, staggering news arrives: the boy has been found, thousands of miles from home in Spain, saying he survived a mind-boggling ordeal of kidnap and torture… Continue reading THE IMPOSTER


England, the seventies. Professor Coupland, an unorthodox but charismatic college professor, recruits some of his students with an open mind to participate in a unique experiment: the creation of a poltergeist. Crucial for the success of the undertaking is Jane Harper, a seriously mentally disturbed girl who will serve as the catalyst. Coupland hires cameraman… Continue reading THE QUIET ONES


When overpopulation made the Earth uninhabitable, mankind decided to seek for a new home among the stars. They searched in vain and had to return to their old planet, only finding their way barred by the Gaia Coalition, an alien alliance that closed off the Earth from its former inhabitants. But one man resisted; the… Continue reading SPACE PIRATE : CAPTAIN HARLOCK


What would the world be without American director Joe Dante, the man responsible for classics such as Piranha and Gremlins? His latest film, Burying the Ex, does him credit as the king of horror comedy, even though it starts on a sad note. Max, our hero, bitterly regrets having moved in with his girlfriend Evelyn.… Continue reading BURYING THE EX


The Taking of Tiger Mountain is inspired by a story from the Chinese revolution. At the center is the confrontation between a squad of soldiers from the Peoples Liberation Army and a brutal gang of bandits that are terrorizing a mountainous region in China. Captain’s Shao squad is sent to stop the bandits. But after… Continue reading TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN – 3D


In 19th century England, young ladies from good families were extensively taught how to behave themselves in higher circles. After a zombie epidemic, self-defense against the undead was added to the curriculum. Mr. Bennet, the proud father of five daughters, has trained his offspring in using a wide array of weapons to fend off foul… Continue reading PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES


Nervous wreck Gabriel and compulsive masturbator Elias are half-brothers. When their father dies, he leaves a surprise for them; a videotape in which he announces that he’s not their real father. That seems to be an eccentric Greek scientist who leads a hidden existence on a small Danish island. There they’ll stumble upon an even… Continue reading MEN & CHICKEN


The gifted and very talented Melanie has an incredible thirst for learning. Every morning she counts the seconds before the beginning of classes and prepares well in advance in her padded cell. Every time, the ritual is the same. She takes place in a wheelchair where her arms, legs and head are immobilized. Then two… Continue reading THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS


Months after the mysterious disappearance of their father, John and Gordon, two brothers as tight as Hillary and Donald, decide to liquidate the video club of their dad and get as much money out of it as they can. There’s not a lot of respect for this shrine to 80ties movie culture, where tapes of… Continue reading BEYOND THE GATES


After the death of her aunt, Colleen and her two daughters Beth and Vera inherit a house in the heart of the American countryside. From the outside, it could easily be the location for the 14th remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And the interior’s a feast for rednecks. But the family will have little… Continue reading GHOSTLAND


A large British family attempts to escape the abuse brought upon them by their sadistic, monstrous father who has murdered scores of victims. Mother Rose’s idea of a fresh start involves moving her children back to her family home in America. Twenty-one-year-old Jack, 19-year-old Jane, 18-year-old Billy and five-year-old Sam try to keep going after… Continue reading MARROWBONE


Alongside his wife and their young children, Doctor Louis Creed moves from the city to a house in a forested environment. Soon, they meet their slightly eccentric neighbor, who lets them know about the eerie animal cemetery nearby. Behind the house runs a busy thoroughfare and Creed keeps pointing out the danger to his sons.… Continue reading PET SEMATARY


Alongside his wife and their young children, Doctor Louis Creed moves from the city to a house in a forested environment. Soon, they meet their slightly eccentric neighbor, who lets them know about the eerie animal cemetery nearby. Behind the house runs a busy thoroughfare and Creed keeps pointing out the danger to his sons.… Continue reading AMERICAN ANIMALS


Who needs the Marvel Cinematic Universe when you’ve got the Russian Cinematic Universe? COMA is the heavy artillery of Slavic science fiction, creating a visually stunning world that’ll blow your mind and not only yours, those of coma patients as well… Victor (Rinal Mukhametov, an actor you’ll also see in INVASION and ABIGAIL, both part… Continue reading Coma

The Shift

A terrorist attack in a Brussels’ school. The emergency services have arrived, an ambulance is rushing one of the victims to the hospital. At least, that’s what everyone thinks… THE SHIFT is a bomb on wheels in the streets of the capital of Europe. A masterpiece.


Somewhere on Earth, year 2013. Acid rains and nuclear incidents seriously damaged the landscape. But the worst plague that this planet has ever known comes from the constant development of automation: robots are legion, and the survival of the humankind has become a real struggle. Captain John Brennick, former member of the Black Berets and… Continue reading FORTRESS


Once upon a time, there was a brilliant, beautiful young woman. Emma is a writer, poet, musician and … blind. This was the result of a severe beating by her disturbed mother during her formative years. She overcame this blow by expressing her world of touch, smell, and sound through her work. Now, however, Emma… Continue reading BLINK


how unfortunate! Getting their car stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere will probably not bring back the peace between Mr. and Mrs. Bower… They will thankfully find refuge in the house of two lovely and (maybe too?) thoughtful elders. The two elders are fond of their dolls and own an impressive collection,… Continue reading DOLLS


Prudence and circumspection are the words for this New York bishop (Donald PLEASANCE) who has just learnt the existence of an alarming small box in a remote church out of its bishopric: the small box, stored in the church catacombs, contains some green liquid. It seems to have very curious properties and emerges a feeling… Continue reading PRINCE OF DARKNESS


An American writer of detective novels is invited in Rome by his publishing house to talk about the promotion of his latest novel. Since his arrival in Rome, the writer finds himself in a strange adventure that is as strange as a detective novel. Together with his secretary, the writer begins an investigation….. .


There are writers who have such great imagination it is impossible to adapt their books to the screen. Frank Herbert is one of them. And in Dune he has created a mega civilisation in a universe squirming with monstrous worms. Eventually an assembly of famous names has succeeded in making a moie out of Dune.… Continue reading DUNE


A famous anthropologist who got a PhD with a thesis about the missing link in Darwin’s evolution theory, is being visited by a young student. She becomes his assistant and participates in the execution of his revolutionary theories. When the pair is about to make a great discovery, the professor disappears. The young woman is… Continue reading LINK


Despite endless warnings by scientists and BIFFF-ers alike, all pathetic attempts to save our planet have failed. Our ecosystem has collapsed and along with it, society’s structures. Many people perished, the powerful fled to walled-in, high-tech Citadels that artificially hold up an illusion of civilization. The rest of humanity linger like wild animals in a… Continue reading VESPER