Poster 2014


François Walthery is hired by Studios Peyo (the creator of the Smurfs) at the age of 17. He takes over the series ‘Jacky et Célestin’ and draws 4 albums of ‘Benoit Brisefer’. His work is clearly influenced by Mittei and Peyo. In 1970 he scores a hit with a script by Gos and Delporte: ‘Natacha’.… Continue reading Poster 2014

Poster 2017

Even as a toddler Didier Tarquin scribbled like mad and his first doodles got him into the Plastic Arts Academy of Aix-en-Provence. While his stay there was temporary, he did get infected by the 9th art; to the joy of many comic-strip fans. For more than 20 years, together with Arleston, he forms the iconic… Continue reading Poster 2017

Poster 2018


He was barely 14 years old when he saw the publication of his first images: a series of chromos illustrating R. L. Stevenson’s novel ‘Treasure Island’ for a Belgian chocolate brand. But despite the praise of his colleagues, his work for many greats of the 9th Art (Tillieux with ‘SOS Bagarreur’, Vance with ‘Bob Morane’,… Continue reading Poster 2018

Poster 2019

David P. is a busybody who, in order to tirelessly create his paintings, sometimes dips his pen in blood red, sometimes in the darkest black. Each of his works opens the door to a parallel world or a different dimension, populated with teasing little monsters, demonic creatures, and treacherously erotic nymphs. Since he suffers from… Continue reading Poster 2019

Poster 2021

Carl “Charel” Cambré The BIFFF is proud to present the new poster of our 39th edition designed by Carl “Charel” Cambré! Carl (Charel) Cambré (1968°) starts sketching at a young age on beer coasters in his parents’ pub and dreams of a career as a comic book writer. After he graduates in Animation Film at… Continue reading Poster 2021

Poster 2020

Alain Poncelet As a freelance illustrator Alain Poncelet has been publishing collections of illustrations and graphic novels full of legendary and magical creatures for over ten years. He just loves putting the dark side of our human nature out in the open, painting its blackness, plunging into the nightmares, telling stories no-one is comfortable listening to, dipping… Continue reading Poster 2020

Poster 2016

Is it even necessary to present the versatile and multi-talented Bernard Hislaire?! This “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres” is a true Belgian comic strip monument. And if there’s one word to describe him, it has to be ‘Sambre’. We could also talk about ‘Bidouille et Violette’, ‘The Mazda Gang’, the illustrations he made for… Continue reading Poster 2016



You just have to take one look at this year’s poster to realize that Jean-Claude Servais has managed to perfectly capture the spirit of the BIFFF. This gifted comic-strip artist started his career in the seventies with stories in Belgium’s two most famous comic-strip magazines Spirou and Tintin. In the eighties he made his mark… Continue reading POSTER 2015


Illustrator, comic strip drawer and scriptwriter, graphic designer for the cinema, multi-media designer, set designer for the opera, designer of exhibition shows, decorator of subway stations, creator of pavilions for the World Fairs of Seville and Hanover and inventor of universes… François Schuiten is a perfectionist demiurge: persistent, maniac, patient and, in fact, quite Belgian.



Hugo Pratt is the creator of the ultimate adventurer: ‘Corto Maltese’. All his drawings and stories are steeped in travel, adventure, esotericism, mystery and poetry. With Corto we experience fantastic and unforgettable discoveries. His sense of contrast with black and white and his talent as a storyteller make Hugo Pratt one of the great masters… Continue reading POSTER 2012



His parents took him out of art school class so he wouldn’t draw naked bodies. That failed miserably. Delaby omits every piece of clothing and increases all possible curves, both male and female. He is best known for his popular historic comic strip series ‘Murena’, with regular scriptwriter Jean Dufaux. He also takes over from… Continue reading POSTER 2011



In 2009 Mauricet proposes a drawing that was immediately met with enthusiasm by the BIFFF. He is mostly known for his series ‘Cosmic Patrol’ and ‘Basket Dunk’. After a working experience with DC Comics, he launches the popular series ‘Mort de Trouille’. He also draws ‘The Crossovers’, a mini-series for an American publisher.  


Frank Margerin is mostly known for Ricky & Rocky, two rockers who try to get a breakthrough with their band. In 1983 he creates the most famous ducktail in the comic strip world: “Lucien”. And he knows what he’s drawing about, because in 1968, together with Dennis Sire (another big comic strip artist), he forms… Continue reading POSTER 2009



Together with Delaby, Marini reintroduces the woman at the heart of the intrigue as well as in the reader’s imagination. He made his debut with ‘Les Dossiers d’Olivier Varèse’ and the series ‘Gipsy’ and ‘Tatiana K’. Mainly known for ‘The Scorpion’, ‘Rapaces’ and ‘The Eagles of Rome’, he created the beautiful western series The Star… Continue reading POSTER 2008



Best known for the ‘Olivier Rameau’ series and the several soft-erotic ‘Blagues Coquines’. After getting his degree in Fine Arts, he did his first comics work as the assistant of Mittéï. However, Dany has to end this collaboration because of his military service. During this period, he found the time to do several short stories… Continue reading POSTER 2007


Midam did his first comics work for the magazine Micro-Systèmes, for which he worked from 1989 to 1993. He joined the magazine Spirou in 1992. It was in the videogame section where he developed the famous ‘Kid Paddle’ character. ‘Kid Paddle’ soon became one of the most popular gag series of the magazine. The often… Continue reading POSTER 2006


Michetz, is fascinated by martial arts. He began his career at the studios of Jean Graton. In 1979, he created his first two comic stories featuring samurais: ‘Mutsuro’ in Tintin and ‘Hito le Banni’ in Spatial. He went on to create the medieval samurai series ‘Kogaratsu’ with scripts by Bosse in Spirou in 1983. In… Continue reading POSTER 2005


Caza published his first comic album, ‘Kris Kool’, in 1970. The following year, he started a series of short stories in Pilote magazine. In 1975, he came up with ‘Les Chroniques de la Vie de Banlieue’, ‘Les Habitants du Crépuscule’ and ‘Les Remparts de la Nuit’. For the magazine Métal Hurlant, he created ‘Arkhê’, ‘Chimères’… Continue reading POSTER 2004


Frank Pé’s work has always displayed a strong fascination for animals and the environment. He appeared for the first time in Spirou in 1973. After some illustration work for the Nature-Jeunesse section, he created the character of ‘Broussaille’ in 1979. In the early 1980s, Frank also drew strips about ‘L’Élan’, that illustrated the mailbox section.… Continue reading POSTER 2003


The stories of “Blake et Mortimer”, his mythical series, navigate in turn between Fantastic, Sciencefiction and Thriller. In them, E.P. Jacobs admirably expressed the great ethical questions that science and technology would raise and direct to the politics, to the art of living together.


The virtuosity of Franz’s art is never more visible nor is it put to a better use than in the fantastic scenes which spice a priori historical and realistic stories. Hallucinations, nightmares, fits of delirium and other shaman «trips», drawn by Franz, are extremely convincing. As if he had lived them in another life, that… Continue reading POSTER 2001


Illustrator, painter, comic strip drawer and scriptwriter, graphic designer for the cinema, and set designer, Jean Giraud is one of the world’s most important comic strip artists. Jijé called him the Rimbaud of comics. Never tribute was so fair and, knowing Jijé, it was probably coming straight from the heart.


In 1978, he publishes the first episode of «Durango», a «spaghetti» western series with a Franco Nero look alike in the leading role, at the Archers publishing house. In 1987, Yves Swolfs starts «Dampierre», a historical series set at the time of the Vendée wars. From the 3rd album on, he prefers to leave the… Continue reading POSTER 1999


“Madly in love with nature and all kind of animals, big and small, Hausman is one of the most formidable animal illustrators ever. His passion for the countryside also pushes René Hausman to explore its folklore, its music and its oral literature. He was thus able, from there, to tell us, quite naturally, in comics… Continue reading POSTER 1998


In all his work as illustrator, poster artist, comic strip drawer and scriptwriter, painter, set designer and film director, Enki Bilal presents a future world falling to pieces. It’s certainly a unified, even magnified world, by the power of an aesthetic and poetic vision, certainly, but also a vast premonitory and disturbing metaphor of our… Continue reading POSTER 1997


Under its poetic appearances, the series of Jean- Claude Mézières can be read as a particularly harsh criticism on humanity, passed, present and to come. Isn’t humanity, rightly, expelled from Point Central, the City in the Stars, and banned forever from the cosmic concert ? As true pariahs of the Universe, the human race is… Continue reading POSTER 1996


Paradoxically, the true graphic nature of William Vance is that of a «Black and White painter» of Nature. He loves to draw scenes usually avoided by «normal» comic strip artists: storms at sea during the night, snow tempests, hurricanes, torrential rains, volcano eruptions… By the way, the monster drawn by William Vance for the poster… Continue reading POSTER 1995


Fascinated by History, Fantasy and the Celtic culture, François Bourgeon builds his stories and his images with the patience and the meticulousness of the most perfect of all the Irish miniaturist monks. The effect is all the more striking when he uses and applies this virtue, this technique and this thematic in a large sciencefiction… Continue reading POSTER 1994


A generation later, «Canardo» is the worthy heir to Raymond Macherot’s stylish sleuth, «Chaminou». Except for the fact that Canardo’s world is infinitely blacker, gloomier and fatally doomed: apart from the bad guys, all the characters in the series are total losers. Beyond Benoît Sokal’s black humour, there is, hidden under Canardo’s trench coat of… Continue reading POSTER 1993


Considered by all as the «pope of the clear line», much of Hergé’s stories flirt outrageously with the Fantastic and with Sciencefiction, fields that, at first sight, are not so «clear». The adventures of «Tintin» are genuine Hitchcock thrillers, liberally sprinkled with the fantastic, and the macabre, «Jo et Zette» are unceasingly exposed to sadistic… Continue reading POSTER 1992


At ease as much in fantastic short stories as in huge, dense and visionary novels, François Boucq handles derision as the ultimate weapon at the disposal of a humanity at odds with herself. His brand of humour is a very complex one, particularly fierce and tender at the same time. Boucq’s characters, so close to… Continue reading POSTER 1991


Painter and, mainly, illustrator, he produces many book covers for the publishing houses Néo, Néo Plus, Gallimard/Folio, Presses de la Cité, Lattès, etc. Nicollet is also the illustrator of great classics of the fantastic literature (Les poèmes de Lovecraft) and of detective novels (Harry Dickson). Jean-Michel Nicollet is in fact a genuine graphic necromancer: he… Continue reading POSTER 1990


Comic strip drawer and baroque illustrator, erotic, sensual, Régis Loisel succeeds not only producing in Heroïc Fantasy where tenderness is present, which is quite an achievement in itself, but to make tenderness the strongest element of Heroïc Fantasy.


Grzegorz Rosinski works on his comic strips as a painter doubled by a film director would, ideally d o . Before starting to draw he applies masses of black ink in all the frames of all the plates of a sequence at the same time, This could well be the secret of Rosinski ‘s great… Continue reading POSTER 1988


If there is often a cold, hot or sciencefiction war backfiring under the humour of «Spirou and Fantasio», there is indeed a May ‘68 brewing in the destroying blunders of «Gaston», the anti-hero. However, it is not before 1977 that the impertinent Franquin reveals us his «Idées Noires», his own, real, ideas, populated with the… Continue reading POSTER 1987


It is with the publication of Silence in 1979, in the magazine, that Didier Comès shows to have found his way by rediscovering his roots. Using the most expressive contrasts of Black and White drawing, for the first time, he takes up the themes which will become definitively his: magic and the rural fantastic. In… Continue reading POSTER 1986


His signature series is undoubtedly ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec’, but Tardi also adapted many novels by famous authors into graphic novels. Some are one-shots, others complete series, such as his best known and longest-running literary adaptation, ‘Nestor Burma’. The artist won universal acclaim with his powerful and gripping graphic novels about the First… Continue reading POSTER 1985


François Schuiten Illustrator, comic strip drawer and scriptwriter, graphic designer for the cinema, multimedia designer, set designer for the opera, designer of «exhibitionshows », decorator of subway stations, creator of pavilions for the World Fairs of Seville and Hanover, inventor of universes, François Schuiten is a perfectionist demiurge, persistent, maniac, patient, in fact… quite Belgian.… Continue reading POSTER 1984


His personal work, largely translated and published in France, is a splendid and moving demonstration of how relevant «the aesthetics of ugliness» are. His stories are formally very close to Goya’s monsters and, like Leopold von Sacher- Masoch, Guido Buzzelli often plays the leading role in them.

Poster 2022

Benn started his career at the age of 19. He worked for Studio Peyo and Publishing House Lombard. In 1975 he published his best-known series Mic Mac Adam, with screenplays by Stephen Desberg. He also adapted the detective novel “Monsieur Cauchemar” by Pierre Siniac, drew “Elmer et moi” and collaborated on the “Woogee” series between… Continue reading Poster 2022

Poster 2023

Out of the pencil and the twisted mind of Philippe Foerster comes crawling a mad, monstrous captain to lead the way to the 41st BIFFF… Genius! We’re frankly a little vexed we didn’t think of that ourselves during our 40 years of existence. But at the same time we’re terribly proud we can finally collaborate… Continue reading Poster 2023