Due to the irresponsibility of the mayor who wants to maintain its coastal town reputation and, because of the merchants stubbornness who don’t want to miss out on the tourist rush of people, the great shark gets a free choice between hundreds of beachgoers moving into the sea. In 1975 there was a chain of… Continue reading JAWS


Yet again the beach town of Amity is troubled by the visits of a monstrous shark. The chief of police Martin Brody is concerned but the municipal authorities silence him because they only remember the successful season they had last year. Already the children go to water on small boats. Amongst them are Martin’s two… Continue reading JAWS II


The Famous Kathryn Morgan and her friend Mike Brody work at the attraction park «Sea World». The visitors of the park walk through plexiglass tunnels to admire the flora of the sea. When a great white shark decides to intrude the lagoon. The director Joe Allen sure isn’t a beginner. Already in 1975 he was… Continue reading JAWS III