Based on the novel by Kurt VONNEGUT jr. , Slaughterhouse 5 tells the story of a soldier who survived the firebombing of Dresden and is now a respected member of American society. Surrounded by forces he can’t comprehend, the soldier loses his grip on those forces. He sees himself being reborn and die time and… Continue reading SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5


London 1893, the young and enthusiastic H.G. Wells, writer, inventor and prophet, is going to reveal his newest creation for his friends: a time machine. What Wells doesn’t know, is that one of his friends is Jack The Ripper. The deception is revealed and Jack escapes with the timemachine to 1979 San Francisco. Wells pursues… Continue reading TIME AFTER TIME


In 1943, during the Second World War, the American navy holds a series of tests around the shipyards of Philadelphia. The goal of these tests is to fine-tune electronic camouflage, which would make army vessels invisible on the radar. The experiment succeeds and the engineers wish each other good luck. Shortly after a radio message… Continue reading THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT

Retro Time machine

The Media Library steps into the Time Machine Although some can hardly wait to enter the new millenium, the Media Library proposes to go back (and forward) in time with a program dedicated to “time travel in the movies, from 1950 till the present”. Time machines and temporal paradoxes, supernatural phenomena and more or less… Continue reading Retro Time machine