Online Show – Mons mon amour

Online ANIMATION by Magic LandSince its creation, The Magic Land Theatre has been an inseparable partner of the BIFFF. There hasn’t been an edition without them invading the festival with monsters, mutants or with the now famous rafting race. Even in pandemic times, they’re ready to give their all, but as the health crisis will… Continue reading Online Show – Mons mon amour

Shows 2018

TaKaPa Four-legged MonstersDon’t be afraid! Their hustle and bustle notwithstanding, they’re just two friendly balls of hair. That is, if they’ve eaten enough beforehand, of course… Will you dare approach them? The WitchesWith their impressive broomsticks, our witches will not go unnoticed during your Halloween and medieval parties. Laughter and thrills guaranteed! The DemonsRun, they’re… Continue reading Shows 2018

Shows 2019

Animation 2019 The BIFFF welcomes, every day, troupes of artistswho will be there to amaze you 09.04 – 20:00 – OUV : Tribal Bump + Miam miam10.04 – 18:10 & 20:10 – Vernack (Golem)11.04 – 18:10 & 20:10 – TaKaPa (Monstres)12.04 – 22:10 – Magic land theatre – Rafting14.04 – 18:10 & 20:10 – Trollandia15.04 – 18:10 & 20:10 – Puck… Continue reading Shows 2019

Shows 2017

Animare Little Red Riding Hood Who doesn’t know this tale! Little Red Riding Hood is searching for her grandmother’s house. But the wolf is lurking. Little Red Riding Hood hopes that everyone will help her reach her grandma alive and kicking. Http:// Art & Smile Tailor-made show: Vundosteam A dark man starts having electronic dreams… Continue reading Shows 2017

Shows 2016

Magic Land Theatre The Magic Land Theatre is not only pretty daft in a seriously funny sort of way; they’ve also been a part of the BIFFF for decades. The company, founded in 1975, has a very diverse range of activities, from puppet-theatre to TV-shows, but they’ve always remained loyal to their first love: street… Continue reading Shows 2016

SHOWS 2015

DOLLE PRÊT Hector & Hektor A truly heart-warming act with totally deranged Siamese zombie twins! They’ve just risen from the grave and they’re having a great time here. You have to forgive them their mindboggling dumbness, as the mice ate most of their brains. Together they share one functioning brain cell. Have fun with this… Continue reading SHOWS 2015

SHOWS 2013

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