Bad Seed

A black seed takes root in the spirit of a man and a woman

The Death of Don Quixote

A young and ambitious filmmaker attempts to complete his masterpiece, “The Death of Don Quixote”, as the health of his lead actor continues to get weaker and weaker.


A man uses an automated funeral home company to bury his mother.


When Xose doesn ́t manage to adapt to his new life, he get pulled into a self destructivespiral. Social criticism of gender violence


It’s friday night, the bell rings and Alex opens the door to the worst of his fears.

Thunder from a clear Sky

Ten year after the discovery of a remote planetary system likely to sustain the early stages of a civilization, we wait for the results of a worldwide referendum to answer the question: Should we meet this civilization?


When a father misbehaves during a weekend-holiday, his surroundings will make him feel very unwelcome, while his wife and son turn against him.


Maïko is Tommy’s tiny holographic girlfriend, her love for him knows no bounds, but Tommy breaks up with her for another girl, a real one…