Once You Pop

Alicia and Ruth finally leave Malasaña to play with their band, Las Hermanitas de la Calidad, at a music festival. The problem is that they are stranded the middle of nowhere and they can’t get a signal. Their only way to get there on time is to get into Javi’s car, a young hunter from… Continue reading Once You Pop

There Are No Ghosts

Andrea is a young woman with a special function. When somebody feels some paranormal phenomenon at home, she is the only one who can clear it up.


Legend has it that during a cold January night, Darkface wanders the streets of a remote village. Little Carla wakes up frightened in the middle of the night. Her older brother, Lucas, tries to reassure her.

Mystic Tiger

After the accident, nothing has ever been the same

It Dawns the Longest Night

The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse meet to review the state of humanity and discuss strategies for the future. A weak and dying Death receives his companions with the intention of convincing them to torment humans less, but Famine, Pestilence and War dream of a humanity trapped in a world without escape.

There’s Only One

Noelia survives a zombie holocaust barricaded in her country house. She suspects that she is the last person alive, until one day she goes hunting and finds a man.

In Corpus

A man is surprised by the arrival of a meteorite in his room.

Iago and Tristán

After several years of relationship, Iago and Tristan have decided to separate. The afternoon that Tristan is collecting his things to leave the apartment they shared, he receives the unexpected visit of Iago.