Jesús and Maria love each other, endlessly, magnificently, even though they sometimes just don’t notice. But hey, now that their little lump of love is born, everything’s going to work out. Sure, Maria still has a bit of a North-Korean streak in handling the household, calling all the shots when it comes to the color… Continue reading THE COFFEE TABLE


When summer comes to Madrid, the old folk tremble before the heatwave that will wipe out many of their peers. If most of them go into hiding in front of their fan, Mario’s mother opts for a definitive breath of fresh air by jumping out of a window for no apparent reason. The shock for… Continue reading THE ELDERLY


Julian, a fifty-year-old, divorced executive in a high-tech company, is a newly converted apostle of carpooling. Especially since Lorena, twenty years his junior, single and armed with a disarming smile, accompanies him weekly from Bilbao to Madrid. This Sunday, however, Julian is feverish because he is about to declare his undying love for Lorena. But… Continue reading FOUR’S A CROWD


As is often the case, it all started out as a fun idea without any grand pretentions by two talented directors called Jaume Balaguero and Placo Plaza. A blitz shooting in Barcelona, no famous actors and a pure guerilla-style approach on all levels. But little by little the duo start to wonder whether this little… Continue reading REC: TERROR WITHOUT A PAUSE


Do you know the principle of home exchanges between individuals for holidays? It’s supposed to be amazing. You can travel all over the world and not pay a cent to lay your head to rest. That’s exactly what Marc and Anna need. They’re all for a completely different kind of holiday this year. Something original… Continue reading THE CUCKOO’S CURSE


Mario is the boss of a huge warehouse dedicated to lost objects. He spends his time fixing what is brought to him and playing detective in his spare time. He loves it, finding the owners to give them these little lost pieces of their lives. One day, Helena, his police friend who regularly throws him… Continue reading LOST & FOUND


In the 8th century, Christianity swept over the hills and valleys of the Basque Country, replacing age-old pagan beliefs. The newly christened Lord Eneko rules over the land, but when an army of fiery Franks stands at his gates, he does not turn to the Christian God – who tends not to answer – but… Continue reading IRATI


Twelve-year-old Conor has a lot on his plate. Sickly and dreamy, he’s the school’s favorite whipping boy. And he can’t find a sympathetic ear in his family. His father? Gone to live a new life in the United States. His mother? His mum… Conor loves her deeply, but he doesn’t want to add to her… Continue reading A MONSTER CALLS


Inspector Alonso is perhaps getting too old for all this shit. As a law enforcer he has seen his fair share of atrocities that usually leave him cold. But child murder, that’s a different thing… He’s got a suspect. A former religious studies teacher who looks maddeningly normal. Not the kind of face you’d associate… Continue reading FEROCIOUS WOLF

El BIFFF está muy ibérico!!

No need to dwell on Spanish clichés and commonplaces to praise the merits of the country. Especially when you know that Spain produces no less than 41% of the world’s olive oil and that they comes in second in terms of European exporters of artichokes. No small feat! But there’s more… Spain has more festivals… Continue reading El BIFFF está muy ibérico!!