Kultuurkaffee VUB, ULB 1998

The Festival of Fantasy Film has the pleasure to invite you to 3 nights of genuine adult horror with highlights from the HUNGER series. Tony (Top Gun en True Romance) and Ridley Scott (Alien en Blade Runner) recently made their small screen debut with the Hunger, a television series consisting of 22 short stories. The… Continue reading Kultuurkaffee VUB, ULB 1998

Music 4 Fantastic Night

DOUBLE NELSON (F) Their last CD”Sorry but we can’t accommodate you. We trust you‘ll understand. Double Nelson” was recorded ‘Live’ at Magasin 4. Transformed electro–garage-disco-punk ? You can’t put a name on it … Magasin4, with the cooperation with the BIFFF, tries to penetrate the universe of Double Nelson and, particularly, of their clips and… Continue reading Music 4 Fantastic Night

March at the Film Museum

Actors and directors choose classics and cult films in horror, science fiction and fantasy. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the festival former guests were asked for a list of what, on the one hand, are the classic films of the fantastic genre, and what, on the other hand, are their personal favourites, their cult… Continue reading March at the Film Museum

Star Trek Marathon


Masters of Horror II

For every fan of fantastic film, the Masters of Horror series are a welcome nightmare: 13 one hour films, directed by 13 great genre names working with a minimum of constraints except for the budget. Mick Garris, creator and executive producer of the series, apparently asserted but two basic rules: as less creative interventions as… Continue reading Masters of Horror II

Masters of science-fiction

Masters of Science Fiction is a six part anthology TV-series based on short stories by some of sci-fi’s top writers such as Harlan Ellison and Robert A. Heinlein. Acclaimed physicist professor Stephen Hawkins introduces each episode. With a stellar line-up of actors and directors, including thespians Judy Davis, Sam Waterston, Anne Heche, Malcolm McDowell, Terry… Continue reading Masters of science-fiction

Collectifff #1

Since its creation, the BIFFF has constantly put its reputation at the service of tomorrow’s talents. In thirty years, an impressive number of young filmmakers have used this launching platform with varying degrees of success. It is therefore with great pleasure that the BIFFF welcomed with open arms the crazy and flattering plan of the… Continue reading Collectifff #1

Mad Terror Selection

Fantasy and horror films are in good health in Spain. Genre cinema made in Spain will play a central role in this year’s BIFFF. In addition to the films competing at the festival, we’ll present an exquisite selection of shorts from the Madrid International Terror and Fantasy Short Film Festival aka MADTerrorFest. MADTerrorFest is a… Continue reading Mad Terror Selection

Happy Birthday Troma

This year Troma is celebrating its 40th anniversary! And it’s so much more than just a film studio and a production firm. Our friend, Sir Kaufman, has created an entire universe where bad taste grows on trees and is cultivated into high art. In 1985, The Toxic Avenger becomes Troma’s first big success. Lloyd gives… Continue reading Happy Birthday Troma

Hong-Kong Highlights

This One-Hundred-Year-Old industry ( the credit for the first film “Made in Hong Kong” is attributed to Zhuangzi Tests His Wife from 1913 ), originating from a tiny appendix to the Chinese mainland, is worshipped all over the world. Whether it’s about the rivalry between the Shaw Brothers and Cathay in the sixties, the global… Continue reading Hong-Kong Highlights

Collectifff #2

Four years after their memorable declaration of love to genre cinema and to the BIFFF, we once again welcome the Collectifff and their insane universe. Far from having retreated to some remote monastery in the Tibetan mountains, these cinematographic wildlings are still cut out of the same wood: horrible, dirty, nasty and bloody. Our BIFFFengers… Continue reading Collectifff #2


Birthdays are always a good occasion to see faithful friends again. And even when the most enthusiastic supporters of the BIFFF, like Lloyd Kaufman, aren’t able to attend the party, they never forget to send a gift. At the occasion of 35 years of the BIFFF, the Troma Studio has offered us an exclusive package… Continue reading Tromarathon

HK Retrospective

What if Ocean Eleven would have been made in Hong Kong? What if it wasn’t George and Brad who made our heads spin with their ingenious schemes, but heavyweights like Chow Yun-Fat and Andy Lau? The From Vegas to Macau trilogy is a spin-off from God of Gamblers, a series of films from the nineties… Continue reading HK Retrospective


Since you will spend an unforgettable moment at the BIFFF, why not immortalize it thanks to the Sharing Box? Sharing Box is a photo booth for today’s generation. With its 23-inch screen, it doesn’t just take pictures: it can make videos, add backgrounds, make gifs and printouts, and especially share them on social networks! Enter… Continue reading RED SPORT SHARING BOX

MINI MOI Experience

A 3D portrait. Have you ever wondered what you’d look like in 3D: a real miniature of yourself or your close friends? Today, this is possible thanks to the art of the 3D scanner and the 3D printer. The results are extremely detailed, you’ll discover your 3D animated GIF or your figurine which you can… Continue reading MINI MOI Experience

Online Zombie Aerobifff

Dimanche/Sunday/Zondag 11/04 – 3 PM & Mercredi/Wednesday/Woensdag 14/04 – 2 PM After this rough Night, on this fine sunday, or Wednesday with the family… Professeur Postérieure will offer you an energetic work-out session with his zombie aerobics ! Yes, we are waiting for you to show us some squats ! Send us pictures !

2020 Infected Section

The infected section Even though we cherish every movie in our selection, we hope we don’t have to do this again in 2022. At least, if we don’t start to care a bit more about our planet and let sleeping pandemics lie in untouched pieces of nature. The Infected is a selection of cursed films… Continue reading 2020 Infected Section

Tour des Blocs

Des Blocs is a social and cultural project that takes place in the Cité Modèle neighborhood in Laeken. Every year, residents of the neighborhood participate in various multidisciplinary workshops, the results of which are presented during the annual Festival Des Blocs Festival in the Cité Modèle. During the rest of the year, a selection of… Continue reading Tour des Blocs


You were born after the release of the movie Scream ? That was in 1997 ! A nostalgic choice, because it premiered that year at the BIFFF ! No Scream on the program this year, but lots of good movies and even a series ! Come one hour before the movie to get your ticket… Continue reading BORN AFTER SCREAM ?

Bloody Date Night 2022

Love! Sex! Freedom! Come celebrate them all in a deliciously malicious BIFFF atmosphere! Bring along your prettiest boa, your sexiest feathers and polish your whips for the most intriguing date in town! Two feature lms and two short lms tackling the whole spectrum of love, including the more psychopathic kinds. And to top it all… Continue reading Bloody Date Night 2022

1st Freaky Faktory

The Freaky Faktory is a space dedicated to curious and thirsty people! It will gather several exhibitors and partners: – Upcycling Phenomenon which offers a selection of carefully handcrafted objects and jewelry recycled from timeless antique or vintage objects, consciously selected for their form, history, purpose, choice of material or craftsmanship – JIVER MINIATURE, which… Continue reading 1st Freaky Faktory

1st Pix’Hell Game Contest

“The BIFFF and the European Centre for Alternative Culture are organizing the Pix’Hell contest for game developers. Submit your fantasy-themed game from 01/03 till 31/03/2023 for a chance to win. Play testing sessions will be held from 05-08/04 at the Pixel Museum Brussels and the Toys Discovery Museum and from 11-14/04 at the Brussels International… Continue reading 1st Pix’Hell Game Contest

2nd Bloody Date Night

Whips, feathers and masks are back for the Bloody Date Night! Bring your date to celebrate love, sex and freedom in our unique way with a selection of tailor made movies for movie loving lovers. In between screenings, you’ll get a chance to meet up with our favourite love shop EvaLuna, who will be back… Continue reading 2nd Bloody Date Night

BIFFF Video Mapping

Howling wolfs, thirsty vampires, open doors…. Our theater’s main screen will turn into an insane sequence of references to the BIFFF universe. This, of course, in interaction with our audience who will undoubtedly shout their lungs out, scream and converse with these short stories that recall the highlights and legendary moments in the long history… Continue reading BIFFF Video Mapping


From the Spanish Prisoner technique to Frank William “Catch Me If You Can” Abagnale, scamming has been around for ages. But the digital revolution has definitely increased the amount of hoaxes and scams people fall victim to, especially the elderly who are the ideal prey for ruthless con men. Every year thousands of seniors get… Continue reading séance ARNAQUES: THE GRANDSON

Born After Armageddon

If you’re born after the release of ARMAGEDDON (1998) Wanna break out in a cold sweat long before the exam period? Easy! Just come with your ID to the BIFFF on Wednesday April 12 and, if you’re between 18 and 25, all screenings are free! Gratuit, gratis tasuta, ilmaiseksi, falas, kostenlos, слободен, khulula, maimaim-poana, ücretsiz!!… Continue reading Born After Armageddon

Decentralisation In Mons

A selection of Belgian fantastic short films in the presence of guests. Screening followed by a signing session with Philippe Foerster. Website : https://plaza-mons.be/