Once upon a time Premutos was the ruler of the dead. This demon had invented a miraculous yellow liquid that was able to reanimate dead flesh. In the year of our lord 1231 Premutos made his bid for world domination by commanding an army of zombies against the living. Luckily for us, a courageous warrior… Continue reading PREMUTOS: THE FALLEN ANGEL

Splatter-Movies Retrospective

During the Festival several midnight screenings, so-called Gore or Splatter films will try to disrupt your peace of mind. One of the genre’s most infamous figureheads, Jörg Buttgereit, will personally present the infamous Nekromantik 1 (1987). A title that leaves little to one’s imagination, Nekromantik I is a piece of exploitation that requires an iron-lined… Continue reading Splatter-Movies Retrospective