Being part of a notorious band of assassins does not do wonders with one’s social life. Especially not when you betray them and run away with the mystical mummified remains of an Indian monk. After another bloody job, Drizzle – a lethal and very attractive hired killer – decides to turn her back on the… Continue reading REIGN OF ASSASSINS


Ayu is a 16-year-old senior high school student. She wakes up one day and finds herself leading a life which feels familiar but somehow strange to her. Her home has been turned into a clinic and her family have disappeared! After stumbling into a series of bewildering incidents, she comes to the conclusion that, just… Continue reading AYU


“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” No, this is not one of Leo Di Caprio’s lines from “Inception”. It’s Edgar Allan Poe who came up with this quote and director Hou Chi-jan has applied it to his film. “One Day” is none other than a shorter version of… Continue reading ONE DAY

Taïwan Focus

Taiwan, a small island that everybody knows but which most of us find hard to locate on a map, is especially renowned for its economic growth, its high level of technological development and its various and breathtaking landscapes. In recent years it has also reinforced its cooperation and mutual trust with continental China. But diehard… Continue reading Taïwan Focus