In 1999, a voice actor moves from Il Mare, a seaside house, and she leaves a Xmas card in its (magical) mailbox. He, an architect student, receives it in 1997, and so begins a friendship separated by 2 years.


Roaring Currents is the spectacular adaptation of the most important sea battle in Korean history, led by Admiral Yi Sun-shin. Despite his impressive state of service, Yi is suspected of treason and gets imprisoned and tortured. After it becomes clear that he’s the victim of a conspiracy, Yi gets released immediately to command what’s left… Continue reading ROARING CURRENTS

Time to Hunt

After a three-year stint in prison, Jun-seok can’t wait to pay his two former partners in crime a visit. The enormous loot that got him send to jail in the first place is waiting for him. Sadly, there are a number of things that have changed since his incarceration… Hyperinflation has made the mere idea… Continue reading Time to Hunt

The Age of shadows

Sick of Jason Bourne and his likes? Glad the new James Bond – who got infected by Covid-19 – got moved to November? But what do you think of good old-fashioned cloak-and-dagger espionage in 20’s occupied Korea? Kang-ho Son (PARASITE, SNOWPIERCER) and Yoo Gong (TRAIN TO BUSAN) are simply acting through the roof and director… Continue reading The Age of shadows

Bring me Home

You’d think by now we’d be used to the psychological terror of Korean chillers but no: this mom on the lookout for her missing son took us to a dark, dark place (hiding underneath our desk).

The Spy gone North

The Spy Gone North is based on the incredible but true story of Black Venus, a South-Korean spy who, during the regime of Kim Jong-il in the 90ties, pretended to be a businessman and managed to infiltrate the highest circles of the North Korean regime, drinking sessions with the supreme leader included. But that was… Continue reading The Spy gone North

James vs his future Self

SEX AFTER KIDS, HOW TO PLAN AN ORGY IN A SMALL TOWN and now JAMES VS HIS FUTURE SELF…You have to hand it to him, Jeremy LaLonde sure knows a thing or two about sassy titles for his films. James, in his latest flick, is an ambitious young scientist with a hard-on for time travel.… Continue reading James vs his future Self


Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have been constructing a fascinating, Lovecraftian body of work for a while now: RESOLUTION, SPRING, THE ENDLESS and here we have the latest chapter. Dennis and Steve are two paramedics in New Orleans. Recently they’ve been encountering strange cases of junkies pierced by ancient conquistador weaponry, women bit by snakes… Continue reading Synchronic

Beasts Clawing at Straws

The life of a Louis Vutton bag filled to the brim with money ain’t particularly easy: there’s the continuous moving around, being abandoned or even locked up, the ever-changing chain of owners… Tae-young wants to take care of the bag, but he’s being chased by a bunch of merciless mercenaries with a love for spliced… Continue reading Beasts Clawing at Straws

Hitman: Agent Jun

Jun is the ultimate secret weapon of the Korean government, but all he dreams of is to be a comic book writer… In the mood for a feel-good movie? How about TRUE LIES boosted by manga intermezzo’s à la KILL BILL and with at least as much visceral violence as in THE RAID?

The Closet

A creepy house with a creepy closet and a little girl that goes missing… Prepare yourself for an ordeal through a hellish Neverland in this supernatural Korean horror starring Jung-woo Ha (THE CHASER) and Nam-gil Kim (MEMOIR OF A MURDERER)!


After their car went off a cliff, diving champion Lee-young suffers from memory loss, while her fellow passenger, childhood friend and teammate Soo-jin, remains missing. While she maniacally tries to hold on to her Diva status, her elegant dives turn into death drops…  


An ex-secret agent who’s terminally ill, must safely escort Seo Bok, the first human clone who holds the key to immortality. Everybody’s more than eager to get their hands on the secret, but our agent isn’t planning to budge…


Slate is a colorful, action-packed and darkly funny mix between Army of Darkness and Kill Bill, in which an aspiring martial arts star finds herself stranded in a parallel universe and discovers that it takes a lot more than some well-timed kicks and punches to be a hero.

Voice Of Silence

Two subcontractors of a criminal organization, specialized in dissolving bodies in acid baths, receive a peculiar mission: a 24-hour babysitting session… One of the most original stories of the last few years.