Jiney, clever, sexy and rich, is a photography student at the university. Her work has won her the acclaim of both her peers and her professors but it leaves her cold and indifferent. Then, one day, she witnesses a fatal car crash and, torn between revulsion and fascination, snaps a shot of a slain pedestrian.… Continue reading AB-NORMAL BEAUTY


Rahtree, a shy university student, attracts the attention of Ake, a rich, handsome young playboy. To win a bet, he manages to seduce her, after which she is quickly dumped. Buppah is horrified to discover she is pregnant. The guilt-ridden Ake begs her forgiveness, but when he finds out she’s expecting, he abandons her and… Continue reading RAHTREE: FLOWER OF THE NIGHT


His entire life, archaeologist Dr. Pierre has searched for the remains of the mythical god-like creature Garuda, who not only existed as a species, but also ruled the world long before men. Twenty years later, his determined and beautiful daughter Leena takes up her father’s mission to find the Garuda. She has been denied the… Continue reading GARUDA


Whilst growing up in rural Thailand, young orphan girl Dau is taught the ways of magic by her grandmother. When grandmother falls sick, Dau doesn’t have the money to pay for medicines. Luckily the local shopkeeper can get her a job as a waitress in Bangkok. Upon arrival, it turns out that Dau has to… Continue reading P


After her parents are murdered in a drive-by shooting, the shy Oui is taken in by her distant aunt Bua, who lives in a rundown Bangkok printing factory. Buau gives young Oui the job of taking care of her stubborn introverted grandson Arm. Her task proves to be a difficult one, as she is plagued… Continue reading PISAJ