Rosaleen has a lovely grandmother. It’s only natural since Grandma is old-fashioned: she gives tons of well-meaning advice to her granddaughter (don’t stray away from the busy paths, don’t talk to men whose eyebrows are growing too close…) and tells her crazy stories starring werewolves, at night by the fireside. All of these stories are… Continue reading THE COMPANY OF WOLVES


A renegade priest, Jacob Vassey, who has been tracking a devil-worshipping cult, breaks into an abandoned warehouse. In a secret room on the floor above him, a powerful blood ritual sacrifice is being performed. The leader of the cult, a “turned” archbishop, pronounces the final magical incantation that conjures up a creature from the depths… Continue reading SHADOWBUILDER


As part of his training to become a member of an elite group of assassins known as the 701 Squad, Tsui had his nerve center surgically removed five years ago, leaving him free of physical or emotional pain. Demoralized by the dramatic changes that resulted from this void, Tsui escapes from the organization’s mainland China… Continue reading BLACK MASK


In a quiet suburban town, four young girls witness the brutal murder of one of their classmates at the hands of Milo, a mysterious young boy who lives on the other side of town. After the murder, Milo is found in a river and pronounced dead by his father, Dr. Jeeder. Sixteen years later, the… Continue reading MILO


Joe Young, a struggling Mormon actor from Utah, is preaching door-to-door in Los Angeles one day when he stumbles upon the set of Orgazmo, a porno movie directed by the infamous Maxxx Orbison. As soon as they meet, Maxxx immediately pegs Joe as the leading man he’s been looking for. Joe’s religious upbringing makes him… Continue reading ORGAZMO


At the age of thirteen, young Michael had to live through a nightmare that has haunted him every moment since. After losing their parents, Michael and older brother Jody encountered the Tall Man, the caretaker of the Morningside Cemetery. They found out that he was an extraterrestrial grave robber, who compressed human corpses into alien… Continue reading PHANTASM IV: OBLIVION


The war for Heaven is far from over. Gabriel, the most powerful of God’s angels, has returned to earth with an attitude and an army of angels gone bad. His mission: to destroy God’s most treasured creation : mankind. Gabriel wants to prevent the birth of a child conceived by one of his kind, the… Continue reading THE PROPHECY II


“In 1957 the bombs dropped and the Russians took over what was once America. The last bastion of freedom became a place called Lost Vegas, where Elvis was crowned King. But after forty rockin’ years, the King has died and the word is out : Vegas needs a new king. News of the now vacant… Continue reading SIX STRING SAMURAI


Urban legends are contemporary folk tales, bits of macabre mythology that emerge from the underground and take on colourful lives of their own. Like a virus they spread quickly, becoming firmly wedged in our collective consciousness. Now, at New England’s Pendleton College – just named the safest university in the country – someone is making… Continue reading URBAN LEGEND


The Hyperion is transporting convicts by sea to a remote island prison off the coast of Northern England. In a cell on board is Leo Rook, a psychopathic serial killer and the most feared man in Europe. Also among the passengers are Kirsty McCloud, a beautiful criminal psychiatrist and Richard Spader, a prisoner committed for… Continue reading LIGHTHOUSE


A group of film students, led by the vivacious and charismatic Raffy, decide to complete a horror movie that was left unfinished 14 years before when its director, Hillary Jacobs, was gruesomely murdered. The students are eager to start working, despite the disapproval and warnings of their lecturer Lossman, who was assistant-director for the original… Continue reading CUT


Bernie Stein, a washed-up music agent needs a new star. His nephew Frankie has developed a rejuvenation process that can reanimate lifeless body parts. Now Bernie wants to create a superstar by assembling the organs of rock ‘n roll’s dead elite. He partners Frankie with Iggy, a burnt-out roadie, to assist in acquiring the legendary… Continue reading ROCK ‘N ROLL FRANKENSTEIN


Nemanya, about to get married, needs to borrow money from his father so that he can afford the wedding. He gets into his old car and begins the drive to his birthplace. When he has almost arrived at his destination, a terrible downpour prevents him from continuing. Nemanya manages to pull into a small, eerie… Continue reading WHEELS


Joseph, a Los Angeles detective, awakens one day to discover that he is no longer living in the city of Angels but in Hell. After desperately trying to escape, he learns that the only way out is to use a puzzle box, which is in the possession of the evil and terrifying Pinhead. With everything… Continue reading HELLRAISER V: INFERNO


What if the legend of Faust, in which a passionate doctor sold his soul to the Devil for power and knowledge, was true ? What if that story keeps on happening again and again ? Imagine what could happen if an ordinary man is so deeply hurt that, to take revenge, he is capable of… Continue reading FAUST


Just another routine day in space, or so it appears. Houston is counting down another space shuttle mission. They don’t know that their every move is being monitored by the Special Agency Men. This shuttle mission has a special guest onboard, a spider. When the crew injects the spider with a mysterious fluid, all hell… Continue reading SPIDERS


Once every generation, a Chosen One is born to fight evil. While still a foetus, our hero already starts his martial arts education. Skilled surgeons have implanted tiny staffs and nunchakus, in order not to waste nine months of valuable training time. Join him on his journey as he searches for the evil man who… Continue reading KUNG-POW: ENTER THE FIST


After a painful divorce, Lynn Graham and her three children move from Los Angeles to the Australian Gold Coast. They expect a few cultural differences. But they didn’t think they would ever find a demonic presence residing at the bottom of the garden, preying from a derelict children’s playhouse. Natalie and Ivan, the youngest of… Continue reading CUBBYHOUSE


On a South Pacific Island, a secret expedition is searching for an unknown deadly virus. Could this virus become an alien invasion threatening the very existence of mankind ? Loren Mercer, ex-Navy pilot, is in the South Pacific looking for her ex-boyfriend, Captain John Lightfoot, who disappeared while on a secret mission. What Mercer isn’t… Continue reading ARACHNID

ORPHAN by Richard Moos

Jake McCrory is a killer by trade. One day he shoots gangster Michael Murphy at his home. Murphy’s 12 year old daughter, Anna, witnesses the killing that makes her an orphan. Jake disco-vers that the underworld is just as risky to him as towards his victims. People close to Anna’s father hire a fellow contract… Continue reading ORPHAN by Richard Moos


Doctor Herbert West has been serving a jail sentence for 14 years after causing the Miskatonic University massacre, a tragedy brought about by strange monsters, products of his experiments into reanimating dead organisms. To him, the slaughter was just collateral damage, the inevitable consequence of any experimental process. Currently in jail and far from being… Continue reading BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR


Two young couples take a misguided tour onto the back roads of America in search of a local legend known as Dr. Satan. Lost and stranded, they are set upon by a bizarre family of psychotics. Baby is five foot ten inches of blonde dynamite. She’ll love you and leave you dead. Otis, sporting rotten… Continue reading HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES


500 years in the future. Against a backdrop of feuding warlords and assassins, Japan is once again ruled by a monarchy opposed by rebels. The new government hires a band of assassins, the House of Takemikazuchi, to wipe out the uprising once and for all. Yuki, the beautiful daughter of the Takemikazuchi patriarch, goes unsmiling… Continue reading THE PRINCESS BLADE


Ancient Japan. A demon roams the streets of the imperial capital of Heian. Since the day of a solar eclipse, the monster has already claimed four victims, savagely biting off the shoulder of the first, the nose of the second, the mouth of the third and the leg of the fourth. At the request of… Continue reading THE YIN-YANG MASTER II


New to Los Angeles, Nell and Steven Barrow rent an apartment in the Lusman Building. Built in the 1940s, this luxurious art deco hotel was a playground for the rich and famous in Hollywood’s heyday. Later it fell on bad times, but now the old building is being restored to its former glory. What no… Continue reading THE TOOLBOX MURDERS


Adam and Harley are two college buds driving cross-country on their way to their love’s wedding with another man. In the middle of nowhere, a huge black monster truck rides up the ass of Adam’s car and nearly forces them off the road. Coincidence or bad luck ? Who knows, but it’s scary and weird.… Continue reading MONSTER MAN


Willard, a lonely and alienated young man, lives in a deteriorating old mansion. At work, he’s tormented by a sadistic boss and at home by his overbearing mother. When she complains about rats in their basement, he sets out to solve the problem. However, instead of killing the rats, he starts to befriend them. Willard… Continue reading WILLARD


Six friends on their way to a wedding in Texas stop for the night in the sleepy town of Lovelock. The kind and generous owner of the local inn welcomes them with open arms, but they don’t get along so well with the rude in-house chef. When morning comes, both the inn owner and the… Continue reading DEAD AND BREAKFAST


In China, when people die far away from their home, their bodies are brought back for burial. Many Taoist priests from various religious schools and with different martial arts skills, work as transporters of the dead to their ancestral homes. White is one of these priests. Together with his disciples Sun and Light, he accompanies… Continue reading SHAOLIN VS EVIL DEAD


Team America is an elite A-team of square jawed tough guys who cruise around the globe in their fleet of hightech helicopters and fighter-jets, kicking terrorist ass. They spare nothing and nobody wherever they go. Now evil North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il has concocted a world-threatening conspiracy in which he wants to provide every terrorist… Continue reading TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE


In Haiti, a zombie gets blasted to smithereens by angry islanders and reduced to ashes in an urn. Three months later that urn makes its way to Germany and the pupils of Friederich Nietzsche High School. Philip and his two best friends, Meatball and Conrad, are genuine nerds. Everybody picks on them. One night, they… Continue reading NIGHT OF THE LIVING DORKS



Middletown, a small rural hamlet in the American mid-west. Farmer Rolf Bachman enters his barn on an early Saturday morning. He hears something above him and looks up. The rafters are covered in crows. When Rolf climbs aboard his tractor and starts the engine, the crows launch a savage attack. He doesn‘t stand a chance.… Continue reading KAW


Another hot summer day in downtown Manhattan. The inhabitants of 51 Mulberry Street have much to worry about. The building is falling apart. The rent is increasing. Gas prices climb. The war continues in Iraq. But something is changing in the city. A virus is spreading. A rat attacks someone in the subway. Another victim… Continue reading MULBERRY STREET


Breaking a political scandal that turns out to be baseless, leaves ace TV reporter Tim Manfrey no option but to accept the unappealing assignment his boss sticks him with : finding and capturing the world largest crocodile, a gigantic monster that’s been eating villagers for decades in Burundi. Assisting him on this sensational stunt story… Continue reading PRIMEVAL



While Dracula is taking his evening stroll, he gets bitten by a mosquito. After sucking the Count’s blood, the insect starts on a journey that takes it all the way from Transylvania to the suburbs of Seoul, right to the neck of hot tempered policeman Ricky. From that moment on, Rick’s body undergoes an amazing… Continue reading VAMPIRE COP RICKY


During their vacation, newly pregnant Grace, her boyfriend Adam and his litle sister Lee decide to take a low-rent sight-seeing trip of Northern Australia’s mangrove swamps. Their tour is interrupted when something overturns their boat and the guide disappears. After taking refuge in some nearby trees, they discover that the cause of the accident is… Continue reading BLACK WATER


Chalinee, a young TV reporter, is making a documentary about a famous 6-years old murder case in which a doctor killed his wife. It was big news at the time, because the murderer was a well known professor working for a famous medical institute in Bangkok. As Chalinee researches the case, she discovers two other… Continue reading THE HOUSE


Sarah, a young photographer, is by herself on Christmas Eve. She’s been alone since her husband died tragically in a car accident. Today is the last day she has to spend at home before going to hospital to induce labour. The calm is interrupted by a knock on the door. Confronted by a mysterious woman,… Continue reading INSIDE


Ambitious young TV reporter Angela and her cameraman Pablo are following a squad of firemen on their night shift. Their task is to stay as close as possible to these professionals, registering everything they‘ll have to face. On the first job of the night, the fire squad must rescue an old lady who is trapped… Continue reading [REC]


Some people really have no luck at all. Jack is broke and on top of that, his wife’s in a coma. He’s forced to move to a shack in the country with her and all the equipment needed to keep her alive. It’s a cabin where once an entire family was slain, but that’s just… Continue reading DEAD AND GONE


Of the entire animal kingdom, the “ichneumon” is one of its least friendly representatives. This species of wasps hatches its eggs inside the body of a caterpillar. The egg becomes a larva that eats the caterpillar alive from the inside. We can ask ourselves: “Who would want to be in the place of the caterpillar… Continue reading SPLINTER


Norway at the end of the Second World War. The inhabitants of the village of Oksfjord rise up against the looting Nazi occupiers and drive them into the mountains, where they supposedly all freeze to death. 60 years later, eight medical students are on their way to a cabin nearby Oksfjord for a weekend in… Continue reading DEAD SNOW


Ten years ago, the town of Harmony was struck by tragedy. Tom Hanniger, an inexperienced miner, caused an accident in the tunnels which led to the dead of five people and left the only survivor, Harry Warden, in a coma. Exactly one year later, on Valentines Day, Harry awoke and slaughtered twenty-two people with a… Continue reading MY BLOODY VALENTINE


2019, a virus has transformed 95 % of the population into vampires. All of society has been reorganized to allow a nocturnal existence, while avoiding daylight. But a serious crisis threatens its very existence. What remains of humanity has almost been hunted to extinction. Blood has become a rare and expensive commodity. Those who cannot… Continue reading DAYBREAKERS


A note to all those Wolfenstein and Doom nostalgics. Do you remember those videogames which were played on a three ton machine with joysticks that looked like handbrakes ? Remember how we blasted away in every direction ? Big fun and zero risks. We always had our friends esc and ctrl-alt-del who were keeping an… Continue reading GHOST MACHINE


With its 18.000 islands, Indonesia is the world’s biggest archipelago. During the first centuries of our era, it was a trade region between India and China. It’s only in the 16th century that the European nations reached the Moluccas for the spice business. Hey, are we getting up your nose ? What do you want… Continue reading MACABRE


Tokyo High School looks like any other Japanese high school with its usual subcultures. You’ve got the trendy Harajuku girls, with Keiko, the spoilt daughter of the chemistry teacher as their leader. There’s a club of girls that are preparing for the world championship in wrist cutting and you’ve got a bunch of Ganguro girls,… Continue reading VAMPIRE GIRL VS FRANKENSTEIN GIRL


A bunch of friends decide to sail along Queensland’s tropical shores : turquoise water, white sand, palm trees, sun lotion with protection factor 50… Paradise ! After their yacht hits a reef and overturns, our cheerful fellows are a bit less enthusiastic as they find themselves adrift, heading towards the big blue. Luke, the brightest… Continue reading THE REEF


After a bank robbery gone wrong, three brothers head for home… only to discover that their mother has lost the house in a foreclosure. The new owners and their guests, gathered for an ill-timed birthday party, become the brothers’ unwitting hostages. Their mother and sister arrive, and it soon becomes obvious that Mother will do… Continue reading MOTHER’S DAY


Hae-won is a beautiful single woman in her thirties who works at a bank in Seoul city. She leads a busy life until she becomes a witness in an attempted murder case and, at the same time, things get complicated at work. When matters get out of hand, she is forced to take a vacation… Continue reading BEDEVILLED


Young photographer Janine is a woman with a troubled past who wants to give her life a new start. The traditional car engine trouble on a deserted highway is the introduction to this new beginning, but certainly not the one she would have wanted. A lift from a psychopathic trucker will take her on a… Continue reading KEEPSAKE


When night falls over New Orleans, its supernatural inhabitants start to emerge. The meat industry is run by werewolves. Vampires manage the nightclubs and zombies go looking for fresh limbs in the “body shop”. The balance between these creatures is extremely fragile, especially since paranormal investigator Dylan Dog stopped mediating between them after the love… Continue reading DYLAN DOG : DEAD OF NIGHT


Undertaker Ely Vaughn is a pillar of the community in the small Texan town of Smithville. He thanks his popularity to his glory days as the star quarterback in the local football team. But since the tragic death of his wife two years ago, Ely has shied away from his neighbors and all kinds of… Continue reading BENEATH THE DARKNESS


Kathrin, a 19-year-old student, has finally managed to get a room in a university dorm, far away from her over-protective father. Even though room 205 hasn’t been occupied for more than a year and is a matter of spooky gossip, she doesn’t give a damn ! Now Kathrin is free to make new friends, get… Continue reading 205 ROOM OF FEAR


Sunny works as a clown in a local circus in Malaysia, but his dearest wish would be to become just like his father: a great flying knife performer, to be admired and applauded by the audience. One night, he spots five colleagues from the circus secretly investigating an underground cavern, reputed to be hiding a… Continue reading CITY UNDER SIEGE


With his second feature after Tormented, Irish director Jon Wright successfully scratches the horror-comedy sweat spot. Presented in world premiere at Sundance, Grabbers has been touring in loads of festivals across the world, gaining fame and fans, and its Tremors meets Gremlins reputation makes it one of the most exciting features of our new “Bifff… Continue reading GRABBERS


It’s a drug that promises an out-of-body experience with each hit. On the street they call it Soy Sauce, and users drift across time and dimensions. But some who come back are no longer human. Suddenly a silent otherworldly invasion is underway, and mankind needs a hero. What it gets instead is John and Dave,… Continue reading JOHN DIES AT THE END


After a botched prison break, the Tan brothers, their fumbling accomplice Johnny and the smoking hot Gigi need a hideout in a hurry. Hunted down by a bunch of grizzly cops, they take refuge in suburbia, where they invade the family home of Maori academic Hemi Crane. He and his wife Margaret, a successful TV… Continue reading FRESH MEAT


This friendly match should have been a pure formality for ace football team Olympique de Paris. What do they have to fear from a bunch of Provincial Division amateurs from Capelongue? Well, there’s bad blood between the teams because Samuel, Olympique’s goal getter used to play for Capelongue. And the fans have never forgiven his… Continue reading GOAL OF THE DEAD


Joy is the happy owner of a sleazy bar lost in the Canadian backwoods. Her estimable customers, mainly rutting hunters and perverts looking for hand-jobs between two beers, are as faithful to Joy as a dog to a lamp post. To thank them, she decides to call her friends, the famous Pinup Dolls, for a… Continue reading PINUP DOLLS ON ICE


After discovering her father and brother’s mangled corpses, young Marybeth has done all she can to destroy their supernatural killer, the infamous Victor Crowley. And, hell yeah, she did it! Caked in a gargantuan fountain of blood as Crowley is sliced to ribbons, Marybeth turns away from the swamp and wanders blindly back toward civilization,… Continue reading HATCHET III


A Monty Python-esque collection of shorts, animation, sketch comedy, instructional videos and more, Zombie TV showcases the natural evolution of zombies in the 21st century: no longer a frightening menace, but rather an annoying neighbor you realize you simply have to put up with. Zombie TV answers such natural questions as: in a world full… Continue reading ZOMBIE TV


Everly has been violently gang-raped in her apartment by thugs sent by her ex-boyfriend, a mob boss. She wants nothing more than to die and leave all this pain and suffering behind. She is beaten, but not broken. Her mother and daughter are still alive and need to be moved out of there. Before she… Continue reading EVERLY


Very friendly and very blonde Novella wants to make it big in Hollywood. But she only meets rejection and disappointment, leading to a unique gastronomic psychosis in which Novella starts devouring pieces of her own body. To top it all, she starts a relationship with her shrink. And what he would love to sink his… Continue reading EAT


Everybody has suffered a broken heart at least once in his life. This happened with Zach when his beloved Beth abandoned him because she wanted to explore new horizons. And it happened the second time when she got mortally bit by a poisonous snake. No better shoulders to cry your heart out on than those… Continue reading LIFE AFTER BETH


When Brodie’s mum ends up in the loony bin, the young man is forced to move in with his closest relatives in a small suburban town. Aunt Mary and Uncle Albert are deeply religious and do not look kindly upon the heavy metal passion of their nephew. And their son David is the school’s bully.… Continue reading DEATHGASM


You wake up and you remember nothing. And that’s because your wife has just brought you back from the dead. Her name is Estelle and she’s a brilliant scientist. She tells you that you’re Henry and that you are now a cyborg super soldier. Five minutes later you see how Estelle’s kidnapped and you have… Continue reading HARDCORE HENRY


In the old days… dating was so much easier. You met each other at the prom, danced a slow and the deal was done. Now with Tinder, casual sex and friends with benefits, it’s all that more complicated. This is how we meet Deb, a charming but very timid gal that only loosens up after… Continue reading NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB


When little Lucas goes missing from his bedroom in the middle of the night, his babysitter Helen ventures out into the deep, dark woods armed only with a flashlight and a fierce determination to find the boy. Every step of the way, she’s painfully aware of the rumors about these woods: This is the home… Continue reading CHILD EATER


With his cowboy hat, his esoteric necklaces and his wild strawberry flavor, Jebediah Woodley has everything of a Lucky Luke from the Holy Seal with direct access to the devil’s pickle jar. And that’s because his business is demons and his knowledge of these abominations far exceeds the director’s cut of The Exorcist! Jebediah knows… Continue reading DON’T KILL IT


When night falls and honest people are sleeping, they’re awake. They watch, like Batman scrutinizes Gotham City, with sharp eyes. Their territory? Surveying the offices of a Baltimore newspaper. Their names? Ken, Lucas and Jiggetts. Their skills? Cheating at poker, the exceptional ability to eat three donuts at once and some solid tech skills when… Continue reading THE NIGHT WATCHMEN


Here comes Spring Break! For Christine, Samara, Freddy, Jason and Brooklyn, this is the opportunity to hit the road for a crazy holiday. If the girls are already sipping a Dr Pepper while thinking about coconut oil on the beach, our three males have definitely decided to let their hormones rage. That coconut oil will… Continue reading NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE


Ah, carpets ! Those woolen or mohair rugs which welcome your bare feet so comfortably… It generates all kinds of fuzzy feelings, but of course, these things have to be sold as well. And apparently, business isn’t exactly booming with British carpet retailers. When Cupid Carpets ( what’s in a name ? ) are given… Continue reading CANNIBALS AND CARPET FITTERS


People can make fun of youtubers as much as they want, linear TV is slowly dying. Especially since ‘Framed’ entered the equation. This live-streaming platform allows everything! Wanna check out an obese man sitting on a crane while eating a pizza-kebab for the eighth time? Or watch Granny stuff the neck of the turkey with… Continue reading FRAMED


Kill or be killed is the golden rule of the innocent-looking board game Game of Death, which sucks for seven decent-looking millennials who decide to play one sunny day. They quickly realize that if they don’t murder people, their heads will explode like ripe tomatoes. Hence, they go on a killing spree which would make… Continue reading GAME OF DEATH


True horror fans know the name of their favourite fictional serial killers : Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Norman Bates, Damien Thorn, and… Victor Crowley. After the Hatchet trilogy (2006-2014), this crossbreed between Toxic Avenger and Swamp Thing comes back to life to kill once more ! Based in spooky Louisiana, this instalment goes back to… Continue reading VICTOR CROWLEY


All of Denmark is sitting back on its butt. The streets are emptier than North Korea’s treasury because just about everybody is glued to their television sets to witness the biggest sports game of the year. Except for two young women (blonde but not brain dead) in a service station in the south of the… Continue reading FINALE


The year is 2101, a nameless man wakes up in the middle of a dried-out, dark landscape. Looking around him, he only sees carcasses and barren trees. A biochemical war in the northern hemisphere has caused poverty, famine, and a gigantic wasteland covering the whole of South America. Concerning our own species, there isn’t much… Continue reading I AM TOXIC


A certain Ben Lyk gets killed in London. Not long after that, another one with the same name is murdered in cold blood. As a precaution, Scotland Yard decides to bring all namesakes to a safe house. One Ben after the other is targeted but why is the killer after them? A cat-and-mouse game ensues… Continue reading KILL BEN LYK

The Mortuary Collection

What if the Tall Man, the evil undertaker from PHANTASM, enjoying his twilight years in 2020, took in an ironic millennial to help him out in his rundown mortuary? That’s exactly what Ryan Spindell wants to find out too! Montgomery Dark, a 7-feet tall, seemingly decade-old creepoid goes about his daily chores at Raven End’s… Continue reading The Mortuary Collection

Signal 100

Are you a teacher? Are you fed up of all those pupils seemingly raised by a pack of wolves? Kick back, relax and enjoy this BATTLE ROYALE for the iPhone generation. With a heavy dose of gory sarcasm and 100% Montessori.

Killer Sofa

Furniture on a killing spree: maybe we should think about a new subgenre! After killer tomatoes, dangerous donuts, violent puppets, schizophrenic cars, deadly elevators, psychotic tires, beds and refrigerators… it’s time for the possessed sofa. Possessed by a dybbuck (for those of you not in the know: a sort of Jewish demon). Dancer Franscesca thinks… Continue reading Killer Sofa

Puppet Killer

A puppet killer, ay? At first sight this might look like the usual hackneyed horror fare, and in a way it is but don’t be fooled! Sure, there’s the usual group of teenagers that get together in a Cabin in the Woods just get slaughtered one by one… Except, these ‘teenagers’ are played by… 50-year-olds?… Continue reading Puppet Killer

Vicious Fun

A goofy horror film buff walks into a bar where a group therapy session for serial killers takes place. He tries to blend in, but it doesn’t take long before blood starts spilling! Imagine KILL BILL as a neon-drenched, mullet-wielding 80’s slasher and you get some vicious fun!

Anything For Jackson

Audrey and Henry are an adorable elder couple; the kind that brings you hot milk with honey when you’re sick. But when God takes their Jackson, they turn to the Devil. Because nothing beats a good ol’ satanic ritual to bring your dead grandson back! How could it possibly go wrong?


Dr. Guy wants to remove a particularly nasty cyst with a machine that’ll revolutionize the cyst-removal business, but he didn’t anticipate the even nastier side effects… A gloriously fun throwback to 50’s monster movies, except even more gross!


Evan Rendell, from the small town of Moorehigh, has always dreamt of being a doctor like his esteemed father, but when this respectable practitioner finds out that his beloved wife suffers from an incurable heart disease, he falls completely into madness. To save her, Evan’s father does not hesitate to carry out daring attempts of… Continue reading DR. GIGGLES


Clive BARKER is not an ordinary guy. Not only he is the director of HELLRAISER and NIGHTBREED, two of the most impressive and innovative horror films of the last few years, but also the author of several novels and short stories that surpass by far most of the contemporary fantastic literature. Besides, he is also… Continue reading CLIVE BARKER: THE ART OF HORROR


Charles Dexter Ward, a wealthy scholar from New England, is obsessed by the work of one of his ancestors, Joseph Curwen, a 17th-century alchemist. Lately, Ward seems to have been affected by a curious silence and his behavior is extremely disturbing. He spends days locked up in Curwen’s old farm that he transformed into a… Continue reading THE RESURRECTED