Exploring gender through the lens of the superhero myth, BALLOON questions how we raise boys when our concept of masculinity has become toxic.

The Chef

An old Chinese chef teaches a robot to cook, which places him in a dilemma between artificial intelligence and the human race.

End of the Rope

After being crippled by a car accident, a former dancer enters a power struggle with an exploitative scientist who promises her creative freedom in an altered reality with his invention.

Hand in Hand

Two politicians shake hands. The Situation gets out of hand.

Midnight Coffee

When a tragically-burnt coffee drives a barista past his breaking point, it unleashes a strange and unquestioned force…


Late at night a young girl wakes up to find out what’s behind the strange events happening around her, unaware of the terrifying secrets and dangers lurking in the house’s darkest corners.


A truck driver discovers the ability to leave her physical body, and travel the world in an immaterial way, in an astral journey.

My Unborn Son

Nora is facing the life-altering choice of whether or not to become a mother. By means of a lifelike simulation, she meets an AI version of the child she could have. What will Nora see when she looks into the eyes of her future child?

Hector’s Hell House

In a family that commands him to be tough, young Elliott must confront his fears to make his father proud. But on Halloween night, the blurry line between his imagination and reality pushes him to his limit.


A gang of women, sows terror in the streets and among men. They call themselves the “Wolves”.


Two women living alone are visited by a young strange man whose identity and intentions they begin to question as the evening progresses.

All Your Fault, PD

At the busy filming site, the filming suddenly stops due to the appearance of a manager, and a discussion of the main staff begins inside car. While everyone is shifting the blame for the PD’s fault, a zombie virus spreads outside car, causing havoc. Meanwhile, the d.o.p is worried about equipment borrowed from commercial film… Continue reading All Your Fault, PD