4th Unusual Fashion Show

Through some creations of her “MAGIC SPELLS” collection, she carries us away to a magic universe where contrasts are held in high esteem : futuristic baroque, metal and velvet, brilliant or diabolical games of colours.

5th Unusual Fashion Show

THE UNUSUAL FASHION SHOW “The Tarot: an unveiled mystery” Overcome your phobias and become familiar with that secret limbo where enigmatic soothsayers reveal the hidden faces of the soul to the uninitiated. Contact:City of Brussels – Highschool Francisco Ferrer Artistique BischoffsheimRue de la Fontaine 41000 BrusselsResponsible teacher : Diane VAN EEPOELChoreography: Udi MALKAPhoto: Raphaël OMMERPrize… Continue reading 5th Unusual Fashion Show

6th Unusual Fashion Show

UNUSUAL FASION SHOW BISCHOFF FASHION SHOW 2001, AN ODYSSEY OF DECAY Is it a trap for clear-sightedness ?Our blazing future is haunted by a freezing shadow,an odyssey of decay. Contact:City of Brussels – Highschool Francisco Ferrer Artistique BischoffsheimRue de la Fontaine 41000 BrusselsResponsible teacher : Diane Van EepoelChoreography: Udi MalkaMake up : Alcides, s.a.Maquillages Jean-Pierre… Continue reading 6th Unusual Fashion Show

8th Unusual Fashion Show

Up there, in my attic Responsible teacher : Diane VAN EEPOEL Choreography: Tatiana GRILLON Hair Stylists : Renata BRAN TZ & Daniel HENRY Make-up : s.a. Maquillages Jean-Pierre FINOTTO Sound & Light : “POLE POSISOUND” Photo : Sylvie GHYS ELS Prize of the Festival : an original artwork by Michel DEVILLERS. Press Prize offered by… Continue reading 8th Unusual Fashion Show

9th Unusual Fashion Show

TWILIGHT OF DREAMS (from the poem by MICHEL DE GHELDERODE) « There are so many wrecks stuck in the mud, so many legends in old books ! », « The secret geography still remains unknown ». « Your goals are fanciful », « Your brain is papered with chronics ». « The seas are full… Continue reading 9th Unusual Fashion Show

10th Unusual Fashion Show

A FESTIVE VIEW ON THE SIX CONTINENTS For this tenth anniversary, the students will release their imagination on celebrations in all their concrete and abstract manifestations. They draw their inspiration from historical and specific facts of each country and from religious and personal forms of celebration. Prize of the Festival: An original artwork by Michel… Continue reading 10th Unusual Fashion Show

13th Unusual Fashion Show

Antigone today … us CONTACTS : Ville de Bruxelles / Stad Brussel / City of Brussels HEFF – ARTISTIQUE FERRER Direction/Directie : Céline VERVERS Rue de la Fontaine 4 Fonteinstraat – 1000 Bruxelles/Brussel TEL : +32-2-279.58.50 – FAX : +32-2-279.58.59 Professeur / Créations – Leraar / Creaties – Teacher / Creations : Isabelle BAILLOT, Isabelle… Continue reading 13th Unusual Fashion Show

2nd Unusual Fashion Show

Dear Madam, Sir, For its 14th edition, the Brussels Fantastic Film, Thriller and Science Fiction Festival will take place from March 8 to 23 at the Passage 44 auditorium. In addition to the screening of films, short films (outside or in competition) and other artistic works, this festival is open to small jobs in fantasy… Continue reading 2nd Unusual Fashion Show

3rd Unusual Fashion Show

A theme : White, Red, Black. A purpose : to astound. Light. innocence and purity not as white as you may imagine, Passion, defiance and violence redder than glowing blood. Past present and future: as black as a shattered empty space Special Guest Giovanni Biasiolo