2nd Zombie Day & Zombie parade

Worst of all…are their cries… coming from hundreds of deformed mouths… cries of an all consuming hunger for human flesh. I can still hear their victims scream. I hardly dare to look outside… I’m afraid I might recognize an old friend among them. Master… why hast thou abandoned this city ? The Zombie Day is… Continue reading 2nd Zombie Day & Zombie parade

3rd Zombie Day & Zombie parade

Another disgruntled minority is ready to hit the streets in protest. They were with many at the 2009 Parade and there’s not a shadow of a doubt that they’ll be at least as numerous this year for a nightmarish march through the streets of the capital for the 3rd Zombie Parade. They’ll participate to a… Continue reading 3rd Zombie Day & Zombie parade

4th Zombie Day & Night

The zombies are among us ! What a nightmare ! Once more, they’re ready to invade the streets of Brussels during the 4th Zombie Parade. At the last edition, they were over 500. This year they will move again into the direction of the city centre on Saturday 9 April 2011. A huge role playing… Continue reading 4th Zombie Day & Night

5th Zombie Day & Night

Zombies are everywhere and in 2012 they’re going to invade the streets of Brussels again during the 5th Zombie Parade. The walking dead were with more than 1.000 during the last edition. This year they will advance upon the city centre on Saturday 7 April 2012. The parade is a huge role playing game in… Continue reading 5th Zombie Day & Night

6th Zombie Day & Night

They’re back ! And the worst of all is that our monsters got promoted ! This year, the zombie army has planed its rally at the Brussels’ “Parc Royal” for a PICNICK. It’ll be the ideal time for thousands of decomposing enthusiasts to glue back an eye or patch a tendon with a piece of… Continue reading 6th Zombie Day & Night

7th Zombie Day & Night

Our favorite army of the dead is back ! The good news : the zombie legion didn’t loose too many limbs in this sissy winter we’ve had and are ready to strut their stuff during this new parade. For those who want to participate; there’s no traffic tax to pay ( not at 200 meters… Continue reading 7th Zombie Day & Night

8th Zombie Day & Night – Zombifff Lympics

The ZomBIFFF Parade was held in the streets of Brussels. It happens every year during the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

THE DISCIPLINES SPINAL CORD THROWING Power, concentration, courage … the participating zombies will need all these qualities to finish this discipline. You need more explanation? Really? You take the spinal cord and you THROW it as far as possible in front of you. Try not to lose your arm while throwing… RUNNING A simple discipline.… Continue reading 8th Zombie Day & Night – Zombifff Lympics

1st Zombifff Run

Welcome to the ZomBIFFF Run by night, an outstanding race experience in the heart of Brussels! Add a big dose of famished zombies desirous of fresh meat, who’ll wake up as soon as night falls to roam through the streets of the capital… A unique adventure: try not to get caught by the hordes of… Continue reading 1st Zombifff Run