Thomas Gunzig

Thomas Gunzig is a true native of Brussels, which means he can bullshit with the best. His many books, in which seriousness is coupled with a stylish lightness of prose, are an ode to popular culture. In between Mort d’un Parfait Bilingue and 10 000 liters of pure horror, this brown belt karate lets publishers duel for the rights to his work and has fun as a member of our international jury with Lisa Marie (Mars Attacks), but he never looses sight of his love for writing. Whether it’s songs (for An Pierlé), a radio show like his Café Serré on La Première, theater or cinema (Jaco Van Dormael’s Le Tout Nouveau Testament and Harry Cleven’s Mon Ange), Thomas is present on all fronts. When you know that he wakes up at dawn to photograph Brussels under every angle, you wonder if he ever rests.