Dracula : 100 years

THE BLOODY CENTURY OF DRACULA Lesson in History: part 1Since the XVIIIthcentury, the literature gathers all the elements of the Vampire-myth, the human blood sucking, nearly immortal monster. Only a wooden stake driven through his heart or the daylight are his enemies. The vampire awakes more and more by the pen of several Russian writers… Continue reading Dracula : 100 years

1st Fantastic Nights in Belgium

The Nights of the Fantasy Film will take place au Grand Duché de Luxembourg à Luxembourg-ville CINEMA UTOPIA 16, Av. de la Faïencerie, L-1510 LUXEMBOURG (G.D. Lux / G.H. Lux) Tél.: 00/352/46.49.02 à Liege CINEMA LE PARC 22 Rue Carpay, 4020 LIEGE Tél.: 041/22.27.78 à Mons CINEMA IMAGIMONS Campus Universitaire, Av. des Bassins, 7000 MONS… Continue reading 1st Fantastic Nights in Belgium

Hate, Fear and Love |

After his latest exhibition My Vision of Japan, Francesco Serafini is back with a project based on his second passion: cinema. Following a long collaboration with the BIFFF as a photographer, Francesco Serafini presents a new and original project: Hate, Fear and Love–three feelings that one often feels after watching a film. The photo ID… Continue reading Hate, Fear and Love |

Séma Editions

New at the BIFFF: a book stand by Séma Editions Séma Éditions is a Belgian publishing house run by Michaël Schoonjans. Their favorite genres are the literature of the imaginary (science fiction, fantasy, and horror), thrillers, esotericism, and youth. New collections are currently in preparation. The publishing house and its authors will be present at… Continue reading Séma Editions

Poster 2018


He was barely 14 years old when he saw the publication of his first images: a series of chromos illustrating R. L. Stevenson’s novel ‘Treasure Island’ for a Belgian chocolate brand. But despite the praise of his colleagues, his work for many greats of the 9th Art (Tillieux with ‘SOS Bagarreur’, Vance with ‘Bob Morane’,… Continue reading Poster 2018

Poster 2017

Even as a toddler Didier Tarquin scribbled like mad and his first doodles got him into the Plastic Arts Academy of Aix-en-Provence. While his stay there was temporary, he did get infected by the 9th art; to the joy of many comic-strip fans. For more than 20 years, together with Arleston, he forms the iconic… Continue reading Poster 2017