SHOWS 2015

DOLLE PRÊT Hector & Hektor A truly heart-warming act with totally deranged Siamese zombie twins! They’ve just risen from the grave and they’re having a great time here. You have to forgive them their mindboggling dumbness, as the mice ate most of their brains. Together they share one functioning brain cell. Have fun with this… Continue reading SHOWS 2015



You just have to take one look at this year’s poster to realize that Jean-Claude Servais has managed to perfectly capture the spirit of the BIFFF. This gifted comic-strip artist started his career in the seventies with stories in Belgium’s two most famous comic-strip magazines Spirou and Tintin. In the eighties he made his mark… Continue reading POSTER 2015


The Tax Shelter 2.0, a Win-Win investment for investors and for the local economy Since 1 January 2015, the Tax Shelter reform is now in force. This reform considerably changes this fiscal measure for the investor. The legislator proposes a fiscal exemption of 310% on the total amount of the transferred sum. During the BIFFF… Continue reading TAX SHELTER 2015

Blood Window 2015

This was an opportunity we just couldn’t miss! In the year that the BIFFF organizes its first genre film market and also puts the spotlights on Argentinean cinema with its Focus, it would be unthinkable not to talk about Blood Window! This is not an extra bloody version of Microsoft’s operating system, but simply the… Continue reading Blood Window 2015

Poster 2016

Is it even necessary to present the versatile and multi-talented Bernard Hislaire?! This “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres” is a true Belgian comic strip monument. And if there’s one word to describe him, it has to be ‘Sambre’. We could also talk about ‘Bidouille et Violette’, ‘The Mazda Gang’, the illustrations he made for… Continue reading Poster 2016


David De Graef’s visionary creations. This painter, who prefers disturbance to order, invites you to plunge into the depths of an obsessive world where no moral value is absolute. His sharp insight on our institutions and emotions traps you in a universe where reflection and fear coexist. David De Graef’s world is definitely strange. It’s… Continue reading PIETER PAUWEL GALLERY 2016

Shows 2016

Magic Land Theatre The Magic Land Theatre is not only pretty daft in a seriously funny sort of way; they’ve also been a part of the BIFFF for decades. The company, founded in 1975, has a very diverse range of activities, from puppet-theatre to TV-shows, but they’ve always remained loyal to their first love: street… Continue reading Shows 2016