Dreamlike, imaginary worlds that take on space travel and the preservation of our planet… Ladies and gents, we present to you the fantastic works of Jacques Lélut.

The Belgian Wave

The figures of the last decade don’t lie. The conclusion is loud and clear and obvious to all. There’s a tsunami of Belgian genre cinema! More than 30 films supported by Wallimage, 11 by the VAF, more than 20 films supported by Screen. Brussels, 23 by Screen Flanders or even 25 feature films that have… Continue reading The Belgian Wave


For its 40th birthday the BIFFF presents an exhibition in the shape of a “best of” its previous exhibitions, with a playful look into the artistic rearview mirror.

Masterclass – Censorship

Well… beats us! That’s why we asked Jake West, director of “Doghouse” and expert on Video Nasties, Srdjan Spasojevic, director of the hyper-controversial “A Serbian Film”, Xavier Gens, who can tell us lots of anecdotes about the making of “Frontier(s)”, and Kamal Messaoudi, a true encyclopedia on all things media and popular cinema, to discuss… Continue reading Masterclass – Censorship

Masterclass – Witches

From the very beginning, cinema has taken hold of the figure of the witch, starting with HÄXAN in 1922 and has never let her go since, going as far as terrifying our childhoods with Disney’s SNOW WHITE or Nicolas Roeg’s THE WITCHES. Of course, she has also featured heavily in our BIFFF selection since our… Continue reading Masterclass – Witches

Masterclass John McTiernan

In 1986 NOMADS premiered at the BIFFF. This first feature of a certain John McTiernan already showed a lot of pretty exceptional craftsmanship. According to legend, a famous Austrian actor’s mind got blown by the film and he immediately asked McTiernan to wade through the hostile jungle with him and a certain… PREDATOR. And we… Continue reading Masterclass John McTiernan

Masterclass Barry Sonnenfeld

Despite his extraordinary talent, New Yorker Barry Sonnenfeld never really intended to direct. The Coen brothers’ regular DOP (BLOOD SIMPLE, RAISING ARIZONA, MILLER’S CROSSING) – apart from a few side-steps with the likes of Rob Reiner (WHEN HARRY MEETS SALLY) or Penny Marshall (BIG) – had just finished shooting MISERY, when he got his hands… Continue reading Masterclass Barry Sonnenfeld

BIFFF Participatifff 2022

THE BIFFF PARTICIPATIFFF is a series of educational and cultural activities organized during the festival for all ages. Young people roll up their sleeves to create a fantastic short film under the guidance of experienced directors, the results of which you can see at the BIFFF! There are also a number of special film screenings… Continue reading BIFFF Participatifff 2022


You were born after the release of the movie Scream ? That was in 1997 ! A nostalgic choice, because it premiered that year at the BIFFF ! No Scream on the program this year, but lots of good movies and even a series ! Come one hour before the movie to get your ticket… Continue reading BORN AFTER SCREAM ?