2nd Workshop “Brussels Fantastic”

The Brussels International Festival of Fantasy, Thriller & Science-Fiction Films organizes the second workshop for film-students.The Festival offers to Belgian film students the opportunity to realize a Fantasy Film with a low budget, but by using a lot of imagination and by working under the wings of a internationaly reputated director these students will create… Continue reading 2nd Workshop “Brussels Fantastic”

2nd Gaming Madness Days

Who doesn’t want to slaughter some zombies after having seen The Evil Dead? Who doesn’t want to start a car chase worthy of Mad Max? That’s been possible for a while now thanks to video games! Because games are becoming an important part of popular culture and with quite a few gamers in our audience,… Continue reading 2nd Gaming Madness Days

1st Gaming Madness Days

7 days of OFF festival with tournaments, board games, a master class and more… Who doesn’t want, after another vision of The Evil Dead, to slaughter a bunch of zombies? Who doesn’t want to start a Mad Max worthy chase? Thanks to video games, that’s been possible for a while now! Because the success of… Continue reading 1st Gaming Madness Days

5th Zombie Day & Night

Zombies are everywhere and in 2012 they’re going to invade the streets of Brussels again during the 5th Zombie Parade. The walking dead were with more than 1.000 during the last edition. This year they will advance upon the city centre on Saturday 7 April 2012. The parade is a huge role playing game in… Continue reading 5th Zombie Day & Night

4th Zombie Day & Night

The zombies are among us ! What a nightmare ! Once more, they’re ready to invade the streets of Brussels during the 4th Zombie Parade. At the last edition, they were over 500. This year they will move again into the direction of the city centre on Saturday 9 April 2011. A huge role playing… Continue reading 4th Zombie Day & Night

3rd Zombie Day & Zombie parade

Another disgruntled minority is ready to hit the streets in protest. They were with many at the 2009 Parade and there’s not a shadow of a doubt that they’ll be at least as numerous this year for a nightmarish march through the streets of the capital for the 3rd Zombie Parade. They’ll participate to a… Continue reading 3rd Zombie Day & Zombie parade