Hommage Enki Bilal

At the occasion of the release of the fourth part of his tetralogy, Le Sommeil du Monstre, cult graphic designer Enki Bilal will come to introduce his film Tykho Moon in the Film Museum (bis), on April 5th at 5pm. Enki Bilal is mostly renowned for his famous trilogy Nikopol and for his tetralogy Le… Continue reading Hommage Enki Bilal

Hommage Syd Mead

Syd Mead is an industrial designer who develops futuristic objects with a true gift of futuristic vision. He has, during his long carrier, elaborated posters, built exhibition areas, invented clocks and amusement parks’ décors for Ford Motor Company, U.S. Steel and Philips Electronics. He has also worked for very innovative movies, where he was known… Continue reading Hommage Syd Mead


From the 10th till the 25th of March, the long awaited High Mass of Fantastic Cinema comes to town, with a rosary of film pearls to be admired by 60.000 devoted followers for more than two weeks: 88 plus films presented in world, European or Belgian premiere, of which 15 will have a Belgian distribution.… Continue reading Edition2006


Boogeyman, The Ring Two, White Noise, Creep, Riding the Bullet, Cold and Dark, R-Point… You want big spectacles ? Casshern, Appleseed, Arahan, Night Watch… You want action ? New Police Story, Kung Fu Hustle, Alone in the Dark… You want to laugh ? Satan’s Little Helper, Ghost House, the Crazy Night, Team America… You want stars ? Amanda Plummer,… Continue reading Edition2005

March at the Film Museum

Actors and directors choose classics and cult films in horror, science fiction and fantasy. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the festival former guests were asked for a list of what, on the one hand, are the classic films of the fantastic genre, and what, on the other hand, are their personal favourites, their cult… Continue reading March at the Film Museum


2001, we’ve made it ! The future is now, everything would have changed but it’s not really what it’s supposed to be, this 3rd millennium : no living creature on Mars, with the exception of some wandering Vikings, no space stations waltzing in the cosmic void on music by Strauss, no monolith revealing the meaning… Continue reading Edition2001