4th Fantasy Art Happening

GALERIE D’ENFER For more than 30 years, scientists from powerful animal protection associations are looking at the skies and are investigating the most remote corners of the planet; searching for signs and signals of othern inhabited worlds. This ultra secret project goes by the name “P.E.E.B” : Protection of Earthly and Extra-Terrestrial Beasties. The Galerie… Continue reading 4th Fantasy Art Happening

3rd Fantasy Art Happening

For those who don’t know what Hell looks like, it seems that in the centre of Brussels (two steps from the Grand-Place) there’s this place which is chock-a-block with fantasy, erotic and burlesque works of art ! Do not think of leaving this mystical but welcoming place unscathed: l’Enfer will scatter and shake your sense… Continue reading 3rd Fantasy Art Happening

2nd Fantasy Art Happening

Open op donderdag en zaterdag van 14 tot 20 uur, vrijdag van 14 tot 24 uur. A hybrid brain in a jar, a rusty brown skeleton hanging from the ceiling, a panoply of animal skulls and bones… The GALERIE D’ENFER specialises in the fantastic, the erotic and the farcical. Its diabolical creator David P., aided… Continue reading 2nd Fantasy Art Happening