32nd Vampire Ball

You’re bored like a dead rat in a vault ? You dream of breaking the monotony of your evenings drinking blood with a straw while watching the gazillionth replay of Underworld ? Well, bring your ghoul to the 32nd Vampire Ball ! The perfect opportunity to dress up as the one you never dared to… Continue reading 32nd Vampire Ball

31th Vampire Ball

More exhilarating than a midnight walk into the forest, funnier than an 80’s B-movie… there’s only one event that can be described as such: the Bifff Vampire Ball!  Fairies, ghouls, living paintings, famous guests dressed up as werewolves; everything is possible as long as you respect this one rule… and no, it has nothing to… Continue reading 31th Vampire Ball

30th Vampire Ball

They say that when you become thirty you stop being restless, prefer to stay at home with a hot drink and slip between the sheets before the clock strikes midnight… Our Vampire Ball is definitely not that kind of thirtysomething. Come and join us on this epic night of madness. We’re planning a big birthday… Continue reading 30th Vampire Ball