8th Zombie Day & Night – Zombifff Lympics

The ZomBIFFF Parade was held in the streets of Brussels. It happens every year during the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

THE DISCIPLINES SPINAL CORD THROWING Power, concentration, courage … the participating zombies will need all these qualities to finish this discipline. You need more explanation? Really? You take the spinal cord and you THROW it as far as possible in front of you. Try not to lose your arm while throwing… RUNNING A simple discipline.… Continue reading 8th Zombie Day & Night – Zombifff Lympics

6th Zombie Day & Night

They’re back ! And the worst of all is that our monsters got promoted ! This year, the zombie army has planed its rally at the Brussels’ “Parc Royal” for a PICNICK. It’ll be the ideal time for thousands of decomposing enthusiasts to glue back an eye or patch a tendon with a piece of… Continue reading 6th Zombie Day & Night