François Schuiten Illustrator, comic strip drawer and scriptwriter, graphic designer for the cinema, multimedia designer, set designer for the opera, designer of «exhibitionshows », decorator of subway stations, creator of pavilions for the World Fairs of Seville and Hanover, inventor of universes, François Schuiten is a perfectionist demiurge, persistent, maniac, patient, in fact… quite Belgian.… Continue reading POSTER 1984


His signature series is undoubtedly ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec’, but Tardi also adapted many novels by famous authors into graphic novels. Some are one-shots, others complete series, such as his best known and longest-running literary adaptation, ‘Nestor Burma’. The artist won universal acclaim with his powerful and gripping graphic novels about the First… Continue reading POSTER 1985

2nd Make Up Contest

MAKE-UP CHALLENGE 3 categories AMATEURS – HALF-PROFESSIONAL – SPECIAL LOUP-GAROU The contest runs from Saturday 16th of March 1985, starting at 6.30 PM and ends on Saturday 28th of March at 8.30 PM. Open all days from 6.30 PM until 8.30 PM. Exception: Friday 15th, Wednesday the 20th and 27th and Friday 22th of March.… Continue reading 2nd Make Up Contest


It is with the publication of Silence in 1979, in the magazine, that Didier Comès shows to have found his way by rediscovering his roots. Using the most expressive contrasts of Black and White drawing, for the first time, he takes up the themes which will become definitively his: magic and the rural fantastic. In… Continue reading POSTER 1986