Boogeyman, The Ring Two, White Noise, Creep, Riding the Bullet, Cold and Dark, R-Point… You want big spectacles ? Casshern, Appleseed, Arahan, Night Watch… You want action ? New Police Story, Kung Fu Hustle, Alone in the Dark… You want to laugh ? Satan’s Little Helper, Ghost House, the Crazy Night, Team America… You want stars ? Amanda Plummer,… Continue reading Edition2005


Ladies and Gentlemen… The Festival dish is served! The recipe? Roam the festivals and markets, gather some four to five hundred tasty looking morsels of film. Leave to soak for a few months, chop to pieces, bring to the boil, let it simmer and then cream off. What remains are some seventy little jewels with… Continue reading Edition2004


Let’s be honest: the festivities of our twentieth anniversary left us with an upset stomach and quite a headache. To cut short: one could easily have been discouraged. But the quality of the products that have caught our eyes, kicked us back into gear. And here we are, on the verge of a Festival we… Continue reading Edition2003


This year, the BIFFF blows out 20 candles. There’s a certain pressure on us to brag, as we are perceived as cultural trench-fighting veterans. People want saucy anecdotes and other (fantastic) stories of our heroic deeds. Meanwhile, what about the genre? Obviously, it sets us on fire. More and more often, you’ll find us staring… Continue reading Edition2002


They could tell you whatever they want. They could tell you that the Festival, relying on the intelligence and the adventurous spirit of its audience, explores Fantasy – through some 100 long features (of which 70 first screenings) and some 30 short features – in all its expressions and that, with its 7th Orbit section,… Continue reading Edition2000

Kultuurkaffee VUB, ULB 1998

The Festival of Fantasy Film has the pleasure to invite you to 3 nights of genuine adult horror with highlights from the HUNGER series. Tony (Top Gun en True Romance) and Ridley Scott (Alien en Blade Runner) recently made their small screen debut with the Hunger, a television series consisting of 22 short stories. The… Continue reading Kultuurkaffee VUB, ULB 1998