On the night of 24 December, Frank Harrington drives his wife and their children to their parents-in-law to celebrate Christmas. But for the first time in twenty years, he decides to take a shortcut, without realising that he‘s making the biggest mistake in his life. A mysterious woman in white comes out of the forest, causing death and destruction wherever she goes. Road signs point to a city that cannot be found. Kilometre after kilometre, an uncontrollable fear takes grip of the occupants of the car until they only have one desire; to get of the road as soon as possible.

Dead End, co-directed and written by Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa, takes you on a thrilling ride of mystery and horror. The two young French filmmakers keep the bloody effects to the minimum and maintain the tension to the maximum in this little budget gem starring Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Bob Roberts, Jeepers Creepers 2), Alexandra Holden (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Wishcraft), Lin Shaye (Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, Kingpin) and Mick Cain (Silent Lies, The Contract).

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