Back in the 90’s, the quiet Belgian town of Mons – our very own the Shire, in a way – was shook to the bone by a murder spree that left five women chopped up and scattered across the city in garbage bags. Arms, legs, torso, skull… Except for a trail of blood, the police found no clues and the media, always ready to stir up a collective frenzy whenever they smell blood, quickly named the killer “The Butcher of Mons”. Yet, he was never found… 25 years later, Martha and Felix still have to live with the consequences. Not as victims of these crimes, but as the offspring of the perpetrator! Martha has been eating away at herself, until nothing much is left except a shy shell that rarely opens its mouth. Felix reacts differently. Instead of running away, he chooses the opposite path: he confronts his family heritage and actually tries to outdo his dad. Sick? Sure, but their relation is also strangely in balance, complementary even… Until one day, Martha gets violently attacked at work and the prey also turns into a ruthless predator.
Karim Ouelhaj already won the Grand Prix and the Silver Méliès at the BIFFF 2016 for his short film L’OEIL SILENCIEUX and now returns with a deeply personal, unflinching and uncompromising work. Based on a true story, he deliberately blurs the line between victim and executioner and questions the collective cowardice so typical of our times. This powerful, subversive nightmare, which the BIF Market helped materialize, is a visceral, festering wound that oozes from start to finish, leaving you breathless and gutted…

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