Deaf from birth, Kyung-mi is clearly a fighter in this rotten world. Armed with her hearing aid, her cellphone and her audio sensors scattered all over the house she shares with her mom, she adapts as best she can… But what she will discover one night in a dark alley will change everything! A young girl bleeding to death, while the victim’s brother arrives on the scene in shock. Kyung-mi has to struggle to get a word in and tries to call for help. But the brother in question doesn’t seem very interested… Deaf but far from dumb, Kyung-mi understands very quickly that the brother in question is probably the culprit of this bloodbath. And the latter, excited by her handicap, looks at her with the smitten eyes of a hungry lion who just discovered a gazelle with broken legs… With a concept that is as perverse as it is efficient in its sheer simplicity, Oh-Seung Kwon’s first film goes straight to the point. A nightmarish night, characters lacking an essential sense (think of MUTE WITNESS or A QUIET PLACE), and a deliciously twisted serial killer played by Wi Ha-joon, the world-famous cop of SQUID GAME.

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