It’s only October, but in a Tv-studio, beleaguered by hundreds of furious fired ex-workers, they’re trying for a week now to finish taping the traditional New Year’s spectacle. Inside, the never-ending shoot raises tensions between the stars, the extra’s and the staff. Presenting couple Roberto and Christina hate each other’s guts. Old glory Alphonso and rising young star Adán bicker it out who’ll be the first to perform, while female fans of the latter try to steal his sperm to blackmail him with an unexpected pregnancy. Yuri, Alphonso’s son, manager and punching-bag, has smuggled in psychopath and superfan Oscar to murder his father. And with the extras there’s love in the air between José and Paloma, a woman who’s a real disaster magnet. And that’s only the start.

What would the Bifff be like without a movie from Alex de la Iglesia, the man who has already won three Golden Raven with The Day of The Beast, The Last Circus and Witching & Bitching!? My Big Night is an exuberant black comedy with more plot twists and story lines than hairs on a dog. Hilariously brutal and merciless, de la Iglesia presents this ballet of clashing ego’s as a biting satire on the entertainment industry. And of course there’s a top notch cast of Spanish talent to shower the story with a bonfire of machine-gun dialogues, including Hugo Silva (Witching & Bitching), Carlos Areces (The last Circus), Carolina Bang (Shrew’s Nest), Santiago Segura (Pacific Rime) and Spanish music legend Raphael as Alphonso.

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