What if the meaning of life was as simple as mixing up sperm with pineapple juice? That’s what Nikki, a German independent vlogger, has found out. The media, who of course are “fake news”, work for the deep state and big pharma ( the pharmaceutical companies only interested in selling antidepressants ). The only way to spread the word about her findings is to go down on as many guys as possible. Religion, social injustice, economic crisis… it’s all a form of opium to hide the truth from the masses. Even feminism is just a means of castrating men and rendering women who wish to be submissive powerless. So what is the solution to save the world from damnation ? Get yourself butt naked and kiss patriarchy goodbye ! Roland Reber, German cinema’s eternal outsider, has fought from the start to keep his independence. Time and again, he breaks conventions and makes you rethink societal premises. We didn’t expect anything else from Taste of Life, and he delivered, oh my God did he deliver ! This non-narrative experiment, which was shot with the help of co-director Mira Gittner, shatters every social convention. It’s a libertarian pamphlet, with at its center the well-known face of Marina Anna, one of our jury members in 2013. But because 2018 isn’t exactly the 70s, you will need to be born before 2000 to enjoy this particular orgy.

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